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  1. I do not remember anyone saying that. Mike Riley was a terrible coach and a horrible recruiter. It is going to take time for Frost to rebuild after the absolute disaster that was the "Riley era." Fans just need to be patient.
  2. It's obvious: Bo should have been kept until Frost was ready to become our head coach. Hiring Mike Riley was the biggest, stupidest mistake that this program ever made. Period. And that is why we are 0-3 this season...
  3. Obviously we are in a very s#!tty situation right now, but a 1-3 Purdue team is definitely a beatable opponent at home. Hopefully our guys will have three wins by the end of October -- Northwestern and (of course) Bethune-Cookman are winnable games too.
  4. I'd rather see us join the MAC or cancel football than go back to Texass' corrupt conference. Joining the Big Ten and hiring Scott Frost are the only two good things that have happened to Nebraska football in the 2010s.
  5. Yes, there is no doubt about it. And it is very obvious why. The "Big Ten Network" is 51% owned by Fox (the ESPN empire's main competitor). Meanwhile, the so-called "SEC Network" is owned exclusively by ESPN. This is so laughably corrupt that it mirrors politics.
  6. Riley is still an overpaid coach. Not much else to say about it.
  7. Incredible season for Frost and UCF, very happy for them. Can't wait for next season.
  8. Good. Scott Frost belongs in Lincoln, Nebraska and Mike Riley belongs in Corvallis, Oregon.
  9. Bill Callahan is officially no longer Nebraska's worst, modern era coach. Let that thought sink in as we await the news of Riley's firing. Callahan won 55% of his games, while Riley only won 50%. Many of us here warned the day that Riley was hired that he would turn out exactly like that, but our warnings were ignored or scorned. Clearly, this program never should have fired Pelini after a 9-3 season, repeating the same idiotic mistake of firing Solich after going 9-3 in 2003. And now we have just suffered the consequences. &$@*!
  10. Those timeouts proved that Mike Riley is not a nice man. A nice guy would not have let that dumpster fire of a game burn any longer than it needed to. Riley needs to be fired immediately. He should have been fired after the Northern Illinois game along with his boss.
  11. Hahahahahaha! Riley's losing record and "aww shucks" attitude is powerful evidence against your highly misguided line of thinking.
  12. Shawn Eichorst was a terrible AD and an even worse parent. I'm very thankful that we fired him when we did. Hopefully his sick, evil son will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  13. Riley will definitely be fired and will finish with a worse winning percentage than Callahan, making him the worst coach of the modern era. Everyone who supported him is to blame. Anyone who looked at his record at the day of his hiring should have seen this disaster coming.
  14. He's gone. Sure, for the sake of argument, if he went 9-3 he probably would get another year just because we can't keep firing coaches after 9-3 seasons. However, he is obviously not going to make 9-3, which would involve going 8-1 in the last nine games (i.e. only losing to Ohio State or Penn State). We'll probably finish the regular season somewhere between 6-6 and 3-9... He's gone, folks.
  15. Hahahaha, hell no! Dumping the whorns and joining the Big Ten has easily been Nebraska's biggest sports victory in the 21st century. I'd rather see us join the MAC than return to the Texas-10 conference.
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