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  1. At this point we can't judge the offense or players because we don't have a quarterback...It\they may still be sub par if\when we get one.
  2. Trev was glad handing on the sideline late in the game last week when it looked like a win. When things spiraled down the toilet he disappeared and hasn't come out of his gopher hole since.
  3. I agree it looks bad and we have a crap show starting at quarterback.
  4. I think they're questioning his judgement with guys likes Sims...and I can't disagree.
  5. Is it to late to get Diaco and Whiipple back ?
  6. Scott coached his best game from a bar in Scottsdale.
  7. You are way to kind. I was hoping he would just run at the end of the game since his arm was\is a liability.
  8. What are the injuries that are keeping them out ? I think Henrich was born injured.
  9. Didn't Kris Brown start as a freshman ? Let's hope he's half as good.
  10. Why would you expect him to change ? How many times did he f'up here by doing the same thing ?
  11. Sounds like he has great hands...maybe not the best judgement.
  12. They were saying positive things because Scott was always picking up the bar tab.
  13. Why does everyone think the rodent's in Minnesota is an automatic loss ?
  14. Did you really think he was going to stick it out ? No surprise here. Probably couldn't stay away from the weed. Good luck kid.
  15. Any truth to the rumor our former coach was in town and hanging out with Wager ?
  16. Smothers is getting jobbed. Started out with that moron coach Harry Potter ended with that moron Mr. Whipple., I hope he shines at his next stop.
  17. Smothers moved up the depth chart and didn't practice this spring.
  18. So Mick caught some dude giving his wife the salami ?
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