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  1. Snowbird

    ILB Malik Reed [Wisconsin Commit]

    Schaefer with a CB for N
  2. Snowbird

    OT Alex Conn [Nebraska Commit]

    All I said Was he had a CB to Oki St. sorry lol
  3. Snowbird

    RB Marvin Scott III

    Grades? We want someone else? Don’t like his size? didn’t like his attitude? Maybe he said he wanted to commit but likes someone else? Who knows.
  4. Snowbird

    RB Marvin Scott III

    Like I said, never good when he names us a leader and doesn’t commit. As there are underlining things going on.
  5. Snowbird

    RB Marvin Scott III

    Never good when they leave and name you a leader and not commit.
  6. Snowbird

    OLB Blaise Gunnerson

    Iowa offered this kid also. He is a small town kid from Iowa. If Iowa and ISU offer you can play.
  7. Snowbird

    OLB Blaise Gunnerson

    This kid can turn into an all conference player. Frost has taken over his recruiting. That’s how much they think of him.
  8. Snowbird

    OLB Blaise Gunnerson

    Loved his visit. Will make decision before season July/August time frame. Coaches like where we sit. Will be between Nebraska and Cyclones.
  9. Snowbird

    Huskers Hosting Transfer TE

    Sit one play 2
  10. Snowbird

    All hail the transfer portal....

    Hearing home sick?
  11. Snowbird

    CJ Smith Enters Transfer Portal

    Wonder the reason here.
  12. Snowbird

    WR Xavier Watts

    Another CB to ND. Are there reasons for these?
  13. Snowbird

    WR Xavier Watts

    Loy with a CB to ND.
  14. Snowbird

    OLB Blaise Gunnerson

    Was on campus this weekend