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  1. But I already got this sweet tattoo!
  2. Dammit, I saw another new post in this thread and thought there would be an actual coaching update. DAMN YOU TO HELL JJ!
  3. Riley’s mediocre a$$ never built $h!t. Nothing noteworthy anyway.
  4. I like what Deion is doing as a coach, but his sales pitch to good recruits at Jackson St is different (and more effective) than what he would be able to sell at Nebraska. At Jackson St he is able to sell a quality education at an HBCU with tight-knit community and a supportive environment for black players, which is very different than recruiting at a P5 school. Add in the cool flashiness of playing for Prime Time, and the availability of NIL money even at a lower division, and he has a recipe for recruiting success. I have a hard time seeing him be able to sell the same concepts at a school like Nebraska.
  5. It's literally a kitchen sink. You ever been to Waco? They aren't common.
  6. Leipold surely took the Kansas job knowing that if he got them to even halfway respectable and qualified for a bowl game every now and then, he would be able to have a very long a comfortable career as a P5 coach, but also knowing that if he was a success after a couple of years he would be able to hit the lottery with a huge contract at one of the money schools.
  7. He actually wasn't a coach. His wikipedia page, and all of these articles about him now, keep saying he was an assistant, but never share details. The only thing I can find with any detail is this snippet from UNO in 2004 (he was on the UNO coaching staff both before and after his stint at UNL, as an administrative assistant): https://omavs.com/sports/2004/3/23/208635481
  8. Guys, reading 009's desperate flailing in this thread has been more entertaining than anything else I have seen since the first four minutes of Saturday's game. Can he keep this up all season long?
  9. Wow, after listening to that clip...how sad. What a sad little man.
  10. Isn't that always part of how this game is played, though? Campbell (and any other active coach) may not be talking to any schools, but I'm sure he has agents and other reps engaged in discussions behind the scenes, passing along pertinent information.
  11. As long as we are adding new rep emojis, there is a lot of $h!t in this thread that would justify bringing the eyeroll back.
  12. I heard that Scott Frost once bullied a bunch of coaches into voting Nebraska #1 even though Michigan was undefeated. What an arrogant SOB! Don't know if it is true or not, though.
  13. Who's been substantiating the claims?
  14. Well so far, your observation is the only firsthand account to substantiate any of the rumored improprieties (other than Frost showing up to a meeting with a sleeveless shirt). Now we’re getting somewhere!
  15. I'm gonna go on my own little "rant" here. Some of the gossip and rumors about Frost may or may not be true. I'm going to choose to not believe any of it without further evidence. As some posters have stated above, of course Frost's firing was about wins and losses. Is it possible that personal habits and personal issues contributed to a culture that has led to so many losses? Sure. Is it likely that Frost was simply in over his head and was not capable of a job of this magnitude? Obviously. Is it likely that he stopped caring, decided to slack off, and agreed to take a lot less money if the writing was already on the wall? I don't buy that. Of course he cared, he had more blood sweat and tears in this program than just about anyone. The simple answer is that Scott Frost tried and he failed. I'm not angry about it, I'm just sad. In comparison, I am still angry at Bill Callahan, because he tossed away so many of our old traditions and identities. I am still angry at Mike Riley (or at least at Eichorst for hiring him), because Riley never even deserved a shot at this job and never should have been here. But Scott Frost? Of course he deserved the shot. He belonged here. He not only recognized NU's history and traditions, but he was born into it, he lived it, and he delivered it as a player. He is the guy we all wanted when the time came. His shot was well-deserved, and it is absolutely horrible that it worked out the way that it did. But bashing him now, spreading unverified rumors, attacking his character...all unnecessary. It wasn't just the losses? No, the losses were enough. Oh, and now Benning knows some dirt? F**k off. This was Benning's teammate. Frost was the guy handing Benning the ball in the Orange Bowl in what I think was Benning's only start after being a career backup. Frost embodies Nebraska more than Damon Benning ever has or will, and Frost was far more successful in the football business than Benning ever was, despite Frost's failures as head coach at Nebraska. I'm not even defending Frost's character. I don't know what the man has or hasn't done in his personal life. But I think it is time to leave him alone. Tearing down Frost on a personal level is a bad look for anyone doing it. It doesn't make any of us better, it doesn't help the program, and it doesn't help us heal. Let's move on from Scott and see what Mickey can do.
  16. Perhaps that is a sign that a poll at this point is premature and that this new thread is unnecessary?
  17. Lol funny you mention clock management. On GSUs final drive with an eternity left in the game yet, the first play where the kid caught the ball and ran OB, the clock continued to run for 20 seconds. I knew it was going to come back to bite us haha. Even the little special teams decisions mattered in those last few seconds. Palmer tried to return the kick instead of taking the fair catch. He returned it to the 23, landed on his head, nearly fumbled, and ran 6 seconds off the clock. Poor decision, nothing new. If you had to rely on a field goal to tie the game (or win the game, in several of our past losses), being two yards closer and having six more seconds to work with can make a big difference on that drive. But these little things have been plaguing us for years. In our first three games, we have returned kicks numerous times and come up short of the 25 just about every time. Failure to learn from our past mistakes, while continuing to make new mistakes, has been our identity. I hope Mickey can see that and fix it.
  18. One thing that I never really understood during Scott Frost's time: when he first got here, I would listen to him talk at press conferences and such, and his words would make me want to run through a wall for him. Yet, his teams always came out flat and played uninspired football. Perhaps Frost knows how to motivate 40-year old fans like me, but not so much for 20 year old student-athletes. However, I do believe/hope that Mickey Joseph has an ability to connect with these kids and get them fired up in ways that maybe Frost couldn't. Pay attention to demeanor on the sidelines and fire on the field this weekend and the weeks to come. I think that will tell us a lot about Joseph's leadership.
  19. Yes, I read the link that you posted and a few other articles. I also know how these sorts of investigations work. My statement remains. What evidence do you have that the allegations are completely fabricated?
  20. If this statement from BYU is accurate, it sounds like about as thorough an investigation as they could have reasonably done...but there is a big difference between not being able to find sufficient corroborating evidence, and your claim that Duke was "making s#!t up" or that it was "completely fabricated."
  21. How/why do some of you people torture yourselves in this way?
  22. I never said there was anyone I wanted last year. But if there was, the end of the season would have been too late. I don’t know who we should hire the next go-around either. Sucks. But what benefit is there to waiting until after Thanksgiving, when we know other teams will already be making moves before then?
  23. There were a lot of coaching changes mid-season last year. The market for good coaches has gotten so competitive, and with the early signing period, we can't be standing around holding our dicks in our hands with no coach in January. Last year, even if Frost had been fired on the field after the Iowa game, most of the good candidates were already spoken for. Even though we all know that a lot of talk happens behind the scenes, if a firing is inevitable it behooves a school to pull the trigger early, strip away the pretense, and get on the market. Trev restructured Scott's contract with the October date for a reason.
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