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  1. No More BTN on Comcast?

    Mine B1G channel is gone.. Can I watch the Spring game on B1G2GO??
  2. I’m going with Crouch or T-Mart.
  3. OT Hayden Conner

    Believe he just visited Wisconsin this past weekend.
  4. QB Terrance Gipson

    Yea I thought the same thing as well. Its crazy. In my town we have a 2019 RB. finished this season with 1800 yards rushing and name 1st team All State on the 6A level all while playing in a pretty tough district on a bad team. Has 0 offers.
  5. QB Terrance Gipson

    Kids a baller.. Seen him play a couple times.
  6. 2018 Adidas Satellite Camp Tour

    Anyone ever see a date on this Adidas camp?
  7. 2018 Season Notes

    We are so bad I cant even find the Adidas Baseball Hats to buy any where. Im in need of a new one....
  8. Junior Days - March 31 & April 7

    Should have brought mine.
  9. Junior Days - March 31 & April 7

    So do they have to be Jr’s or no?
  10. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    LOL.. Calais Campbell says hi from 6'8 land.
  11. We are headed there in June. Looking at staying at a place in Saylor St. anyone have any idea of how the area is? thanks
  12. 2018 Adidas Satellite Camp Tour

    10-4.. Ill be looking out.
  13. 2018 Adidas Satellite Camp Tour

    Dates?? I need to know the A&M date.
  14. *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Huskers need to check out RB from North Shore Texas Zack Evans. Kids gonna be a star.
  15. The True Value of In-state Recruits

    Yea my post was really about nothing .. Just sharing. But I agree if you have 2 kids that grade out the exact and you can only have one you take the in state kid.