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  1. Yes recently. He’s also a better football player. Recently
  2. Weird. Wonder why the recruiting services think he is a better player? Must be recency
  3. No watch film bias. He’s not as good of a football player lol
  4. IMO aj Rollins is a reach and I just Don’t see much in him. Hope I’m wrong
  5. As I said, doubt it will happen. But it should happen if we are talking about better players
  6. They should cut Rollins loose and offer carnie. Doubt they will but that’s what needs to happen
  7. Carnie is more athletic. Don’t see it with Rollins. Think this is a reach imo
  8. Better to have a backup plan if things don’t work out than recruit 2 guys and if we lose on both have nothing to fall back on
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