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  1. Big Red 40

    Huskerboard members game list

    First game ever . 1996 Colorado game . Great game , lousy weather . Rain ran down my poncho and Into my boots til large woman in front of me sat on it and ripped it off . Soaked and freezing but Huskers won ! Went to several more Husker /buffs home games through the 90s all good games and husker wins . 2005 Wake Forrest was a good game too . Beautiful weather , good seats Zach Taylor throwing darts but also getting sacked many times . I could hear him hitting the ground clear up in the seats , and I have no idea how he kept getting back up. Huskers won big . Favorite game was 2010 Missouri game when Helu ran all over them . Great seats he was running right at us on a couple of those TDs . Glorious day and big Husker win . Least favorite game was 2015 Northwestern . Missed the 1st quarter drinkin /tailgating , expected an easy win . Stadium was as dead as I’ve ever seen it , other than lots of booing and angry fans . Remember feeling we should have easily won but we pissed it away . Only loss I’ve seen live . 10-1 record overall in games I’ve attended. All home games .
  2. Big Red 40

    The Republican Utopia

    In the mid 90s when they started coming to the plant very few could /would speak English . The company accommodated them by changing things to Spanish launguage , hiring Spanish speaking supervisors , and interpreters . If we had to interact with them , train them etc we usually had to find an interpreter, or try to understand Spanish ourselves .I thought that was wrong . Over the years through necessity , and our own desire to get along, many more do speak English, and I’ve also learned quite a bit of Spanish too . It’s become much less of a problem . Ill address anything anyone wants to discuss further in the immigration threads . I’ll let this one get back to its regularly scheduled programming . lol
  3. Big Red 40

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    your saying this 60,000 times doesnt make it true. Just sayin.
  4. Big Red 40

    The Republican Utopia

    I work in a factory with hundreds of Hispanics and the language thing bugs me because I didn’t go to Mexico they came here and in my opinion they should adapt to what is here, not the other way around . If I was going to spend much time in a foreign country, or move there yes I definitely could /would learn the native tongue . We also had pot luck dinners at work and I thought the food the Hispanics brought was terrible lol . Greasy stuff with lots of peppers mostly . I’ll take the Americanized version with lots of cheese and tomatoes myself . Different strokes for different folks I guess .
  5. Big Red 40

    Will our democracy survive Trump?

    There are still enough checks and balances in place to keep Trump from totally running wild with his agenda, so i think well survive him just fine. The bigger problem to me is the unfortunately large amount of people who support him. If we get to the point where the majority blindly follow and support people like Trump we are screwed. I don't think we are to that point though, and i think people will turn out in droves to get rid of this guy in 2020.
  6. Big Red 40

    The Angry Violent Left

    Very different. Only one of those (Scalise) was actual violence caused by politics. Rand Paul was an argument between neighbors over a brush pile, not politically motivated. Powder was determined to be cornstarch, and while the rest was in poor taste, it was not illegal and didn't physically harm/ kill anyone. Right wing extremists have been responsible for many actual human deaths, and physical harm. Stats on that issue have been posted in this thread.
  7. Big Red 40

    Trump's Taxes

    I think Trump has been able to lie and spin everything as “fake news” “ witch hunt “ blah blah, and unfortunately tons of people believe everything he says . There’s not much concrete proof of anything that would get him impeached, indicted etc YET but it could be in the tax returns . If there’s black and white proof of something I don’t think he’ll be able to get out of it, or convince his followers he’s innocent any more . He’s trying very hard not to let them be released for a reason . I want to know what it is .
  8. Big Red 40

    2018 mid-term

    So is Dems gaining control of the house a big deal or not ? How so ? Is the GOP increasing their majority in the senate a big deal ? Why ? I’m Getting mixed answers all over on those questions what do you guys think ?
  9. Big Red 40

    That Talent Question Again

    I don’t think we’ll ever be able to load our team with talent like OSU, Michigan, etc but with the right guys, coached the right way we can compete with anyone . I think we saw that last week and it will only get better .
  10. Big Red 40

    That Talent Question Again

    Of course more talented players at many positions would help , but I think Frost is getting everything he can out of the talent we have and will recruit more of the right kind of players in the future . I think the most important thing he’s done though is instilling a different mentality to the team . Through some heartbreaking, tough luck losses , self inflicted wounds and one major beat down this team could have easily folded and lost the rest of our games but they didn’t . They worked hard , got better and more confident every week , and kept fighting the entire game , and I think those things will pay off big time eventually . Win loss record aside I’m as proud of this team , and as optimistic for the future as I’ve been in a long time .
  11. Big Red 40

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Spoke to soon lol
  12. Big Red 40

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Gotta get some pressure on Haskins he has all day . Ugh
  13. Religion is based on beliefs . There’s no factual data to prove any of them are “right” or “wrong “ . Science is based on factual data but it doesn’t provide answers to questions like “why are we here?” What happens after we die ?” Etc, so people turn to faith for answers . They don’t need to cancel each other out .
  14. Big Red 40

    Ohio State Spread

    I think chin is blitzing more trying to get pressure on the QB . The best way to beat a blitz is screens and short passes getting the ball out of the QBs hands quickly . I think other teams OCs are reading the blitzes and adjusting .
  15. Big Red 40

    Ohio State Spread

    Yeah I’m pretty sure Purdue was a 2 touchdown dog when they played Ohio state too . I think the Huskers are playing better than we were when we played Purdue , so anything can happen . Last year OSU totally dominated us and i don’t see that happening again .