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  1. Wisconsin "May have separated from the rest of the West"

    Im sure some people will think of some if we do
  2. His brother, the mountain? Im not thinking so anymore. It just seems forever away and I'm not sure that plan on paying that bit of fan service off anymore. I think it could be an Arya kill now even though she doesn't have him on her list she might do it for the Hound. Just my thoughts. The Mountain is on her list
  3. Board Announcements

    I mostly use mobile. It was happening on safari so I remembered people saying it wasnt happening on chrome so I downloaded chrome on mobile and it has still been happening. Pretty much every time I open a topic. Sometimes redirect, back, click on topic again, redirect, back, click on topic again, redirect, back, click on topic and then it finally stays until I go to read the next topic. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  4. Board Announcements

    Does this mean no more $1,000 gift cards and getting redirected every time I open a topic?
  5. DE Micah Parsons

    don't think we've forgotten about this. no empty threats. Better get my depends ready just incase
  6. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    He actually did "like" most of them for what its worth
  7. UNL Contract with LPD Costs $50k+ per Game

    If you think they only make 50,000 per game in concessions you're so wrong. Yeah thats my point. $50,000 a game for security is not much in the grand scheme of things
  8. UNL Contract with LPD Costs $50k+ per Game

    Can be paid off in just concession sales would be my guess
  9. 2018 Husker Football Schedule

  10. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    There is something there whether people want to admit it or not. Recruits say they are 100% committed all the time, it doesn't mean squat. Its like a coach saying Im not looking for other jobs then they leave a week later for the job they said they weren't interested in. Doesn't mean he will decommit, just that he may be mulling over his options.
  11. Cowherd Giving NU love...

    I never said fired but the pressure to win the west and beat our biggest competition which again he will be 0-6 against will be much greater. Diaco was hired to turn the defense around now, not next year or the year after. Riley has said as much. But like I said above I think we beat both teams this year and win the west.