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  1. You're not alone. We've had a long, long series of missteps. And everyone's entitled to an opinion. The one thing we all have in common is that we want the Huskers to succeed regardless our perspectives. Frost has one hell of a battle on his hands to right the ship.
  2. Like waiting for eggs to hatch eh? We feel your pain!
  3. For contrast. What he's discussing is a missing element. When ya get smacked hard, ya gotta pick yourself up and smack right back unrelenting! So we got gut punched, now lets deliver ours. That's an issue for us. We're lacking a nasty attitude, tenacity.
  4. I like how Arkansas operates. Substantial rushing complemented by quite a bit of passing.
  5. Bingo! I'm laughing because that's true in life. One dimensional orders usually don't fair well.
  6. Maybe Mickey Joseph's in the mix?
  7. "When do y'all think the new staff will be announced?" Any time now. It's virtually imminent. "Will the new OC get to hire his guys?" Not entirely. There's collaboration. "Will Frost/Trev hire each position?" Coach Frost does the hiring. Alberts plays a support role.
  8. So it was feast mode...They were licking their chops. Details!
  9. We ran the ball more in the first two quarters more than we did in the second two. The average yards running per rushing play for the game is 3 yards? That doesn't seem to mesh with the success we were having in the first half. I don't have the individual half statistics. It seems to me that Iowa caught on to our game plan disrupting it's effectiveness. The dynamics of the game affected the plays being called going forward forcing us out of what we had been doing to a considerable degree. I don't know how accurate that is. It's the impression I got. At some point we started moving offensive linemen around. For whatever reason(s) that had to effect how we were operating. Was it to adjust to what Iowa was doing or what we were attempting to achieve or adjust to? At any rate, the differing success of our rushing likely was a contributing factor as to what we did resulting in more passing. The circumstances of the game. I am not taking anything away from the need to run only suggesting that it wasn't working as well that it had. It simply wasn't by choice. As the game unraveled, the natural consequence was to become more reliant on passing plays. Opportunities vanished for more runs. It might be more accurate to say that we didn't adjust well enough in response to their adjustments and that the offensive line play again played a large role in our becoming less effective. In addition to the running backs. There was a difference in the effectiveness of the running plays that we did in the first quarters than the second quarters. Outside in relation to inside rushes. We didn't have an answer to Iowa's adjustments. We just didn't/couldn't do it with similar or different types of runs to complement what we'd done. How well did we run up the middle? What caused us to do so? The causes for us to be unable to sustain or regain what we'd been doing? To me it seems that we aren't able to adjust and/or don't make transitions well. Some of that's attributable to personnel. Combine that with a killer blocked punt and other critical miscues that were momentum killers and the outcome was the result we got. We've got a lot of work to do.
  10. We were missing three significant contributors on the defensive side. The offense and more specifically the special teams play were mostly our undoing. The defense played well enough for us to win.
  11. If Iowa had beaten us they would be deserving of a congratulatory statement. Handshake and an applause sure. Ultimately, we beat ourselves. Again.
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