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  1. If he is on the team or isn’t they won’t win or lose games with out him. Give me Mills and a good oline you can have Robinson. My life doesn’t change if he leaves or stays lol
  2. One player is not a team. And if someone wants to go closer to home what can a coach do? Force him to stay? Lol good lord
  3. Such a clown. And why Nebraska fans are the worst
  4. Think it’s going to Feb. but I think It’s Nebraska
  5. My crystal ball goes to a 7 after tonight on him being N. More chatter to coaches.
  6. I’ve only heard rumblings from some coaches thinking they have a shot.. haven’t heard anything out of his camp though. I guess I’m just hoping at this point
  7. Anyone. You can’t practice the way Nebraska practice and be good. You have to practice and develop players. Iowa and Wisconsin has given everyone the blue print to become good. And no one takes it. Get under center pound the ball and play tough D. Until that happens Nebraska will never be good
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