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  1. Trump's America

    I think that's a bit of an exaggeration. Are we still erecting Confederate statues today? A quick google search says the last was erected was in 1929. That's nearly 100 years ago. On the whole, I think we've come a long ways as a country, and as Americans.
  2. If someone wanted to explain the Rhaegar/Lyanna thing for me, that'd be great.... There's a +1 in it for you.
  3. Big fan of the "notification" feature.....

    1. Landlord of Memorial Stadium

      Landlord of Memorial Stadium

      lol that has been a thing for years!

    2. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Really? Seriously had no idea. Heard the "ding" when I pulled up the page.... I've been missing out!

  4. Trump's America

    Kind of piggy-backing off RedDenver here but, as he said, we should preserve all history. It isn't just American history being destroyed that bothers me. It makes me a little sick every time ISIS destroys some ancient monument, or artifact. Hell, I cringe every time I see some reference to the Library of Alexandria being burned thousands of years ago ..... All that history, up in flames.
  5. Trump's America

    Sure, I'd agree with that. Although, I don't think they're just any Americans. They fought in this Nation's 2nd most important war. We'll just have to disagree on this. I should point out that I understand the argument for taking them down/moving them. I just don't understand the defense of destroying them.
  6. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    You could always pony-up the monthly subscription cost and join one of the recruiting sites.....
  7. Trump's America

    I'd absolutely support moving them to a museum. There have been plenty Confederate related statues moved, and I've had no problem with that. I was also in support of removing the Confederate flags from atop state houses in this country. It was an enemy flag, and should be treated as such. So yes, removing them from public view is a welcomed sign of progress, but destroying them like that? Nah, not okay with me. Those monuments represent a lot of dead Americans, whether you believe what they were fighting for or not...still Americans.
  8. Trump's America

    I have a bevy of Hispanic friends, never once heard any of then planning to knock down the Alamo.
  9. Trump's America

    No, that's basically what the war did. There's no Grace in tearing down a public monument. But yes, so brave of them.
  10. Maybe it's the Fall Camp kool-aid running through my veins, but I expect Nebraska too roll them. You'd imagine the kids are ready to come out and show off their new Defense, and revamped Offense.
  11. Trump's America

    Why is toppling a statute of a traitor to the US disgraceful? Southern pride? You know the argument for keeping them up. No need for me to waste my time writing a paragraph on here....
  12. Trump's America

    Trump is all but encouraging the kind of racist violence we saw these past few days.... That doesn't make this any less disgraceful.