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  1. Offense - Defense Bowl

    Thanks. That’s our dream anyway. This is my youngest who is a freshman. My other is a sophomore. He attended FNL this past year the night Everyone was there.
  2. Offense - Defense Bowl

    So my youngest son was chosen to play in the Offense - Defense Bowl in New Orleans in December. He is playing in the underclass game as a freshman. They posted the Sr ( 88 ) rosters today. It has 3 Husker commits slated to be playing in that game. Cameron Brown, Mario Goodrich and Will Farniok.
  3. Miami as a model moving forward

    But most will say they have a thug team lol..
  4. only way riley stays is this

    I don’t want Riley or any of his cordinators here next year.
  5. Offensive style

    Did they not just see what a Frost style offense just did to our D? I know he doesn’t run the same thing Fleck does but under Frost O his Qb can run.
  6. Mario Goodrich Comments???

    Whens the last time we were 2-4 or had a losing home record. SMH.
  7. "Write About That S#!t!"

    It always will. It will never go away. It’s like that any where.
  8. So you are saying it would work if we did a white out?? Or everyone would still B ughh gripe that its not red...
  9. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    Tom Herman $5.75 millionClay Helton $3.8 millionKirby Smart $3.75 millionPJ Fleck $3.5 million Justin Fuente $3.4 millionWillie Taggart $3.3 millionJeff Brohm $3.3 million Lincoln Riley $3.1 million Is he really gonna be that good a side of some great speaches??
  10. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Did some one say Frost's spread offense wouldnt work here?? Does Ohio St not run a Spread? DId OU not beat Ohio with a spread? Granted they have better talent right now but the spread offense can work any where with talent. We win a B1G running the spread T Mart wasnt hurt and had just a little bit more passing accuracy. Spread can work.
  11. Keep the Kids at Home

    And where they get most of their O-Line?? LOL.. They arent all from Wisconsin.
  12. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    Moos is a Pac 12 Guy roughy??? What makes you think he ain’t keeping the PAC 12 guy Riley?
  13. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Frost ain’t coming here.
  14. DE Micah Parsons

    They hooked the ones who are N up.. Left the other two some thing to be desired lol..
  15. Wisky OL Recruiting for Past 7 Years

    In my opinion stars dont add up for o-line and D-line. Those guys are performing out in the open field and running 40's or vertical jumps. They are in the trenches and battling. As you have seen with Wisconsin they have a ton of 3 stars... BUT they develop them. That is where we have been lacking for years..