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  1. The topic didn't ask to bring back 6 it said 2 Doug Dubose if he stayed healthy Troy Dumas
  2. Also Will Sheilds and Eric Warfeild. Go Chiefs!!!
  3. Oh I hear you, I wasn't saying that he sucked by any means. My first reaction was he stands out with all star talent around him you would think he could have dominated a little more.
  4. Not sure if its nice to see or not, where has he been the last four years?
  5. Is this the same HANC I go to the games with? LOL. Good post buddy!!
  6. QB - Gill RB - Rozier/Dubose FB - Rathman WR - Fryar TE - Mitchell OL - Sheilds DL - Wistrom LB - David DB - R Brown KR/PR - Groce K/P - Henry
  7. What does a football coach know about basketball ha ha ha ha
  8. Terran how about Ray he hasn't done anything since big 10 play has started if he steps up this team can do some damage
  9. Our son led the chant for his high school team Liberty North his Jr. and Sr. seasons. Another KC school Raytown South does it as well. I already had goose bumps before his games but that sent it over the top!
  10. hmmmmmmm did you see what Miles kids did for Colorado St this year. The kids we have coming in and who we red shirted are far more talented than we have seen in the past.
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