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  1. "Aged" isn't the word I should have used. I need to cure it. I think it's full of ammonia and other things that could harm my yard/garden. I did see on YouTube, that if I wet it down and cover it for two weeks, then mix it up. Then wet it some more, and then cover it again for another 2 weeks, I'll have what I want. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I need some help from the gardeners/yard guys on this board. I got a trailer full of compost from a local cattle farmer. I was planning on mixing it will some sand using it to top dress my yard. To do so, I need to spread it around at between 1/4 and 1/2 inches. It's still in large clumps. I have it on tarps, spread out and I've broken the bigger pieces into smaller ones. Other than drier weather, any tips/pointers on getting 'aged' and spreadable?
  3. We have at least 8 of us that go on a golf outing. Thursday thru Sunday. We've played the West in Nebraska, Awarri Dunes, Cross Creek and Heritage Hills in the first year in 2017. In 2018, we went north to Takanka (got snowed out on Sunday) and in 2019, we went to Kansas to play Firekeeper, Wamego and the Colbert Hills. Rained too much to play Colbert on Sunday. The guys are the full gamete of golf ability. Some guys shoot in the high 70's, others can't break 100, the last couple might user more than 18 balls a round. Anyone got any good suggestions for 2020. We normally go in the fall on a Husker bye week or away game at least.
  4. This is definitely a fact. HyVee's healthy food section has quite a bit of gluten-free options. We are going to go strict for a couple of months. Hopefully, we'll build a bit of a tolerance to gluten in that time. Then we can enjoy a cheat day every now & then. My original thought was to eat like a caveman. Lean meats, fruits and veggies.
  5. Due to a medical condition, we are going Gluten Free in our house. Anyone got any tips/recipes? I've searched the internet, but on there, everything looks good.
  6. My nephew is a student manager. He said he hasn't heard a word about any coach leaving. BTW, he knew last week that Ty Robinson was signing with the Huskers.
  7. Very cool. Best of luck to him and his teammates.
  8. Earlier in October I got up to Takanka. GREAT track. The scenery is fantastic. The course is extremely hard from the tips and gets easier as you move up. We started on the blue tee boxes and finished on the green ones. Long, hard par 3's, a reachable par 5. I think #2 and #16 share fairways and greens. Just a great course. We stayed at the casino, but I doubt I'll do that again. Slots are not my style, but I'll be back to play the course again https://tatankagolfclub.com/
  9. I HATE airlines, all of them. I got screwed out of about $5,000 in August of 2017 because of United Airlines our our trip to Europe. (LONG story that I'm not typing now, or probably ever again). Now, another unnamed carrier is going to screw us again. We have purchased tickets to fly from Omaha to Phoenix for the end of February. Now our plans have changed, and we'd like to change the dates we fly to March. We were told that will be $300 per ticket. The original FREAKING tickets didn't cost that much!! WTF??? How do you justify a couple of freaking keystrokes to change the date we fly, and charging me $600?
  10. THIS^^^^^ Auburn covers over LSU Arizona St covers, but loses to Washington OSU scores multiple TD's in the fourth to cover, exactly like last week.
  11. I turned 50 years old today and just realized the it's Mike Riley's birthday also. Happy birthday Coach!!
  12. I'm looking for options on setting up temporary WIFI at our baseball field that's located inside a City park. We'd only need WIFI from March until July. We are looking at streaming some of the high school and Legion games online using Striv. Anyone got any ideas?
  13. I have the same exact feeling. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so.
  14. Thanks for the update. BTW, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.
  15. "You teach intensely every day block destruction, and you get really good at block destruction and whipping blockers so when you go on the edge it really becomes very easy when you end up on the edge." "Block Destruction" Those words from Diaco's presser got me smiling.
  16. The guys on 1620 were talking about the nose tackle position and brought up the possibility of moving some offensive linemen to the other side of the ball, and specifically Jalen Barnett. He's listed at 6'4" 310 pounds on Huskers.com. I'm thinking that weight might be 30 pounds light. Barnett's biggest problem since he got here is he's gained weight and not good weight. With his current size, Barnett would be a prototypical 3-4 nose tackle. Now, does he have the strength, and more important the quickness to play the position. I'd say he lacks the quickness, but he'd be a run stuffer and block eater for sure.
  17. I thought he had a hamstring injury... You're right it is a hammy, I stand corrected, thanks
  18. Trey Bryant's knee injury is very serious and I've heard that coaches are fearful that he might not be ready for 2017. If the coaches have anything to say about it, the other running backs on the roster aren't going anywhere. As for those 5th year players who haven't seen the field much, don't let the screen door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
  19. This ^^^^^^ PS. I know I missed on PJ Fleck going to Minnesota on the main board, but this I'm 99.999999% sure of.
  20. Jerry Kill is one of PJ Fleck's mentors. Fleck is NOT going to coach the Gophers.
  21. Holy cow, I forgot I posted this and obviously, I haven't been on this thread for awhile. The chuck roast burnt ends were great. I've made them many times since July
  22. Does the kid have to be from Cali? If not, I'll pick OT Sarell or DT Shelvin. If so, it's gotta be Holmes
  23. I was going to post this same thing. We read the same article this am. BTW, I want this kid on board. We need to upgrade the LOS on both sides and then get playmakers. I think the staff is doing just that, but we gotta start landing some of these dudes. Patience people!!
  24. Utter - walk on, Hahn - walk on, Conrad - walk on. How can you not consider that piecemeal? I think Cav is getting the brunt of the former staff recruiting misses like Johnson, Painter and Whitaker. I do agree there's talent, but its young.
  25. I was running errands this morning and caught the beginning of Husker Hangover with Matt Vzal on 1620 the zone. Matt starts out by saying he's not going to jump on Bruce Reed (the Fo Fiddy thread covers that topic nicely), but he cannot understand Husker fans getting on the other coaches, such as Coach Cav and Coach Brey. I don't either. Coach Cav is working with a piece-meal offensive line and has all year. Walk ons who probably shouldn't even be playing in mopup time are starting and playing a ton of minutes. Give him a year or two so he can get his guys playing. The 2017 offensive line will be a strength of the team, marky my words. Coach Brey, I think, is one of the stars of the Husker coaching staff. He did great things last year with limited number of players and this year, Rose-Ivy and Banderas are playing tremendous football in the latter part of the season. In 2017, only Dedrick Young will be returning, but the linebackers will be more athletic and probably better. Plus Brey is an A-1 recruiter. What's the deal?
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