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  1. Perhaps it’s Schumann and they’re in the process of determining a workable transition?
  2. It was believed that by introducing an “troubled person”to a healthier environment and presenting opportunities that alone would translate into better choices. There’s a more complete understanding now that’s only part of what’s necessary in that these are much more complex issues than once thought or understood. What was wrong in the past was as wrong then as it ever was and is. If only it were as simple as punishment, admitting one’s errors and promising to make better choices. It requires confronting the root causes and commitment involving considerable time and effort. Even that’s not necessarily a guarantee. My views today are much different than they were thirty years ago. I have a better understanding about underlying causes and remedies. The things people do to their peers and those they have relationships with can cause tremendous anguish, grief and trauma. The traumatization can be lasting. It is the lasting wounds and pain brought upon individuals of abuse. The abuser goes on abusing without causes being addressed. The person has to want to do it. Society suffers the consequences of destructive behaviors. What I have done is awful. I’m genuinely sorrowful. I might not have been entirely responsible for how I arrived at this place but I was held accountable and supported and took the necessary steps to put a stop to what I did or was doing. That’s the way it has to be. Sadly, in some instances there can be no resolution. We do our best to prevent horrible things from being experienced, care for victims to the best of our ability and steer clear of personalities that have a likelihood of harming us. There is no reward for minimizing or ignoring.
  3. Perhaps there is something similar going on with Geoff Collins and the money he is owed following his dismissal….He is owed over $10M.
  4. I tend to agree with that, the importance of developing. Development is a prerequisite no matter how well one recruits.
  5. I'm as objective as anyone. I've always admired Mickey. One of my favorites growing up. IF it's a pattern for him, that's an issue. Those types rarely change. The conduct usually worsens over time. I've dealt with plenty of them. No matter what Priscilla did, a physical reaction like that (If true) isn't someone I want anywhere near my team. Now, I'm also aware that things can transpire differently than what's presented. We don't want someone paying for something they haven't committed. Three sides to a story like that. Hers, his and another representing the truth. When the third aligns with a victim, the perpetrator faces the consequences plain and simple. The most important thing Mickey has to do is be honest with himself. If a person confronts their issues and earnestly goes about changing that's commendable. It takes time and commitment. There's a sadness knowing that another human being had choices and threw away their opportunities.
  6. My second team is the Huskies so we'll be giving him plenty of shots. Speaking of Oregon State, how about Trent Bray! We might want to entertain the idea of speaking with him.
  7. Deion will be able to draw the players. There's no doubt about that. It doesn't matter what dogs a person has though if he and his group of trainers don't train them well enough. Like his players, there'll be expectations of his assistants. It's either going to go down in flames or they'll hit it out of the park. How all of this plays out on a bigger stage will be fun to watch and see what isn't for real and what is.
  8. Never underestimate the power of having the right sunglasses...That's been known to do the trick for a number of professionals!
  9. Let’s do well at recruiting and development. How about that!
  10. If Deion coaches as well as he talks he should be all right.
  11. That’s probably pretty accurate. I don’t think Rhule has settled on anyone quite yet.
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