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  1. Big Red 40

    The Trump Economy

    I did read quite a bit on the issue and no one came right out and said why its happening . That’s why I said I “think “ that’s a contributing factor .
  2. Big Red 40

    The Trump Economy

    I know Trump has cracked down on the amount of refugees admitted to the country during his reign but it’s a major global issue and there are still plenty here . I’ve seen first hand many of these people taking jobs in the area and I’m sure it’s not just a local thing . I don’t think it’s such an easily discounted factor in the discussion . https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pri.org/stories/2017-05-04/biggest-group-refugees-us-christians-myanmar%3Famp And then upon further reading I found A different take on the issue https://www.google.com/amp/s/qz.com/1297561/the-dazzling-us-unemployment-rate-is-blinding-americans-to-a-much-darker-reality/amp/ According to the latest jobs data, the steadily declining unemployment rate is down to just 3.8%. But that sunny statistic belies a deeper infirmity in the labor market, Snider argues on his blog. Namely, working-age Americans have been giving up on finding jobs. The public typically perceives a low unemployment rate as reassuring because it suggests that everyone who wants a job has one. But the broader set of jobs data suggests that’s not the case. ”As usual, the consequences of truly no growth in the labor market leaves particularly politicians to emphasize nothing other than the unemployment rate,” Snider says. Trump himself used to complain about just this issue. Bashing the official unemployment stat was one of his bigger campaign trail themes. Back in June 2015, he made this remark about the official unemployment rate (which was then 5.5%): “Our labor participation rate was the worst since 1978…. Our real unemployment is anywhere from 18 to 20%. Don’t believe the 5.6. Don’t believe it. That’s right. A lot of people out there can’t get jobs.” And in May 2016: ”You hear a 5% unemployment rate. It’s such a phony number. That number was put in for presidents and for politicians so that they look good to the people.” A month after his victory in the US presidential elections, he was still sticking to his guns: “The unemployment number, as you know, is totally fiction.” Personally I’ve thought the enemploymebt rate was a throw away number, and not a very good indicator of how the country is doing, for years . One thing I may actually ageee with Trump about .
  3. Big Red 40

    The Trump Economy

    yourself lol
  4. Big Red 40

    The Trump Economy

    There are also Sudanese , Burmese , and Somalian refugees who will .
  5. Big Red 40

    The Trump Economy

    Can’t see the jpg, but The part where years past when enemployment was low employers were forced to raise wages to attract workers , but they aren’t now interested me . I think that’s because of the influx of immigrants and political refugees filling those jobs who will do them for whatever price is offered .
  6. Big Red 40

    Free fluorescent tubes - come get

    Ha Ha these were fun to smash as kids (minus the noxious gas they produce, of course!) Seriously though , If you figure out somewhere to get rid of them lmk. i inherited a bunch of them with the house i bought a few years ago . I'll never use them.
  7. Big Red 40

    Gym Pet Peeves

    Salma doing a little dancing on the treadmill. Still tearing it up at 52. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=a5iiP_1551422992
  8. Big Red 40

    Tony Tuioti Hired as New DL Coach

    I think hes going to be a great addition to the staff. Youthful energy, knowledge, and good recruiter. Great to keep hearing good news about the football team GBR
  9. Big Red 40

    Additional Targeting Penalty?

    Agreed there should be 2 separate penalties for incidental, and malicious , but i think the penalties for the actions are fine the way they are. No need for this.
  10. Big Red 40

    The Trump Economy

    Interesting read. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/3/1/18246233/economic-growth-workers-wages-economy
  11. Big Red 40

    Trump's Fake Wall Emergency

    I walked away from this thread, to keep from further derailing it ,, but since it died anyway I'm going to attempt to clarify some things. 1. I don't hate Hispanics, and i don't blame them for coming here. I would do the same in their situation. I do have 20 years of daily experience working with Hispanics of all legal status though , so i have a different perspective than most people on this issue , and yes some of the things I've seen happening, rub me the wrong way. 2. My beef is definitely with Big Business/ The Government, who i believe intentionally ignored the issue for years , and even encouraged these people to come here, to serve their own purposes. Sure its companies prerogative to do what they want (except the hiring illegals part) but i think its bad for this country to have companies ruining jobs that people need to survive, and also wrong to use these poor, desperate people to do it. 3. I'm sure there is a utopia somewhere where companies care about their employees, do the right thing, and everyone likes their job , but that is not a world i live in. Jobs in my area run slightly worse than what i have, to a whole lot worse. I'm already working the best available job, whether it sucks or not.. I do appreciate the helpful advice though . Back to the OP i think if the idea of building a wall to stop caravans/illegal immigration is way too late, since illegal crossing attempts are down to a trickle . It's the equivalent if shutting the barn door after the horses ran away IMO. If anyone actually wanted to fix that part of the problem which i don't believe they do, there are better ways to do it. While Drugs, sex trafficking , and criminals definitely a problem, i don't think the wall is the answer to those issues either. I think Trump has greatly exaggerated the severity of the problem, and the ability of a wall to fix any of it. Its definitely not a national emergency.
  12. Big Red 40

    How do you deal with food pushers?

    Outside contactors must bid extra into the jobs for pizza and donuts they kill me with that stuff ! Lol if I’m on a diet at the time (usually) I’ll tell them I already ate I’m good . Otherwise I’ll mow down some Krispy Kreme’s and Casey’s pizza . I know I’m weak .
  13. Big Red 40

    The Republican Utopia

    Bloody Hell how could she possibly know what "most people" want?
  14. That is hilarious . I haven't seen Fyre fest (Going to) but Abducted in plain sight was a total train wreck. I had to verify it as a real thing, i couldn't believe so many people could be that naive/dumb at the same time. sheesh
  15. Big Red 40

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    One more category who’s not paying taxes . https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/2019/2/20/18231742/amazon-federal-taxes-zero-corporate-income