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  1. Nice Vokolek! Go back to Vokolek...have him post up in the zone
  2. Anyone wanna go to Target and hang out in the parking lot, grill some dogs and drink some brews, while the ladies go shopping?
  3. But it's "sold" as if it is "full attendance"
  4. Or...or...buy out a cemetery and build the stadium on top of it. Technically there are x # of souls always in attendance and just add that to gate sales. Full disclosure: if I had a stadium built on top of me when I expire...winning!!!
  5. The lack of traditional RB screens from the get go blows my f'ing mind. Atleast then the DL and D in general has to legitimately process if this is "too easy or not"
  6. Literally was folding laundry while watching it...had a couple "of course" mental murmurs during...stopped watching at 31-3
  7. I think of this, when I think of our O and D.
  8. Yeah, I was expecting a 21-0 1st Q...28/35-3 halftime type score...
  9. Sad thing is, it's not an age demographic thing...I'm mid 40's and guilty as charged on it.
  10. Point of order: We are trusting C-Husk on this answer...and I'm cool with that.
  11. I was going to go with Brook but cheated and did a search when he passed
  12. Dammit, I feel like that is right and recall hearing that years ago
  13. Without looking at any response. I am going to assume it is relevant to today...I would assume a Husker player, but for some reason Bobby Bowden creeps in (unsure why)...so I am going with Trev?
  14. People wonder why mental health is so much more prominent then years and years ago. Some say it's because it's more socially acceptable to talk about. I can get that. I really think the explosion in tech and the fact that you can have whatever you want a Google away has led to people taking in info at a rate where the biological rate of the brain is not currently equipped to handle that much self searched stimuli. I am sad, I can find sad s#!t to reinforce my mood. I am happy, I can find happy s#!t to reinforce...people have lost the ability to self regulate (natural process) anymore. Talk of cellphones and finding ways to engage people led me to this tangent. Lol.
  15. "Find the Pokeman". Students have to use their phone on each play and watch the game through their screen and each play one of the players digitizes as a Pokeman..you get a point for each one you find and can be redeemed for things like. 5 minutes in a licensed safe space. .25 credit towards a degree of your choice. A recording of the game that has Kardashian filters on. 1 voucher to be given to HR that says "I shouldn't have to go to work today therfore I get today off."
  16. Huh? I can get our players lacked straight on good coaching. But given the dysfunction in our previous coaching that leads to an environment where dudes just play regardless of scheme, and when that happens the team still loses but at minimum you see talent that makes talented mistakes...aside from Grant and a slight few others...we just see mistakes
  17. I learned that I genuinely enjoy the "What did we learn" threads!
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