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  1. High school athletes know each other for 4 years and some go to OU and some go to little brother to continue said rivalry developed in HS
  2. When I am drinking I try to stay off of social media - you know, self censorship. However, this afternoon I have entered a 0.5 km underachiever's run bar crawl in KC - let you know later about that.
  3. Go back 12 months and think about what people were saying about Ozigbo
  4. Shoe salesman and you got Al Bundy
  5. Tittle of the thread: Beto and the press What I heard: Bennie and the Jets
  6. For OU it was always about recruiting the state of Texas
  7. Go to a SEC game. That way you can watch a college team and watch paid players at the same time
  8. Minny has one of the most lopsided series record against Nebraska 32-25-2
  9. I thought Devaney was doing conditioning in the mid 60s
  10. Was Miles the coach? That is a quote from something I read on a SEC blog. I know, hate me because I was at an SEC site.
  11. Definition of a rival: Your team goes 1-11 and the coach does not get fired. The team you beat is your rival
  12. TO wanted to have the conference schedule to have one protected crossover game. Along with every other Nebraska proposal it was voted down 11-1
  13. Don't count your chickens until they're hatched
  14. Opposite side of Greensboro from Winston?
  15. Or have half of the football players "identify as female". Problem solved EDIT: Just in case anyone needed this:
  16. Hey Jaws Guess what Nebraska's last NCAA violation was - go on guess
  17. Damn it, now I'm hungry for chii cheese fries - and its 0700 AM
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