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  1. From experience, it’s going to be tough to replace juniors and seniors with true freshmen. That’s why there were only 3 in the whole Power 5 last year. See how it plays out. I would Like a new right tackle and move farniok to guard.
  2. Top 17 class. Solid B for sure. If someone would have said this was their class a month ago we would have thought they were crazy. This is a good class and when you add the walk ons they got its very good. Now, let’s start winning!
  3. Sounds like he is leaning towards nebraska after the recent news of Indiana OC
  4. Want NT and WR. Also looking at RB.
  5. From everything I’m hearing we are taking 5 more. 6 if Slusher decides to come on. looking like 1. butler 2. Payne 3: Johnson 4.francios 5. Fleming 6. Slusher If he wants.
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