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  1. The QB play is something I really expected to improve under Riely and Langsdorf. I guess Tommy cut down on the int's, but I expected greater improvement. Maybe it was the ankle, maybe you just cant teach accuracy. I will hope a fresh start will go better with a new guy at QB.
  2. He hasnt taken any OV's. There always seems to be some wild cards who dont even start the recruiting process until late like this.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks Gebbia steps in this winter and wins the job? He could not have been any better at the highest level HS in California.
  4. He is currently on a one year contract with the Royals for 500K. Not sure what the Royals will offer him in Febuary, but he is not making the big money any more.
  5. How soon would this guy need to get enrolled? Seems someone has to ask this every year, my turn.
  6. Is the guy looking at jail time or even prison time?
  7. I think it is amazing this staff is able to get so many kids to pay their way to these camps. Bo was never able to create this kind of recruiting buzz in June. Seems all we hear from not just Bo, but all B1G coaches is early visits, we can't get kids here in the summer, if we could just get a visit from some of these recruits. Got to tip the cap to the staff on this one. Do OSU or Michigan get this many kids flying half way across the country for their camps?
  8. I would definitely like more actual sports coverage, but I wonder if the production costs are just too high to warrant sending crews to a ton of events each year. I'm sure that's a lot of it. I wonder what the logistics would be to send about two cameras and use the local radio guys for the audio. One camera in the outfield behind the pitcher for the main shots and one wide-angle from behind home plate. Wouldn't be the best production but would at least be more live programming. Or use the school's broadcasting majors like they've done for some basketball games. I cant understand why they would set up a broadcast team for one game. You got everybody there, why not cover the weekend series? The lack of coverage really makes it hard to follow the baseball team, which I try to do.
  9. Seems like a position where we would desire some continuity, not a revolving door.
  10. What is Wisconsin doing with all their money? Aranda just went from 450,000 to 1.2 mill. Dude deserves to be paid, open up that wallet Wisky. Not the first time.
  11. Nate Meir, Fremont Mills, IA. His dad works in Omaha. Drew Ott Cole Fischer Matt VanDeberg, South Dakota The roster is littered with more kids from SD and Iowa that NU should be getting. Iowa is getting these productive players that NU is over-looking. Gotta hand it to them, they're making it work.
  12. I cant find any info on Simmons visiting NU. Hope he will. Not a lot of info on where Simmons wants to go.
  13. I am interested to see more from Jordan Strong. Played NT and RB at Omaha North. Calvin Strong's brother. Hope to see him do some camps this summer and get a 40 time, vert, that sort of thing. At 6'3" 250 I could see a DE.
  14. Earlier in the year I was thinking it could happen. He hasn't looked as good throwing the ball lately. He is throwing off his back foot all the time. I think the toe is preventing him from steping into his throws. If he can step into his throws and improve his accuracy somebody could take a chance on him.
  15. How many of these guys have NFL talent? My opinion is Reilly and Janovich. Reilly looks really fast, not sure how that was over looked and Janovich will just out work you everywhere especially on special teams. My concern is that Iowa is beating us at offering the small town guys. Drew Ott and Nick Meir are NFL guys who played 8 man football in NE and SW IA. NU could have had them, but Iowa found them. Sometimes I am guilty of getting too excited about the 3 star from FLA or TX when I should be looking at the guy playing 8 man football nobody knows about.
  16. Interesting article by Dirk, perhaps his only interesting article, but I give him his due. I have really been thinking about this one for a while. Easton Stick has started and won 3 games at NDSU as a redsFr. Who would take him over Darlington or Bush? There is no doubt kids in NE and IA are underrated by recruiting services unless they work lots of camps to get their names out there. Not to bash either guy, VV 4-star Maliek Collins 3-star and both are good but it was obivious from day 1 Collins was more explosive. VV did the camp circuit summer before his Jr year Collins did not.
  17. Wouldn't the Nebraska job be considered better after firing MR? I just feel the expectations would be different after this season. In 2016 people would feel good about 6 wins. Turning 9-4 into 3-9 looks terrible, and thats why we discuss firing MR. Turning 3-9 into 6-6 looks like a step in the right direction.
  18. This dude looks like he is playing football on roller skates this year.
  19. When was there a commited recruit that was more important to this program?
  20. I think recruiting it is a huge reason why the Nebraska job isn't "top tier". With that said, its up the coaches to use it as an excuse or not. If you asked 100 coaches "where would you rather coach, Nebraska or Georgia?" I would guess it would be >75% for UGA. I dont quite know exactly the point I was trying to make posting this, but that is part of it. What should we expect? Certinialy more than what we are getting and I am tired of giving coaches more time. How much more $$$ do we need than Georgia, USC, or even Maryland? What is a more desireable job regardless of $$$? Where does Nebraska fit as a desireable job?
  21. an interesting ranking of the most desirable jobs in college football. http://thebiglead.com/2015/10/13/college-football-job-rankings-2015/ Dear old NU is not the job it was 20 years ago. I mostly agree with the piece. Love to hear what u think.
  22. Listening to 1620's unsportsman like conduct. I am 90% sure it was Nate Clouse. This kid is a B1G guy, academics are important to him. Could commit on his visit.
  23. Jim Harbaugh and plenty of other college coaches run a pro style offense. TA looked good doing it 4 out of 5 games. It can work, and it might here at NU. The coaching staff needs to learn how to simply manage the clock.
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