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  1. So you’re convinced that Urban is the guy. Is it only based on winning? I guess I look at what a coach can build in these young men to prepare them for the future not just a temporary win in the football field. I’m not a fan of Urban Meyer. I want a young hungry coach who is willing to work to build a quality program not someone who will come in for a bit then leave. That is so destructive. We would then be left with folks longing for the ‘glory days of Urban Meyer’ just like folks are longing for the glory days of Devaney/Osborne. Good question
  2. Wow! It’s buried in the football thread but what a constructive thread!  It’s called “Recipe for Success”. 

  3. “Dedication, hard workers, hungry dudes, and smarts, and you’ve got a recipe for success” That is the smartest thing I’ve read on this board in a long time. THAT is what this team is missing and that is the kind of coaches we need.
  4. -I learned that our fan base has unrealistic expectations, myself included. I didn’t think we would win but I was hopeful that we would play more competitively than we did. -I learned that Mickey Joseph is a quality individual. He may not be ready to be a head coach but he has the makings of one. It was refreshing to hear him take responsibility for the loss instead of offering excuses or throwing the players under the bus. -I learned that for many winning at any cost is the only thing that matters. That makes me very sad because having a quality football team is what set Nebraska apart from the others. -On the bright side we can only go up from here. I hope Trev takes a very long time to pick the next coach. -I love this team. It grieves my heart to see how far we’ve fallen.
  5. Then let’s go after those kind of coaches.
  6. I like this quote:

    "Perhaps we make too much of what is wrong and too little of what is right. The trouble with gloom is that it feeds upon itself and depression causes more depression."
    - Queen Elizabeth II

  7. -The captains were on the sidelines all game trying to encourage the younger players. -That we scored first against a team that is #6 in the nation was huge. -That our coach took personal responsibility for the loss was encouraging. He didn’t give excuses or throw his players under the bus.
  8. Good man. I know we lost big but the team we played was more talented than we were and had a seasoned coaching staff. There were good things going on during this game. That we scored first was huge. I look for improvement as we go forward.
  9. But how does that help? (i.e. the fans should stop caring too)
  10. Sorry That was my response to Urban isn't coming.
  11. I would like to see us put more pressure on their qb this time around
  12. And he loses. Love ya but respectfully disagree. Not a good fit here.
  13. Yeah, but Bob Delaney treated his players with respect and he was never under investigation by the NCAA. He’s just swarmy. He looks good on the surface but underneath he’s ewww!
  14. The ‘bad’ outweighs the good. I’m sorry but he treated his players like crap, he was under investigation by the NCAA various times, he’s unstable! As long as he wins he stays but the minute he starts to lose he’s gone.
  15. I think we all feel the same. I apologize if I have offended anyone with my Urban Myth rants. I just don’t think he is good for Nebraska. He might say all the right things but his actions speak louder than words!
  16. I wish there was a vomit emoji. (NO TO URBAN MYTH)
  17. Not like his. He is unstable. 3 and out. Just look at his track record. No offense but NO.
  18. Paul, I adore you but I vote NO to Urban Meyer He is toxic. His reputation proceeds him.
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