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  1. How were they wrong? He had 3 losing seasons at Texas. You use 2 good seasons as proof at a completely different school when he had a future 1st round QB and was playing in a dilapidated Big East and the AAC. He has 4 wins against teams that ended the season ranked. His 4-0 start as USF proves nothing when he inherited a ranked team with a weak beginning schedule. None of that matters though. 3 losing seasons in a row is enough to get you fired at any blue blood school.
  2. Never said that. It was rather obvious my comments were pertaining to Riley/Langs/Diaco. And if you visit Mav's thread there's plenty of 'meat' to back up those claims.
  3. That's nothing more than pure speculation. If your coaches can't put players in a position to succeed then it becomes a rather moot point how talented they are and how well they fit a system.
  4. Could Riley Survive this season? (Poll)

    Ha! I should probably get back to work....
  5. Could Riley Survive this season? (Poll)

    Riley's had enough chances.
  6. Could Riley Survive this season? (Poll)

    The biggest problem as far as coaches on offense is Langs. Even if you just fired Cav and Davis, that's 6 coaches 'fired' in 3 seasons. When does Riley have to answer for his poor initial hires? At some point he has to be the one held responsible. It's not about 1 loss. The NIU loss is just the theoretical straw.
  7. The Unfathomable

    Does that include Langsdorf? As I remember it there was a strong wind that affected the passing game. In the 3rd quarter Illinois threw the ball on 8 out of 18 plays. In the 4th, with the wind at their back, 21 out of 22 plays. We had a 10 point lead going into the second half and for the first 15 minutes of that half the weather hit their offenses biggest strength while hiding our defenses biggest weakness. What does Langsdorf do our first possession in the 4th quarter with the wind against us? Throw two passes and we punt.
  8. Who should we hire

    Year 1 taking over a 0-12 team. Not year 8.
  9. Who should we hire

    Everybody seems to swoon over Mullen because he made MSU ranked #1 for a short time in 2014 and is coming off a big win against LSU. People seem to forget he had a 5-7 regular season last year, only beating 1 team with a winning record and one of those 5 wins coming against an FCS team.
  10. Who should we hire

    I would rather cheer for Texas than Nebraska if Briles was the coach. HELL NO.
  11. The Unfathomable

    On defense* You think maybe the combination of Hughes and Banker who were both horrible recruiters and players said they didn't talk to/have much of a relationship with them have anything to do with it? I believe there was a small amount of toxicity in the program but it was way overblown. The whole buy in thing is a cop out. The last sentence is just a what if. It doesn't mean anything to our current situation. Like what if Callahan won a NC in his 4th year? It doesn't matter because he didn't.
  12. Who should we hire

    This is not a new offense. Taking out designed QB runs when the OC didn't know how to properly utilize them anyway doesn't make it a new offense. Our QB leads the nation in INTs. Talent isn't the problem on the line, coaching is.
  13. Who should we hire

    It's year 3 and we look the same as we did year 1 minus a mobile QB. Have you ever heard of Einstein's definition of insanity?
  14. Who should we hire

    We're 3 games in and with our schedule a bowl game isn't anywhere near a sure thing. There's no way you wait till mid January to start narrowing down coaches. I'll be disappointed if we don't know our head coach by the first week of December.