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  1. darkhorse85

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    Would love to see this kid here. It's obvious he's not afraid to put in the work and he has his dad to thank for that. http://www.mitchellrepublic.com/news/4254701-48-chamberlains-police-chief-still-competing-states-best-weightlifters
  2. Ahem....I'll have you know that our coach has amassed half the number of losses that your coach has in about a quarter of the time. What say you now, Badger boy? Ah...I've got nothing. Good luck this Saturday.
  3. darkhorse85

    Don't think I'm nuts, but does NU Athletics have HBO?

    I prefer thermobaric rehabilitation methods.
  4. darkhorse85

    Troy Game

    That place burnt down a few years ago I think.
  5. Same. I've been to Boulder for multiple games as well as Madison. Never has a bad experience at either place. Both are beautiful cities. I'm sure these stories started from something but by the way everyone talks you'd think you're walking into these towns like John McClain with his sandwich board at the beginning of Die Hard with a Vengeance.
  6. darkhorse85

    POW/MIA Memorial Coming to Memorial

    Yes. I don't stand or whatever they ask vets to do at these events anymore. My wife thinks I should but I just feel uncomfortable doing it. I didn't serve for recognition. I served because I wanted to do it. I don't ask for your thanks but at the same time I won't be a dick to you for thanking me either. Uncle Same gave me an education for "free" so I consider us square. I don't talk about my service much either because it won't resonate with most people. People ask dumb questions. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if I've ever killed anyone. Why does that matter? Are you going to think any more/less of me by my honest answer to that question? Kick rocks, buddy. I personally think this chair/seat thing is kind of dumb but I won't disrespect it either. I think some of the other veteran recognition things are kind of dumb too. I know people that just eat up the recognition and have never left CONUS. Now, I'm not saying you ever need to be deployed to make a difference in the military but it's hard to take someone seriously is they've never has their ass in the grass. I'm jaded. I've seen a lot of weird s#!t in the short time I was in the military. The world is a super messed up place.
  7. darkhorse85

    "Give that man a cigar!"

    It certainly does suck!
  8. darkhorse85

    Husker Power getting a makeover?

    Well it was a parking lot before they built this so I think they'll be okay.
  9. darkhorse85

    Husker Power getting a makeover?

    I'm glad to see Mike Arthur is on the mend. Guy was a mess for quite some time.
  10. darkhorse85

    Huskers to Have Area Codes on Helmets

    402 kids will also have the option of tattooing it on their cheeks as eye black.
  11. darkhorse85

    Scott Frost Home Burglarized

    I was robbing a completely different house.
  12. darkhorse85

    Watch List Season

    Crazy, isn't it? Growing up I could have never imagined having two so highly rated receivers playing here st the same time. Pretty awesome.
  13. What kind of crack was I smoking to think it was field turf then? Yikes, my mistake. Nothing to see here!
  14. It's usually covered by the same turf that's on the field. They just have it torn up in that picture so they can install new.
  15. darkhorse85

    Will There be War wt N Korea next 4 years

    This is a misunderstood statistic. 1,000,000 troops have not been wounded. That is the number of troops that served in either Iraq and Afghanistan that have been treated by the VA. You don't have to be wounded to be treated by the VA. If you got hemorrhoids while you were in Iraq because you ate too much steak at the DFAC at whatever base you were at and got that in your service medical record you could seek treatment for the same thing after you are discharged. The vast majority of people being treated at the VA have never seen direct action and were not wounded by the enemy. I'm not taking away from anyone's service, I'm just stating a fact. Wounded and injury/illness/whatever are not the same thing.