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  1. If we start seeing MQ-9's flying around Nebraska with Hellfire missiles then I would definitely be more concerned than I am right now.
  2. As someone who has used certain types of infrared technology pretty extensively I can tell you that infrared imaging does not exclusively need to be used at night. It might work better at night in some applications but at this time of year in Nebraska and Colorado it most likely does not matter. Flying at night is most likely used for a more clandestine purpose which has obviously failed. But yeah, most likely government. Agencies/departments really don't talk to each other as much as they should.
  3. You know, it did rain the last time we beat them in a night game in Lincoln (yes, our only win against them but the point still stands). Lock of the week.
  4. I could definitely see ND v Virginia getting GameDay should ND remain unbeaten. Virginia should have an easy win this weekend but ND plays Georgia.
  5. When were we last part of GameDay? 2011 at Wisconsin?
  6. Using a "trusty ole" Remington 870 for home defense? I hope he practiced quite a bit with that thing because unless it's the breaching model then that's going to be hard to get around corners and draw up on any intruders. Shotguns have their place in defense but not the "trusty ole" type. Leave those for hunting. I know guns very well and own several. This guy is an idiot and it seems like he dreams of the day he gets to use one on another human. That's the last thing any gun owner should want to do.
  7. Does Carly Lloyd have any eligibility left? Edit: No. No she does not.
  8. Agree. Great value. One of my favorite courses in Nebraska. Wish we had a PGA tour event somewhere. US Senior Open is coming back to Omaha CC in 2021 though!
  9. Who was the last kid we plucked out of Mater Dei? Meredith?
  10. Glad he was able to SEa, Air, and Land that deal.
  11. I think I remember Jurgens and Frost kind of bonding over this. Their mothers were both excellent throwers. Heck, Jurgens and Frost were both darn good throwers too.
  12. edit: didn't read the end before I replied. Glad you got your money back but that's super frustrating. Don't contact that host anymore.
  13. It's funny to see those kids come in there, especially if they're not from a small town. I was in there once when a bus came in before a sorority/frat formal. The girls happened to be from my wife's old sorority at UNL and they were very surprised that I went to college. My wife cracked up when I told her that.
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