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  1. darkhorse85

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    I think I remember Jurgens and Frost kind of bonding over this. Their mothers were both excellent throwers. Heck, Jurgens and Frost were both darn good throwers too.
  2. darkhorse85

    Airbnb Experience - Your thoughts?

    edit: didn't read the end before I replied. Glad you got your money back but that's super frustrating. Don't contact that host anymore.
  3. darkhorse85

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    It's funny to see those kids come in there, especially if they're not from a small town. I was in there once when a bus came in before a sorority/frat formal. The girls happened to be from my wife's old sorority at UNL and they were very surprised that I went to college. My wife cracked up when I told her that.
  4. darkhorse85

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    It's a fun bar. Come on, everyone. I have a van with tinted windows. Just push aside the rope and duct tape and we can all fit.
  5. darkhorse85

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    I"m actually heading to the bar in Pickrell (a small town north of Beatrice that Jurgens is actually from) tomorrow after work. I will ask my sources there what's going on. Best I do it right away because the bar there is cheap and the drinks are strong.
  6. The Goonies Rudy Home Alone The Shawshank Redemption The Wizard
  7. darkhorse85

    75 Years Since D-Day

    Looks like Trudeau spoke so it's probably just the way it was covered.. https://globalnews.ca/news/5353892/justin-trudeau-uk-d-day-commemorations/
  8. darkhorse85

    75 Years Since D-Day

    Andrew Higgins, the man who designed and developed the landing craft (the aptly named Higgins Boat), was a Nebraska native. From Wikipedia: "Higgins was raised in Omaha and completed three years at Creighton Prep High School before being expelled for brawling.[2] He also served in the Nebraska Army National Guard, attaining the rank of First Lieutenant, first in the Infantry, and later in the Engineers. He gained his first experience with boat building and moving troops on the water during militia maneuvers on the Platte River."
  9. darkhorse85

    Colorado Tickets

    Oh I know. Waiting to see if I'll get tickets from our AD or not. Hope I do but if not I know I"ll be okay. I have some family near Boulder that's going to try to grab as many tickets as they can that are floating around their social circles in the coming months. They aren't going to mention that they are for Husker fans haha.
  10. darkhorse85

    Colorado Tickets

    I wanted to believe they'd be cheaper but I just knew they wouldn't be.
  11. darkhorse85

    Colorado Tickets

    Looks like you'll be paying about $200 a ticket for the cheapest seats left for single game tickets on the CU website. I'll just hope that my request for tickets from NU gets approved. Haven't heard anything yet.
  12. darkhorse85

    Colorado Tickets

    Yeah, just saw that too. Thanks for saying something!
  13. darkhorse85

    Colorado Tickets

    Saw something on the r/huskers subreddit earlier. IF you buy a ticket to the Dead and Company concert they will send you a code to be able to buy single game tickets before they go on sale next week. up to 10 tickets for every game but Nebraska. The Nebraska game is limited to 6. One ticket it going for about $85. Might be worth it to someone who wants to secure up to 6 tickets. An extra $13-14 a ticket split 6 ways isn't too bad considering what they'll probably go for on the secondary markets. Might be able to recoup some of that money if you sell the concert ticket. I'm very tempted to do it. Please note that I have not personally tried this and only read about it. Buyer beware. EDIT: Some further reading leads me to believe that it's probably not working anymore. Disregard. Sorry!
  14. darkhorse85

    South Carolina Husker License Plate?

    Ah....keep waxing on in the afterlife my friend!
  15. darkhorse85

    South Carolina Husker License Plate?

    So you're telling me that's not you in your avatar? Why would you lie to us like that?