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  1. Yup 100%....that dude is likely soooo pissed that he would jump at a chance to do some conference damage to Wisky...specifically, inter conference. Although I would assume on his buy out there is a clause against that Bonus for him: He likely doesn't have to change 50% of his wardrobe colors.
  2. I mean, you could say that about any "FBS experience:required" HC hires
  3. Agree with this. I have never understood the "hey, you have exceeded our expectations for this interim role, thank you and I hope things work out for you somewhere else" mentality.
  4. I think "winning programs" (hard to put nebraska there, but historically they are) have a mental block on the level of coach they would consider. Whereas teams mentioned don't necessarily have that, so getting an elite FCS coach does not necessarily create the same angst amongst boosters. With that said, you find an elite FCS coach who is winning with players who are 3* and below, any program should consider them because simply, they win. All your doing is giving them higher level talent and resources. Paul Wulff, lol, was not an elite FCS coach...he had a couple good years with better than his peers talent...and....the guy, personality wise is not a HC. Upper level FBS programs don't want to have a press conference to announce their new HC and half the fan base does a collective "who?"...it's a bulls#!t way to make a choice, but that be the world we live in.
  5. 100% that schools have the cash to avoid "speed bumps" on a tarmac. If I was Chryst, I would publicly state..WTF!!?
  6. Additionally...Leipold, DeBoer and Doeren, read/sound like 2nd string 3-Musketteer names.
  7. I honestly feel if he was offered the Nebraska job he would take it in a heartbeat...the guy is about creating positive impact and what better way to do than in middle America where "Prime Time" is viewed as flashy/about me and realizing it can be about hardwork and us Be Bold Nebraska
  8. I can completely understand though the mind f#&% that older (myself in that) Husker fans are thinking ..."Neon Deion is the Nebraska Cornhuskers HC!!!! I Hate FSU!!!!!" But it actually makes perfect sense.
  9. Hear what you are saying. At the end of the day though, the guy (atleast from what I have seen) brings straightforwardness, hard work ethic and connection/motivation. That's the "culture" we all want.
  10. I want Deion as a coach simply because it would blow people's minds. If we could add Warren Sapp as DC, Michael Irving as OC and Bozworth as AD...that would be f#&%ing awesomely funny.
  11. I get the, "let's just have an identity" responses but if I had to pick one...I am going defensive all the way. I badass D makes a team feel badass all around..the O will make strides (hopefully). Teams that are offensively focused generally seem to be accompanied by a D that is hit and miss on weekly performance.
  12. Problem with football is kids growing up used to tackle in practice, you get to college and it's kinda a given you know how to tackle....now, every coach thinks their a GM and runs their s#!t like it's a pro team when they are 10
  13. I feel little to zero sympathy for college coaches at P5 schools who get fired. They make ridiculous coin, get to travel in style, stay at 5 star hotels, get perks on auto leasing, free meals, wear shorts and sweats to work, etc, etc. All you gotta do is not suck. And even if you do suck and get fired your highly likely to pick up, at minimum, a high 5 figure salary at a FCS school or low 6 figure salary at an FBS school. Rinse and repeat And people put wayyyyyy too much, "well they coach, so they must know what they are doing" on these guys...I have been around a bunch of college coaches in my life and it's not like all of them are "football savants"...a good chunk are just dudes who decided to coach because they had nothing else going on. Realize my brush is pretty big on this, there are coaches who put in the time and perfect their craft, but again there are many that are just wanting to stay on "the gravy train with biscuit wheels."
  14. Exactly. Hypothetical thought here. MJ and Frost exact coaching careers were swapped and MJ was let go and Frost was moved to interim...I think it is safe to assume that the "7 or more wins and I still don't think he should be retained" crowd would have less members.
  15. If he wins 9 games and does NOT get the job, I am glad I am the one not having to explain to America why a minority coach who took a dumpster fire and went undefeated did not atleast get a 2 year contract. And the questions surrounding this would be completely justified.
  16. If he wins 8 games he has to get it. 7 Games top candidate (top 3) 4-6 games, short list. (Top 5)
  17. How people who live in Nebraska see Lincoln How people who live outside Nebraska and have never been to Lincoln see it
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