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  1. If a person bases their views about abortion strictly on the bible /Christianity i don't know what other conclusion they can come to. Don't all forms of Christianity teach that abortion is wrong under any circumstances, and that others should be stopped from doing it too ?
  2. Big Red 40

    Will we beat Bethune Cookman?

    The only way i see us losing to BC is if we have a letdown of some kind, or shoot ourselves in the foot again, and i just don't see that happening. I think we'll come out confident and energized after our first win and blow these guys off the field.
  3. Riley wouldn’t have been fired but only because Eichorst wouldn’t have done it . Nothing to do with his win loss record or coaching abilities . Most of us didn’t want Riley here and would have been calling for his firing but it wouldn’t have mattered . We saw the future of our team against Minnesota and it looks pretty damn bright . It was the first win of many wins of the Frost era , and I believe this program will keep getting better . The stain that was the mike Riley era will fade to just a distant lousy memory . GBR
  4. Big Red 40

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    Against Minnesota I did see Chin try some different things to pressure the qb, but I also saw many times they didn’t get there and didn’t finish the play. If you bring those extra guys you really need to get there because someone is left uncovered making you vulnerable to a big play . It’s a gamble that sometimes works sometimes not . I was glad to see him trying different things though .
  5. Big Red 40

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    Our d looked good at times and bad at times but in the end held them to 28 points . With the dynamic playmakers we have on offense , and the type of offense we run that should be enough to win most of our games .
  6. I doubt it . Most anti abortionists are hard line and closed minded about it . God says it’s wrong under any circumstances from the moment of conception , it’s murder etc, and that’s that . Changing their mind or their votes is unlikely imo.
  7. Big Red 40

    I'm oddly encouraged by the winless season so far...

    Osborne was great at getting the most out of home grown Nebraska talent but the thing that finally got us a championship was having that AND stud recruits like Tommy Frazier, Lawrence Phillips etc . The mid 90s teams were a good mix of both . I think we needed those high star recruits to win it all though . As far as this year I think the work ethic, attitude , and effort have been much better this year than last . That plus developing some of the young talent we have will eventually lead to wins . They are a better team than last year and they keep fighting every week that’s the encouraging part to me.
  8. Riley was Eichorsts hand picked guy no way he would have fired him no matter how bad he did . Especially in his first year .
  9. I think many Christians are willing to ignore Trumps sinful behavior, and Ungodliness, as long as he's anti abortion, anti gay, anti Muslim etc. Its true that the bible teaches love, forgiveness, fidelity, and all the things the OP stated, but their views on what God has told them is wrong, and the fear of those evil people overrunning their country, are more important, in many cases.
  10. Maybe the “eye roller”should jump in and join the conversation . Cmon lets hear it
  11. Many of the Christians I grew up with had the same type of closed minded, judgemental attitude that Trump, and many of the GOP leadership have . They have decided the “right “ way to live according to the Bible, and the preacher , and that was it . Not only were many things wrong in their eyes, it was their duty to “Fix” the “wrongdoers “ Gays, abortion , other religions , criminals , addicts etc aren’t things that merit an honest discussion, they are simply wrong , and need to be severely punished , abolished , or be met with the wrath of God . There is a safety to clinging to values like that, and a great fear that anything differing opinions will be the downfall of mankind . The GOP seems to prey on fears like that . Lastly many Christians I’ve known thrive as followers . God , the Bible , the clergy , and authority in general are to be followed without question . Trump has done a good job of painting himself as a great , upstanding , godly man, and strong leader who should be followed in the same way . Personally I’ve seen little or no evidence backing Trumps claim to Christianity, I think it’s just another tool he uses to control his base.
  12. Big Red 40

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    YIm sure this Reich guy is just some looney “Lib”who’s losing his mind and spreading fake news but he makes some good points here I think . https://www.newsweek.com/robert-reich-truth-about-trumps-booming-economy-opinion-1169901?fbclid=IwAR2l_GhDD5KRiMZ8e6lx5kPd3PT-u1d1zaH9LhLJ3bYk4SQoJxqcGV0NMM0 Too often, discussions about “the economy” focus on overall statistics about growth, the stock market, and unemployment. But most Americans don’t live in that economy. They live in a personal economy that has more to do with wages, job security, commutes to and from work, and the costs of housing, health care, drugs, education, and home insurance. These are the things that hit closest home. They comprise the typical American’s standard of living.
  13. Big Red 40

    The Angry Violent Right

    It was a joke to me but I guess I can kind of see some merit to the gripes . To me her intentions were good and if attempting to help stop childhood obesity is the worst thing you did I’d say you did pretty well .
  14. Big Red 40

    The Angry Violent Right

    What about the school lunch program ? Did you see all that icky healthy food she tried to get the kids to eat ? Ewww I know I would have been cussing her for that when I was a kid . The injustice ! Lol
  15. Big Red 40

    Play Makers

    I think we have some young talent all over this team it will just take time for some of these guys to develop and learn . I think if we can recruit more depth on the lines , especially on defense it will be better . The Davis brothers etc aren’t that bad but it’s tough to go against some of the great O-lines in the B1G for four quarters and not get worn out . With our relatively quick strike offense (when it works right) they are on the field an awful lot too, so quality backups to rotate in would help . Looking at the 2019 class gives me hope too, Mills , Heinrich, Hickman , and especially McCaffery could be great future contributors . Will be interesting to see who they add to the class also .