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  1. Big Red 40

    Most Popular Huskers of the 21st Century?

    Ameer Abdullah Prince Amukamara Suh Burkhead Carriker Lavonte and Vandenbosh honorable mention
  2. A tad bit of overkill to call it absolutely pathetic since its worked well for generations of people . The pathetic thing to me is that we cant trust the company to do the right thing any more. If the company provides a decent 401 k match yes it is free money but i doubt that alone would last as long as pension payments would.
  3. A pension is company money paid to me for the rest of my life after service anniversary dates are met . It’s money I didn’t have before and didn’t pay in . My 401k is mostly my own money which sometimes gains value and sometimes loses value . The pension is the much better option to me
  4. I don’t agree . There are many people enjoying retirement now, partially made possible by company funded pensions they earned through years of service to a company . If companies would put even a minimal amount of effort into keeping the plans funded it would still work, sadly most companies choose not to do that any more .
  5. Big Red 40

    Dedrick Mills - LOI Signed

    I guess when i think of a true running back i think of straight hand off, run between the tackles kind of back. Get 5-10 yards and occasionally pop a long run. I think Mills has more of the body build/running style to be that guy, than Washington. I see Washington and Robinson needing to be out in space more to utilize their speed and moves. Swing passes , pitch plays, reverses, etc would work well with them. Having all those guys on the field at once plus Martinez would be a nightmare for defenses and fun for us to watch.
  6. Big Red 40

    Dedrick Mills - LOI Signed

    Last year we all thought we had the RB situation figured out before the season started, and it changed very quickly. Tre had to retire, Bell left, Ozigbo and Washington rose to the top. I'm glad the staff brought in a few more talented guys, and i'm confident they will find ways to use all those weapons. Someone will separate from the pack and be a true every down running back and i think it will be Mills. Hes already built right, and already has experience against division 1 competition, he should be able to play at a high level right away.
  7. Big Red 40

    Trump's America

    I watched about 2 minutes til i couldn't stand it any more. I hit Instagram instead and watched Stormy Daniels fold laundry, and eat cheetos in her underwear. Much better option imo.
  8. Big Red 40

    The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    People had all kinds of terrible reasons for voting for Trump but they did it anyway. From what i've seen average Joe voter is very uninformed on policies, and facts about who a candidate really is, and very easily manipulated into believing what they are told. They were told repeatedly that Hillary was a liar and without any research into whether that was true or not they believed is wholeheartedly. They also been told socialism is bad and reacted the same way.
  9. Big Red 40

    The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    I think the GOP would do the same thing to Bernie, that they did to Hillary. They picked a few things to smear her and repeated them feverishly until they became "True". Centrist voters ,republican lite, swing etc voters bought the Benghazi, Emails, Crooked Hillary hype and recoiled from her. I think they would brand Bernie as a crazy old socialist who wants to give everyone free stuff , and those same voters would do the same thing. Without appealing to swing voters, i'm not sure any candidate can, win the electoral college and beat Trump Great info thanks .
  10. Big Red 40

    The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    I like Gabbard and Warren. i just think Gabbard may be too far left, and Warren may be too much establishment, to get the votes. I saw Gillibrand on Colbert last night i think shes an intriguing choice
  11. Big Red 40

    Harrison Beck

    What an idiot ugh!! Unfortunately i watched the video . Between the stupid hat, the garbage spewing from his mouth, or the completely failed attempt at humor, all i wanted to do was punch him repeatedly, until he stopped talking.
  12. Big Red 40

    Civil War: CFB Title Landscape

    All of those teams except Ohio state lost their bowl games. Why would how would putting them in the playoffs against even better teams make it more exciting?
  13. Big Red 40

    How do you define retirement?

    That factory still offer a pension? My company had a full pension at 30 yrs and you kept your health insurance . The payout got better for every year of service over 30 too, so was well worth your while to stay as long as possible . That’s gone now, so the younger guys really don’t care about staying here forever any more .
  14. Big Red 40

    How do you define retirement?

    We used to have them here all the time too . As the older guys left the parties have died way down . With no pensions any more 30 years of service means nothing . Older guys are looked at as liabilities not respected , and the influx of foreign (often short time ) workers makes long time friendships more difficult .