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  1. Tenn. has hired Jeremy Pruitt, who doesn't know what asparagus is. 


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ScottyIce


      In the end, he is the most successful person from that show. Which, is surprising?

    3. Red Five

      Red Five

      What makes this guy better than Schiano?  Because he is the DC at Alabama, so he must be good?

    4. ScottyIce


      Idk, I never said he was "good" or better than Schiano.


      I'm just saying he clearly has had the most success since "2 A Days" lol

  2. Croft Seeks Release from Minnesota

    Wider question for the group: Does Fleck make it work at Minnesota? How do you see his tenure?
  3. lol, you're the second person to tell me that. Watched it last night. It was really good!
  4. Watching Shot in the Dark. It's about independent journalists competing to cover events at night in LA. They sit in their cars with police scanners and wait for accidents, shootings, crazy stuff, and then race across town to record it all and try to beat one another in selling the footage to local TV stations. It's kind of cool, I'm enjoying it.
  5. 2017 B1G CCG - Wisconsin vs. Ohio State

    Thanks jaws, it's always nice talking with you. Hope you've been doing well.
  6. Why can't I give people +1s? Mods, why you do this to me? I click the button and nothing happens.

    1. Mavric


      Are you on mobile?  If so, you have to "click" it twice.

    2. Excel


      I'm on a PC using google chrome. It hasn't worked for me since the board was updated months ago.

      Oh shoot, you do have to double click. I'm an idiot. Thanks Mavric.

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      I do love that we can plus one on mobile now.

  7. Hope frost does it

    Interesting stuff about the "image" of different conferences...here is the record of each conference against P5 OOC opponents this year so far: PAC 12: 6-2 Big Ten: 7-5 ACC: 8-9 SEC: 7-9 Big XII: 3-6 ...and we're favored in 6 of 8 bowls. We're not as bad as the media acts like we are.
  8. Hope frost does it

    I also hope Frost does well, most Big Ten fans do, or at least they should. The Buckeyes have had Nebraska's number the last few meetings but it won't last forever. Ohio State has a tremendous football history and is an elite program right now, you can pick at particulars but they've been in the top 1-10 teams at the end of the season for years now, that's very difficult to do....but Ohio State is not Texas and the Big 10 is not the Big 12, it's far deeper. In football we have other blue chip programs; Michigan, Penn State, and you guys. Right at their heels we have Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Iowa who are perennially good and can compete for titles every 3ish years. Even Minnesota and Illinois have robust Football traditions with 12, albeit old, National Titles between them. We are far deeper both currently and historically speaking than the Big XII was in Football. Looking at it more broadly there was a lot more than Longhorn Football that drove NU, TAMU, CU, and MU to bail on the Big XII, I'm sure the Nebraska fans understand that better than I could ever explain it but Ohio State is not the Texas of the Big Ten in those areas...revenue, conference decision making, other sports etc. Ohio State is a powerful voice but not the only voice and the Big Ten is much more egalitarian than the Big XII ever was and we don't have any of the revenue sharing arguments. As to image, If we look at College sports and say that there are four very popular ones; Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey probably in that order, the Big Ten has to be one of the most if not the most competitive and successful conference in the country if you accept Hockey as a substitute for Baseball. I'm talking team sports that are spectator friendly, the Pac 12 claims the most NCs overall but many are in obscure sports. - Football: Most National Championships at 38 fairly evenly spread between 9 teams...the SEC is 2nd at 29 between 9 teams but Alabama has 3x the next closest - Men's Hockey: Most National Championships at 23 spread between 4 teams - Men's Soccer: Second Most NCs at 14 behind ACC at 16 - Men's Basketball: Fourth Most NCs at 10 but again, much more evenly spread across the conference than others like UCLA with the PAC 12 and Kentucky with the SEC - Baseball: Fourth most NCs at 6 in a sport we barely try at ...and then in to the less popular sports - Women's Hockey: Most NC's at 10 - Women's Lacrosse: Most NCs at 22 - Men's Wrestling: Second behind Big XII but have dominated the last 10 years - Women's Volleyball: Second behind Pac 12 15 to 11 That stared happening almost 15 years ago. It isn't starting, I think we hit rock bottom and are working our way up. Ohio State won an NC. Wisconsin beat LSU, there are bright spots. What hurts us is these SEC teams that generally refuse to travel outside the SE (UF is a perfect example) and the ridiculousness of the bowl games. Wisconsin is playing a bowl game...against Miami...in Miami's home stadium. Imagine how different our bowl records would be if Ohio State played USC at Soldier Field or Wisconsin played Miami at Lambeau, this is a complaint every year but it's a valid one. As far as football goes we now sort of live in this bi-polar CFB world. As Big Ten fans we talk about it all the time (traveling, media attention, so on) and you're starting to hear louder and louder voices from the PAC 12 talk about it like Petersen and Shaw. It's really a region of the South and everyone else. Football has become (or always has been) this very regional sport and even if our image was great it's not like Southern eyeballs would be turning off SEC games to watch ours. There are many reasons for that...demographics and population shifts, pro-sports, weather, sports emphasized in HS and so on...I"m not sure that the other 3/4s of the country will ever over take that one corner. I personally don't care that much. This past year is up there with 2006 as far as the most interesting and entertaining Big Ten seasons I've watched...I enjoyed it WAY more than the SEC season and I say that as a grad of an SEC school...I really only watched my team's games and UGA-Auburn-Alabama. The rest of that conference is terrible and I grow more and more sick of it every year. I'm very happy with where the Big Ten is as a conference...and that's not even touching on the academic side of the house where the CIC is without peer against the other big conferences. I think it's the best conference when looking at all aspects of athletics, traditions, attendance, academics and so on. There are regrets, I would have liked to have added ND and Mizzou instead of RU and MD. I wish we could find a way to balance our divisions a little better. But overall we've done quite well.
  9. Big Ten Bowl Games

    The Big Ten is favored in 6 of 8 bowls. Big Ten went 3-7 last year. Iowa vs. Boston College NEW ERA PINSTRIPE BOWL on ESPN Wednesday, December 27th, 5:15 PM ET Yankee Stadium, New York, NY ESPN: Iowa by 56.5% Vegas: Iowa -3 Previous Meetings: Never Played Iowa in this bowl: Never Played Boston College in this bowl: 0-1 Purdue vs. Arizona FOSTER FARMS BOWL on Fox Wednesday, December 27th, 8:30 PM ET Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA ESPN: Arizona by 59.1% Vegas: Arizona -3.5 Previous Meetings: Purdue leads series 2-0, last met 2005, Purdue won 31-24 Purdue in this bowl: Never Played Arizona in this bowl: Never Played Michigan State vs. Washington State SAN DIEGO COUNTY CREDIT UNION HOLIDAY BOWL on FS1 Thursday, December 28th, 9:00 PM ET SDCCU Stadium, San Diego, CA ESPN: Washington State by 57.1% Vegas: Washington State -3.5 Previous Meetings: Michigan State leads series 5-2, last met 1977, WSU won 23-21 Michigan State in this bowl: Never Played Washington State in this bowl: 1-2 Northwestern vs. Kentucky FRANKLIN AMERICAN MORTGAGE MUSIC CITY BOWL on ESPN Friday, December 29th, 4:30 PM ET Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN ESPN: Northwestern by 69.9% Vegas: Northwestern -8.5 Previous Meetings: Northwestern leads series 1-0, last met 1928, NW won 7-0 Northwestern in this bowl: Never Played Kentucky in this bowl: 2-2 Ohio State vs. Southern California GOODYEAR COTTON BOWL CLASSIC on ESPN Friday, December 29th, 8:30 PM ET AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX ESPN: Ohio State by 76.3% Vegas: Ohio State -6.5 Previous Meetings: USC leads series 9-13, last met 2009, USC won 18-15 Ohio State in this bowl: 1-0 USC in this bowl: 1-0 Penn State vs. Washington PLAYSTATION FIESTA BOWL on ESPN Saturday, December 30th, 4:00 PM ET University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ ESPN: Penn State by 53.3% Vegas: Penn State -2.5 Previous Meetings: Penn State leads series 2-0, last met 1983, PSU won 13-10 Penn State in this bowl: 6-0 Washington in this bowl: Never played Wisconsin vs. Miami CAPITAL ONE ORANGE BOWL on ESPN Saturday, December 30th, 8:00 PM ET Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, FL ESPN: Wisconsin by 62% Vegas: Wisconsin -6.5 Previous Meetings: Series tied at 2-2, last met 2009, Wisconsin won 20-14 Wisconsin in this bowl: Never Played Miami in this bowl: 6-3 Michigan vs. South Carolina OUTBACK BOWL on ESPN2 Monday, January 1st, 12:00 PM ET Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL ESPN: Michigan by 60.3% Vegas: Michigan -8.5 Previous Meetings: South Carolina leads 2-1, last met 2013, South Carolina won 33-28 Michigan in this bowl: 3-2 South Carolina in this bowl: 3-1
  10. 2017 B1G CCG - Wisconsin vs. Ohio State

    I almost feel like I would have rather lost mid-way through the season than gone undefeated and then lost Saturday night. I still feel ill. No matter what happens against Miami (I sort of expect to lose because it's a home game for Miami and their defense will feed on Hornibrook) it was still a great season, even if it was against a weak slate. I'm looking forward to what Chryst and Co. can do in the future, I think we'll keep rolling and hopefully Fleck and Frost can get UM and NU solid for some West battles in the future. Good game jaws and Woody and good luck to you against USC.
  11. Congrats on the awesome hire.

    1. ZRod


      Thank you sir! Good luck tonight, crush those buckeyes!

    2. Comfortably Numb
  12. Congrats on the awesome hire.

  13. Yea I don't think I'll be watching Basketball this year. Terrible B1G/ACC Challenge. 

  14. 2017 Coaching Changes- So Far!

    Brent needs to hold out for K-State. He's made for that job and would be a perfect successor to Snyder.
  15. 2017 B1G CCG - Wisconsin vs. Ohio State

    Hopefully it's a good one, it feels like forever since we've beaten you guys. Do you think this Tennesee stuff will affect Schiano's defense? Haskins scares me a la 2014.