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  1. There are. Like others have stated though, Neal initiated contact.
  2. You’d be hard pressed to find any places that would be pleased that a returning starter and one of their leading tacklers is transferring out.
  3. Team USA Soccer

    Julian Green scores in the 44’ to put us up 1-0! First shot of the game really. France has been dominating but after a sloppy first 10 minutes we’ve really started to settle in.
  4. Team USA Soccer

    The US is in the midst of a trio of friendlies, the last of which will be played against France tomorrow at 2. We're going full future mode so while tomorrow's game probabl won't be close, It'll be nice to see what our future stars can do against a star studded line up preparing to make a World Cup run. Here's highlights from the first two games.
  5. What reforms to American immigration do you support?

    We really need to fix food stamp loopholes. There are some very well off farmers in my area who are on food stamps. They run their farm as an LLC and their wives don’t work other jobs so they claim a small enough amount as payment from their company each year so that they qualify for such benefits, while all of their brand new vehicles and such are ‘owned’ by the LLC.
  6. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Troy (Game 3) **

    No they didn’t. They were 43rd in the nation with 24.7 oppg. Only 4 teams scored above that mark on them, those being Memphis(2nd ppg), USF(9th), Auburn(18th), and FCS Austin Peay. Keep in mind they held Memphis(1st game) and SMU(14th ppg) well below their season average.
  7. Huskers Interested in Suspended Florida Transfer

    Sorry for going OT but what happened in the 60s that caused such a drastic rise in crime rates?
  8. Kanye West is woke

    Do you like fish sticks?
  9. Dixon

    Eh. I mean we’ve seen first hand what happens when a more mobile QB is thrown into an anemic pro style offense. Sure Patterson is a dynamic talent, but the problems with Michigan’s offense run deeper than QB IMO.
  10. Racism - It's a real thing.

    Yea and I agree with that which is why I said that when Fru made the same point.
  11. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Imagine two semis going 30mph and colliding, then switch out one of those semis for a mid-size car. It’s more about physics than toughness.
  12. Racism - It's a real thing.

    I’m not arguing against that. I’m arguing that it’s wrong to use such a broad stroke when calling this a double standard. It’s completely different people wearing the badge. Were it the same cop in the situation the only difference being the race of the suspect, then I’d 100% agree with you.
  13. Racism - It's a real thing.

    Then why does he stress that the aggressor is white and why put it in a thread about racism if the intent of the post has nothing to with racism but instead excessive force by police? Were it framed in such a thread I don’t feel like we’d be having this argument.
  14. Racism - It's a real thing.

    It’s different people. Just because the officers in your examples used lethal force where it was unnecessary doesn’t mean if the guy in the video was black the same cop would’ve treated him any differently. We should condemn the cops that are racially biased and use unwarranted force but from that video I think it’s exceptionally hard to find evidence of either of those things unless they just weren’t recorded, in which case you should provide further context if there is such. Presenting a cop being assualted by a white guy and insinuating ‘...well what if the guy was black or that the reason the cop doesn’t use lethal force is because the aggressor is white’ is a huge disservice to both the police and people affected by police brutality IMO.
  15. WR Bryce Childress [Illinois Commit]

    I must be a hit with the ladies by that logic.