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  1. I think this is exactly right. The D in my opinion is built to play with the lead. I don't think that this is unreasonable given what HCSF has done over his career. It feels like a high risk high reward D that excels when teams have to do things they wouldn't usually do because they're playing from behind. We saw this week what that does to a team. Mills was a little banged up, but do we really think Mazour would be in the game for those last few drives if were weren't down by two scores and needing hands on the field?
  2. I'll also point out we have Betts commited who is 6'2" which isn't massive, but is a bigger guy. By all accounts he's also doing everything he needs to to get on campus.
  3. I don't think this is an either or situation. I think we're also in on some big bodied guys. I think we're still in on Manning, we had Hutchinson and Robinson on campus recently. The staff is going after the people they need, but one of the big problems we've had is guys getting open. Speed is never going to hurt us there.
  4. Going hogwild in Florida. He did tell us to get ready for it.
  5. This feels like a red flag being thrown up. We are not a disciplined defense. We're regularly forgetting where the help comes from and how to adjust. Will be interesting to see what happens on Saturday.
  6. I had a different experience. I felt like the leadership of the program all talked about the goal of making a bowl. I think the media really played up the end of last season. Many of us (including myself to a degree) got really caught up in that. I think it's easy to forget what message was coming from where though.
  7. Yep, I think he's only played in one. Someone will have to double check that for me though. I know he's still under 4.
  8. It is when you're trying to preserve red shirts.
  9. Given the comment about having a close knit team and the fact that I do research on developing connection between people, I'm trying to a way to get the team to let me work with them. Odds of it happening are almost zero, but it would be pretty dang awesome. 

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      You could probably make a career out of studying this year's team.

    2. Huskerzoo


      It's true. I'm actually working with the AD at my current university to see if we can do this with the teams here. I'm hoping that I can get a little momentum behind the application of this stuff to sports. 

    3. krc1995


      Do you follow Brett McCabe? Go work for him. His podcasts are very, very good. 

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  10. Also, would love if anyone could help me find other instances of single class attrition this high that wasn't accounted for by early entry to the draft. Curious to see if anything else fits this pattern.
  11. I do not disagree about us looking at Minn as a model. I actually think we're on a similar path. That said, I encourage you all to look at another program that is struggling, MSU. I was talking to my father in law today and he brought up how badly they had one class hit by attrition. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.lansingstatejournal.com/amp/678994002 This is a team that had one aberrition of a year but has mostly been stable. What's interesting is that they have the exact same recruiting class as us also get hit extremely hard. I think this is a good reflection of b
  12. I can only hope so. If we're still aiming for 22-23, it means we need to be hitting our LB and WR group hard. One of our LB targets just committed elsewhere, so I expect we'll be going to wherever plan B is. Very curious how we're going to handle LB recruiting.
  13. I agree with you about Rahmir. As for everything else, I think so much of this are factors that make the other factor worse. Yes, our play calling isn't great, but if you don't have the players you can't call the plays. Right now we're seeing the same thing out of 2AM that we saw out of Tanner Lee that drove me nuts. Swing pass, ball at the feet of the receiver. When you can't run certain plays, you get predictable and can't break things for larger gains. This is happening on both sides of the ball where we have limited depth and arguably one good position group on th
  14. Off to Indiana for a very cold football game. 

    1. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Almost decided to make the trek, but Nebraska is 0-2 in games I've attended this year. That, and the Vikings are in KC this weekend....Can't miss that.

  15. I think it's fair to be critical of him and also recognize that he'll likely be significantly better when he's in his proper position. Regarding the gap year, I'm starting to think that the coaches sticking with UCF hurt us more than we thought. It might help us understand why we have a 2 year gap in recruiting instead of just one. I don't hold it against them, because it got us HCSF who I still think is the right person for the job, but I am leaning towards it extending the rebuild another year. This in turn sucks because we have a much harder schedule moving forward.
  16. I think this is a great example of zooming out to the point it makes it hard to see things. Attrition isn't a big deal, it happens. The problem for us is that the attrition number is not evenly distributed. Further, it seems that the attrition is taking the guys we spent the majority of our resources on (the high 3* and 4* guys). Looking at the article you posted, 2015 and 2016 had 30.95% attrition. Not bad by any means. 2017 and 2018 had 45% attrition rate. While that might not seem the most concerning, you also want to consider context. The sheet you linked eliminate
  17. Alright folks, back on topic please. If you want to hash it out, go to the shed.
  18. I feel like I should get a cookie for being a week ahead on this. The staff rushed a little with the 2018 class due to the later start than anticipated. The 2019 class is going to be the heart of the rebuild. It's possible that the staff working with UCF late hurt us more than we thought. With that said, I think we can trust the staff now that they have the stability...we just have to be mindful of this as a fanbase. All I can say is that we as a fan base should know it's going to be rough for another year or two and be patient. I have to imagine the staff understand
  19. I'm a little worried about NT next year. Little Daniels still doesn't have the endurance we need. We saw what NT trouble does last year. I don't think we want to burn a RS for a player that isn't ready and I don't think Green is a natural NT. The rest of the line is going to be fun I think as long as our strength and conditioning did its job. Robinson's waiting, Wildeman, Rogers. I think we still have some good potential sitting out there. Losing Lamar will hurt, but we've recruited well. I think on Offense, we're going to be looking good. The infusion of
  20. This was one of those games where the numbers were weird. Putting the ball on the ground doesn't help. The fumble while we were driving in the first is a great example of this. That was just a player panicking and a huge missed block. I made post the other day that we were worse off than we thought rosterwise when frost took over. With that said, I also think we're closer than most people think after today. Our lb aren't great, but we recruited that position really well last year. The game plan was to exploit the slot and they did all game. Our OL is really young and our DL is whe
  21. Oh absolutely. I'm very optimistic about this staff. I think my point was more that if you look at Bama/Clemson, they just have SO and Fr all over the place. I think we will regularly have a few guys in that group playing for us, but they're probably not going to ever really be the meat of the team, even if they are the stars of the team.
  22. For me, this season has been very eye opening with regard to the players on the team and player management. While our recruiting hasn't been bad lately, our turnover is absurd. I think most of it makes sense, that is to say I'm not concerned, but I think I had been optimistic than was warranted. My concerns focused a lot on the lines, I regularly came to the board to argue this, but the numbers overall are rough. I'm not going to look at 2019's class yet, but the three classes before that were hit hard. 2015: Many players gone via graduation these are the RS SRs. But for con
  23. Does anyone know where to buy a lil' red Halloween costume?

    1. Huskerzoo


      I should be clear, one of the priorities is a mask with the soulless eyes. 

    2. HuskerInLostWages


      you have this one, but I doubt it's what you're looking for :)


      edit: nevermind, the link wont work and looked horrible.

  24. That's not entirely true, the word “addiction” is used to refer to a compulsive, uncontrolled use of a habit-forming substance that is characterized by tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. Further definitions sometimes go into addictive behaviors. Research suggests that cannabis use can lead to: Withdrawal: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2010.04.010 ( Budney, A. J., & Hughes, J. R. (2006). The cannabis withdrawal syndrome. Current opinion in psychiatry, 19(3), 233-238.) Tolerance: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0149763418302665 ( Colizzi, M.,
  25. My bad! For some reason I didn't think he was.
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