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  1. One day the light goes on and all hell breaks loose!
  2. Don't know what all the answers are...As I was reading through all that in the survey, it started to sound like it could get complicated implementing changes. Think they need to focus on the quality and size of the seats primarily. I'm not opposed to incorporating a few of the other changes to an extent. What improves the experience for the most fans makes the most sense. As you say non renewals might be a good way to minimize whatever disruptions might occur. I'm glad these things are being addressed and that improvements are in the process of being made.
  3. One thing I've been discovering over the years and putting an effort into is considering what or how I communicate is received or interpreted by the persons I'm engaging with. What is intended doesn't always match up with what is experienced for another. That's especially the case with modern technology where text is the form of communication (as an example) involving context, tone, etc. The other day I listened to a back and forth between two groups where nothing meaningful was accomplished other than more conflict due to provocations on the part of both. Point is, we can better better understand each other and can achieve more constructive dialogues. I don't personally associate the gesture with supremacy. I'm certain that's true for most folks that have liked Herbie "as is". It doesn't make those of us mean, inconsiderate or hateful. However, some do take exception to it for legitimate reasons other than it's real intent. To me, Herbie is cool is either way in accordance with my interpretation. Others, see it differently regardless the intent of the original/real intent that is offensive for them. Those of us that do take exception to the original gesture, are they being unreasonable? No. And you know, all of us continue to learn as we negotiate life gaining a better understanding of what's in our interest individually and collectively. I don't have an issue with making the change with respect to gestures. Along with that though, lets please not shame those that don't interpret it or associate it with supremacy. I happen to be wearing an old Cornhusker sweatshirt now that I wear around in the house in the wintertime that I've had a long time. Like others, I do don't consider myself superior. That's not to suggest that there isn't hate in the world. There most definitely is! And in many ways, it's become more intense. Through understanding ourselves and each other having respect for one other we can lessen conflict with the prospect of living a good life together.
  4. It's understandable how people would feel upset. The investment made throughout the years. What we're really discussing is value which for some time has not been very good.
  5. Just think of the revenue generated per square inch!
  6. Reservations can be understood. He certainly isn't deserving of criticism though.
  7. Wisconsin was largely modeled after us. When they succeed, I consider it a complement. We need to get back to playing more disciplined ball like we were known for as they typically do.
  8. Think that we're going to be surprised. I've got a pretty good idea what the offense will be like. Scott's going to be much less involved. It might not be easy for him but he's doing it. He's been attempting to control too many things. The effort, while earnest, wasn't nearly effective enough. He's learning. Sometimes when a person is too close to issues, the picture isn't easy to see or acknowledge. Staff members needed to go earlier. Determination accounts for a lot. So too the ability to adjust, adapt and make tough calls. He's serious about getting things turned around and right. Will he be too tardy in making necessary changes remains to be seen.
  9. That's good. Had three consecutive days of mid 104 degree temps. As high as 105.1. Never experienced anything like it. Still can barely smell and taste. Can really affect one's nasal and lung passages. Glad that you're feeling better and back to work!
  10. Firstly, hopefully you are getting along much better. Can sure be a nasty bug! Had it myself beginning Dec. 22nd. I'm still dealing with some of the aftermath. Lots of congestion issues now and headaches. I think that many sense the situation similar with you. My biggest concern is the OL. It is KEY to our success next season. Another concern I have is how reliable of a rushing game we'll have. The RB's need to get rolling sooner. 1 or 2 need to be identified in short order. The defense will gather momentum through the season with experience. The special teams will improve I'm sure. One can appreciate the patience. The sense of urgency needs to carry over into the team. As of right now. An across the board evaluation was necessary. Scott's demonstrated a willingness to make adjustments. They're all upgrades IMO. And, they've acquired a number of players to give the personnel a boost. I'm cautiously optimistic. Our passing attack could potentially be very, very good. Then it's a question of how well the other areas of the game can be complementary to it.
  11. Every angle deserves being looked into and addressed. There's more complexity to it than one might think. Hopefully Duval and Raiola can work together to put the best product out on the field that we can making whatever adjustments contribute to the cause.
  12. I think its a combination. It's been said that much of it can be attributed to coaching. It sure seems to me that the offensive line should've been performing better as the season progressed. I just hope Riaola is a guy that can bring out the best in them. In some ways I think that they were coming around. Think that the offensive line could be very good. Not out of the gate. But they've got to be demonstrating real progress. Offensive line play is quite a bit more complex than most appreciate I think.
  13. The offensive linemen brought in haven't been as publicized. Maybe that can be factored in. And sometimes, people's comments are emotional in nature where there can be absences of facts. Having said that, I'm of the opinion that it would be in our interest to add if we have the opportunity.
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