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  1. darkhorse85

    Colorado Tickets

    Yeah, just saw that too. Thanks for saying something!
  2. darkhorse85

    Colorado Tickets

    Saw something on the r/huskers subreddit earlier. IF you buy a ticket to the Dead and Company concert they will send you a code to be able to buy single game tickets before they go on sale next week. up to 10 tickets for every game but Nebraska. The Nebraska game is limited to 6. One ticket it going for about $85. Might be worth it to someone who wants to secure up to 6 tickets. An extra $13-14 a ticket split 6 ways isn't too bad considering what they'll probably go for on the secondary markets. Might be able to recoup some of that money if you sell the concert ticket. I'm very tempted to do it. Please note that I have not personally tried this and only read about it. Buyer beware. EDIT: Some further reading leads me to believe that it's probably not working anymore. Disregard. Sorry!
  3. darkhorse85

    South Carolina Husker License Plate?

    Ah....keep waxing on in the afterlife my friend!
  4. darkhorse85

    South Carolina Husker License Plate?

    So you're telling me that's not you in your avatar? Why would you lie to us like that?
  5. He loses his farm to foreclosure Consequently, Ray never eases his fathers pain.
  6. darkhorse85


    Mock Turtlenecks are back!
  7. darkhorse85

    OLB Tate Romney

    Yeah, I just googled him too (guess I could have just done that first). Some CU board member said he saw a tweet that would indicate he is related but that was it. Kid looks like a good player but seems others think BYU probably has this kid if they want him.
  8. darkhorse85

    OLB Tate Romney

    Not trying to start anything political (just genuinely curious) but any relation to Mitt?
  9. darkhorse85

    Hank Bounds Stepping Down

    This had something to do with his friend, Dylan McKay.
  10. darkhorse85

    DDPY and yoga

    Yoga has helped me immensely. With strength in stabilizer muscles I rarely use in my regular workouts and flexibility that's helped my running a decent amount. My wife got me into it. She's a freaking animal at yoga. I still suck pretty bad at it but I can tell I've become better since I started about a year ago. Power yoga is no joke. Very cool to see DDP doing. Never heard of it before.
  11. Lol...right! But that's not the American way!
  12. darkhorse85

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    This goes for just about any news these days but your point still stands.
  13. My guess is this could be viral marketing campaign. Kraft fell short of their projections last quarter. Time to go buy some Kraft Singles to throw at your children! Stand your ground and buy store brand!
  14. darkhorse85

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    His Nebraska attorney could represent him in California if he is admitted to the California Bar or he could file a motion to appear pro hac vice. Would probably be smart to hire another attorney in California that is familiar with California criminal law.