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  1. Nash is super humble and a really good young man. His Dad is just proud of him, may not be everyone’s style but he’s just being supportive in the way he knows how.
  2. With the addition of Mack our guards look incredible considering where we sat after Allen announced his transfer. All four are playmakers and all four are unique. I’m seriously getting excited for the direction of the team.
  3. Really like this addition. Playmaker and a true point, but also allows Donovan to be at ease and fully recover before he steps on the court.
  4. Now the #1 rated heavyweight in the country according to Flowrestling.
  5. Isn’t Gary Patterson on record saying he went to dinner to discuss the job in 07 with Tom, but felt Tom was leaning towards Bo so he didn’t pursue it further. Or am I high? what I’m getting at is if he went to dinner with Tom he was obviously interested to some extent.
  6. And Herby award for worst post of the year goes to.... seriously though, let the kid enjoy the process. For most recruits deciding where they are going to play football is a once in a lifetime deal.
  7. A very a good man, who I wish nothing but the best for going forward. Now let’s turn the page, get our guy and take Nebraska basketball to new heights.
  8. I’ve seen him rated as high as the 30th best prospect so this wouldn’t at all surprise me
  9. They’re going to see “Alphabetically order” on that video and pull his schollie offer
  10. Saw this kid in person a couple weeks ago.... it’s no wonder his dad calls him “the polar bear” goodness sakes, that dude is a man.... a full grown man
  11. He was smaller(weight wise, similar height) but I remember when we used Kyler Reed like this and loved watching that
  12. As athletic as Jurgens is, it is hard for me to believe he won’t work his way into a spot(maybe not this year but if I were a betting man I’d say sooner rather than later). Yeah he has had his health issues, but i find it really hard to believe Frost would make this kind of drastic switch without seeing something he believed has the potential for being special. I mean the kid could’ve switch to linebacker, defensive line or stayed in the fullback/tight end spot and contributed.
  13. I appreciate Moos’ forward thinking in regards to facilities, improve often and make small changes rather than waiting for us to be way behind and having a giant overhaul. Boosters and what not need to chill a bit in that regard, I read an article in Forbes a couple weeks ago where Nebraska is the ONLY school in the top 25 in revenue to have zero debt. Plus I imagine Frost having worked at Oregon has asked for some improvements or at least discussed “his vision”with Moos which may have prompted the “8th in the BIG” comment As far as Miles goes, I like the guy but his teams constantly play down to their opponents... with this much talent we should be a two loss team right now. It’s not like this is new though, Moos only elected to give Miles a one year extension at the conclusion of last season and essentially said we’d play it by ear going forward.
  14. Way too early to start getting frustrated/thinking about getting frustrated with Wolters. Kade came in as walk on and was serviceable last year, Reimers(also a walk on correct?) was used as the big body receiver and didn’t blow anyone’s socks off but was alright. The problem is Wolters inherited the best duo in DONU history, but he also inherited Riley and Bo’s recruiting, which clearly lacks a big receiver as well secondary development. So I think the kids we are looking to step up (Mcquitty for example who was down on the depth chart and sustained a significant injury) are playing catch up but I have a feeling when it clicks it’ll click in a big way. I also could be wrong and that’s why Frost and Co are making WR such a priority. With all that said, I’m looking to see what kind of impact the elder Daniels has on the D line both in what he brings individually and how a veteran leader can up the play of those around him including that of Tate Wildeman, who I think could develop into a monster. Another two on defense I’ll be watching closely are Cam’ron Jones and Caleb Tannor. We are thin at safety and would benefit greatly to having Cam’ron catch on and develop in a significant way. Caleb Tannor made his way on the field as a true frosh and flashed signs of being a big time play maker, building on that and learning how to be a leader from Mo could do marvelous things for our defense for years to come.
  15. I’m in Sioux Falls and the last I heard from people familiar was that it was Nebraska and Wisconsin
  16. Seems to fit Chinander’s vision for the defense, guys who naturally attack the ball
  17. Absolute lunacy. I clicked on the XFL tab, just crazy. He attributes a lot of his success to his diet which includes a thermos full of spaghetti-o’s, a monster turkey sub with mayonnaise and sharp cheddar(no vegetables), rice crispie treats and fruit snacks. Seriously he needs help
  18. NFL teams going to throw the 2020 season for that kid
  19. What he did is in the same realm of actions that ended NFL careers and had people kicked off teams... we all know he shouldn’t of been reinstated, but it was a different time and hindsight is always 20/20
  20. I couldn’t disagree with this more, I think it’s terrible that they did get essentially no punishment, but integrity is something you can hang your hat on at the end of the day. Because others got away it could never serve as a justification for winning for me.
  21. I can’t remember who it was but one of the announcers experts said to expect Nebraska to be ranked preseason based on how they developed from game one to game 8-10(when he made the comment) and how QB’s make a huge jump from year 1 to year 2 under Frost
  22. Doubt it’s a new offer and the kid is just looking for followers but Jovan Dewitt retweeted Jason Elijah Jones, longtime Alabama commit tweeted #GBR. But looking through tweets I’m pretty sure he is just farming followers, recently asked how he can get verified. Zero chance he has any interest in DONU
  23. I think it says a lot about the younger Daniels, he was in position to play a lot and still encouraged his brother to come(from the sounds of it) I have a feeling that Damion will become more of a leader after having his brother around for a year
  24. I live in Sioux Falls and went to the state wrestling tournament... this dude is a man among boys. He also seems like a good kid, he’s my #1 in the 2020 class
  25. I live in the Sioux Falls area and have watched Nash wrestle a couple times, he does not look his age... dude is a grown man and from what I’ve seen a pretty nice kid. Honestly as strong and disciplined as he is I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start as a true freshman.
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