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  1. How do they not call that hold?!?!?!?
  2. Coverage looks much better today #KnockOnWood
  3. He's not in, but replay won't be able to overturn it...
  4. If you're on the line of scrimmage then the TE would be ineligible to be a receiver.
  5. We were watching the game while at work today when Pierre Allen walked in. He chatted with us for a bit while watching. Kinda cool to get to see his thoughts on what was happening.

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    2. kreutz35


      He came in right about the time when Cotton got drilled with the cheap shot, and he commented on how dirty of a play it was. He also said that he had quit watching because of how bad we were getting beat (the reason he came to our store), but we were definitely playing better at that point than we had started the game. Nothing too earth shattering, but it was just cool to get to watch with a former player.

    3. NUance


      Please tell me you don't work at a brothel. lol

    4. HuskerfaninOkieland


      Did he happen to give his opinion on the defensive scheme? What he thought of the coaching staff?

  6. So even if I don't have cable I should be able to stream via BTN2Go with my parents dish network login correct? Yes Alternate question why is Cox cable service so damn expensive? I don't know. Don't overpay for Cox
  7. I know nothing about your rbs besides the starter (?) left school. I have heard that each of your wrs are about 7'3". The tallest WR is 6'6" according to their roster That was, I'd assume, hyperbole.... Not to be confused with a hyper bowl.
  8. As a poor recent college graduate, that money is awfully tempting, but seeing my Huskers win the 'ship would honestly make me (and a few million of my closest friends) way happier.
  9. Guys, KB has had FOE on his arms all year. Quit making fires where there are none.
  10. My sources are telling me that Nebraska will hire Eric Taylor, former coach of the Dillon Panthers and the East Dillon Lions

    1. 95huskers


      hahhahaha clear eyes full hearts CANT LOSE

  11. Think I might head down to the EBDB BnB, you guys

  12. All,of the Wisconsin fans I know in the real world are pretty great, knowledgable people. All of the Wisconsin fans I've ran into online are pretentious asshats. Where's the disconnect?

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Apparently your real world encounters are suspect.

    3. NUance


      These real world Badger fan encounters, kreutz. They aren't aren't like your real world encounters with women, are they? I mean, these aren't inflatable latex Badger fans we're talking about, are they?

    4. kreutz35


      Well one of these Badger fans was my college roommate...

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