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  1. Some will adjust their own standards, but most "experts" thought it would be close on getting in if Nebraska won out.... They just lost to a 2-12 (in conference) team.... Barring a B1G Tourney finals appearance I'd say the tourney hopes are dashed.
  2. Which would likely be Michigan/Michigan St..... Does anyone really think that's going to happen? NIT Bound
  3. Best team in 20 years and they're not going to make the tournament #Nebrasketball
  4. That was not a foul on Jordy.
  5. Leaving the back side corner open way to often, which is inexcusable. That's an easy recovery in a 2-3.
  6. That had to be Illinois' best half, and Huskers are only down 7...
  7. Not big on going to a zone when a time is lighting it up from 3
  8. James Palmer could be first team All-B1G, come back for his senior year, and all of a sudden be our 2nd best player #Roby
  9. James Palmer is Paul Pierce.
  10. Get Jordy off the damn floor
  11. (insert "Roby has crazy potential" quote here)
  12. I "want" to agree with you, but it would be the most Nebrasketball thing ever to lose this game.
  13. Racism - It's a real thing.

    It was an enlightening moment when it all came together