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  1. darkhorse85

    DDPY and yoga

    Yoga has helped me immensely. With strength in stabilizer muscles I rarely use in my regular workouts and flexibility that's helped my running a decent amount. My wife got me into it. She's a freaking animal at yoga. I still suck pretty bad at it but I can tell I've become better since I started about a year ago. Power yoga is no joke. Very cool to see DDP doing. Never heard of it before.
  2. Lol...right! But that's not the American way!
  3. darkhorse85

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    This goes for just about any news these days but your point still stands.
  4. My guess is this could be viral marketing campaign. Kraft fell short of their projections last quarter. Time to go buy some Kraft Singles to throw at your children! Stand your ground and buy store brand!
  5. darkhorse85

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    His Nebraska attorney could represent him in California if he is admitted to the California Bar or he could file a motion to appear pro hac vice. Would probably be smart to hire another attorney in California that is familiar with California criminal law.
  6. darkhorse85

    LSU transfer DT Davin Cotton

    By virtue of last name alone this young man is ours for the taking.
  7. darkhorse85

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Welcome to modern journalism.
  8. darkhorse85

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Welllllllllll.....I like quite the fool then, don't I?
  9. darkhorse85

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Girl: "Please don't use my last name." News channel: "No problem!" Girl: "Thanks!" News channel: *proceeds to paste her picture in the article*
  10. darkhorse85

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I much prefer headlines that detail a player smashing in the head of a raccoon to this.
  11. darkhorse85

    Your Most Fun Time At A Huskers Game

    Ah yes. Eric Martin. Didn't he get suspended for the next game for that? Or part of the next game? Completely legal hit if memory serves correctly.
  12. darkhorse85

    Harrison Beck

    You can buy an autographed can of Spaghettios on his website for $15. From the website: "I will autograph this can of spaghettios with the same powerful right arm & wrist that I use to throw rocket balls" Yeah, he could use some help. Yikes.
  13. darkhorse85

    Things That Happened - Iowa Edition

    Have any of you ever told someone on the street to go "F" themselves? Like, even if you really, really didn't like the person I still don't think 99% of people would do that. This is definitely "Cool story, bro" material.
  14. darkhorse85

    Look back at Suh and the erroneous Hypesman

    Terry Glenn was pretty awesome for OSU that year. But who knows how much of an impact he would have had for them without George taking a lot of the heat.
  15. darkhorse85

    Look back at Suh and the erroneous Hypesman

    Same. Obviously would have loved to see Tommie get it but Eddie George also went out and was ROTY in the NFL the next year. That has nothing to do with winning the Heisman but it's a credit to how good Eddie George was. Great players, both of them.