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  1. Probably an unpopular opinion but the NCAA football franchise was trash anyways. $60 for an 'updated roster' and like 5 or 6 new animations.
  2. Non-Scott Frost Coaching Options

    I think having an Iowa hawkeye tattoo is enough to disqualify someone from the Nebraska job.
  3. Non-Scott Frost Coaching Options

    Every coach has succeeded at Wisconsin under Alvarez. In 5 years at Arkansas he's 29-32 and there's a strong chance he'll be fired. Why fire one .500 coach just to hire another?
  4. Turn Around - How long?

    This exact arguement was used against Riley in 2016. Ironic.
  5. Turn Around - How long?

    During Riley's second stint they sent 4 total OL to the draft in twelve years. 0 in the final five years.
  6. I cant take it anymore

    His name is Robert Paulson.
  7. What did we learn?....Minnesota

    And a 3* redshirt freshman from small town Nebraska has 3.5 of those sacks in 7 games. Some people have the ability, but some people want it more.
  8. A new low?

    Minnesota is 8 yards away from hitting their season average of ypg...at half. The most points they've scored in B1G conference play...at half.
  9. So let's say Riley stays ...

    I'm calling BS. In Leach's first 2 years there, he had the same number of wins as the last coach who had a 4 year stint (9 wins). Wazzou hadn't had a winning season since 2003 and he took them to a bowl game in his second season. Wazzou had only been to 10 bowl games in it's entire history as a program before Leach took over.
  10. Mario Goodrich Comments???

    So confirmed Riley will retire then?
  11. What did we learn?....Northwestern

    NW only scored 17 in regulation. The game went to 3 OTs.
  12. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I was arguing that a bad year wasn't a anomaly, not a winless one. Not a dumpster fire but not all sunshine and daisies either.
  13. Need some help here...

    Get a white t-shirt and with a permanent marker write a big #15 on the front. Either your coworkers will ask you what it means giving you ample opportunities to gloat or you can walk around the office with a big dumb smile without having to say a word.
  14. ***2018 Recruiting***