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  1. And Willy Korn was at a recruits house yesterday afternoon/evening in the Chicago area, three flights a day arrive from there
  2. Well if that’s the case it makes one of those flights more interesting, actually a couple of them. There was a flight that landed in Georgetown, SC which is just a short 43 mile drive to Conway, SC where Coastal Carolina is… the flight landed in Charleston, SC which is 90 miles away from Conway.
  3. I haven’t seen either of these guys mentioned, but it’d be worth kicking the tires on. Andy Ludwig(Utah OC)runs the tough nose style y’all like. He was at Wisconsin for a stint as well. Mark Whipple (OC/QB) at Pitt, their offense is electric Then for O-Line we should throw a million at this guy Jack Bicknell(AHC/OL) at Louisville, has some cross over with Chip Kelly at NH. But this dude cranks out quality lines/run games
  4. Eastern Washington’s OC Ian Shoemaker just resigned a couple days ago and it wasn’t due to performance. Currently the #9 team in 1AA, averaging 570 yards a game, 7.30 yards per play and average 48 points per game. He was previously a QB coach… think he could of been contacted for our QB coach spot?
  5. You should create another topic expressing your displeasure.
  6. Remember when we almost landed Dez? What could have been...
  7. Suh, because he is incredible and Matt Herian(pre-injury form) we haven’t had decent TE production forever
  8. Might get crucified for this, but I’d be willing to say he looked better
  9. I don’t really understand this. If we don’t turn the ball over on our side of the field 4 times this game isn’t even close. The defense wasn’t the problem or the reason the game was close, it was ball security & penalties that kept the game close. With that said, our D allowed less than 300 total yards, their QB’s combined to complete 9/24 passes for a total of 78 yards. Their starting QB had a QB rating of 13.3. They did run for 221 yards on us, but 66 yards of that was on one play where an over anxious defender got sucked in, he stayed home for the most part thereafter. Take away that one big chunk play and Illinois ran 61 plays for 233 yards which translates to like 3.8 YPP.... not great, especially considering over 98 plays Nebraska ran they averaged 6.8 YPP. Look I’m not saying we are going to wipe the floor with Ohio State, but it’s got the makings to be a much more competitive game than most think. I’m betting it’ll be a one score affair.
  10. JUCO rankings are always a little different and they are generally rated lower on the JUCO side.
  11. No, I’m aware it was a jab towards Diaco and not about Chinander. I just used Chinander’s turd reference from earlier to describe my(hopefully everyone’s) feelings towards Diaco and how we should not talk about him at all because he did nothing but bad for our program and is indeed a turd. Which is working great because now I’ve had to explain and type Diaco’s name again.
  12. Not to sound like a prick, but I’m going to be really happy when we finally get to the day when he’s no longer mentioned. Really not meaning to sound like a d bag, but I know it’ll come off that way, but to use Coach Chinander’s word of the day, the dude is/was a turd, a two parter where half sinks and the other floats.... we should just quit the Diaco references forever.
  13. Yeah, we had some pretty awful alternates in the past. Remember the ones where no one could read the numbers? Those were gross.
  14. I loved Quentin Castille, remember that guy? He was great to watch. But honestly it’s thought to get better than Helu and Burkhead, I feel they shared quite a few qualities. Big enough to lower the shoulder when necessary, sharp/timely cuts and enough speed to make a difference and heart.
  15. Sheesh, saw this fella awhile back. Dudes the size of a dump truck
  16. I think that’s the point, for a long time a black alternate has been discussed on here. It’s a sleek new look, pays tribute to a long celebrated tradition at Nebraska (The Blackshirts) all while not getting too far from the standard jerseys we all love. I don’t know when it happened, but at some point Adidas took “alternate” as get as weird as you can get without pissing everyone off. They got quite close several times as, in my opinion, most the alternates we had were horrible.
  17. I shared a couple pictures off Twitter where this jersey is being used(at least I think it is) and it would appear the stripe down the center is black and the N is still red.
  18. Go read a Colorado board... woof
  19. I think these are what some people were talking about. In the top picture it appears it’s a black jersey with a black stripe down the center of the helmet the other is a little tougher to tell for sure... I like it
  20. Sure is a lot of intrigue with him trying to schedule a visit, I do declare
  21. Excited this young man put the work in and will be able to join his teammates soon. Side note, I jumped over to a couple of GT boards to see what kind of expectations they may have for him. Let’s just say I’ll never, EVER complain about a thread going off topic.... wow. Take a gander around page 2-3 of their thread, holy schnikes(RIP Farley): https://gtswarm.com/threads/dedrick-mills.18261/
  22. He absolutely would decline it, because he’s not worried about “exposure” or expanding a brand. He’s immensely proud of his son for his many accomplishments(Joe tweets about the things Nash has already accomplished, Lavar on the other hand makes outlandish claims about himself and his kids.... for example saying he could’ve beat MJ one on one, saying Lonzo was the best player on the Lakers roster even after signing Lebron... the point is Lavar was trying to build a brand, Joe is a proud parent and it’s ridiculous to compare the two) and is expressing it in the way he knows how, while also pushing his son through their rivalry. It’s also important to remember anyone can read this message board and it’d be a damn shame to hurt the football coaches recruiting efforts in any way.
  23. It’s their relationship and don’t really think any of us are in position to comment on it. Maybe that’s what motivates Nash? His dad probably isn’t posting those things thinking a bunch of college football fans are watching his Twitter, he probably does it for family and friends. Lavar does his peac$%king on national television and does it to promote their brand. I just don’t agree with all the negative comments assuming we understand their relationship.
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