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  1. Had about a week and a half to process it, wife is pregnant........with twins.

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    2. knapplc


      Congratulations, Redux! Great news!

    3. 1995 Redux
    4. El Diaco

      El Diaco

      Congrats Redux. That's awesome news. Better get stocked up on sleep now....

  2. zoogs Appreciation Thread

    Thank you, for being you!
  3. Fall Camp Updates - Running Backs

    Blitz First - Voice of the backup Running Back since 2011
  4. New Huskerboard Analytics

  5. Countdown to kickoff...

  6. College football playoff selection.

    I think you are really reading too much into some of the things I was saying, or taking them the wrong way.
  7. Fall Camp Updates - Receivers & Tight Ends

    The tidbits about Lindsey just back up what I heard Wednesday. Kid could become our top receiver in quick fashion.
  8. Bump! Come on fools, 3 spots to fill.
  9. College football playoff selection.

    When exactly was I lobbying for Penn State to get in over Washington?
  10. College football playoff selection.

    Washingtons schedule was crap, thank you for proving my point from earlier that we shouldn't do anything to encourage teams to schedule creampuffs. Washington proved quickly they weten't playoff caliber yet. Head to head, Penn State beats Washington. No doubt in my mind. For the record, you brought that scenatrio up, not me. Washington won their conference and was rewarded for doing so with a playoff berth, as it should be if a spot allows for it, the other point I was making earlier. Honestly I'm not even sure what you are disagreeing with me about?
  11. 2018 Schedule Wallpaper

    Ask and ye shall recieve!
  12. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    Me. And the guy who told me. So just roll with it.