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  1. I love what seems to be a pretty good portal class, but we have already been out recruiting on paper most of the conference teams who have owned us the last couple years. We have already had the talent, Question is, are the new faces in both the locker room and the coaching staff what we need to change the culture/coaching tendencies/effort/belief, whatever it is that got us to 3-9?
  2. That's not how statistics work. Yes, over time things tend to average out, you won't continue to flip "tails" indefinitely. But once you have flipped tails 4 times, the statistical probability of a fifth is completely inpependent of the previous 4. Taken independently, the next flip has the same probability as the previous 4, (unless the actions Trev made the HC take, change the probability of the coin). And our coin seems heavily weighted towards "tails" for the last 4 years.
  3. If Thompson has a good enough year to get drafted that means we win a bunch of games. I'm good with that.
  4. Distance between seat numbers should not be narrower than those skinny stadium seats they rent. Could never figure out why seat numbers are so close that 4 stadium seats take up 4 1\2 spots Spread them out a bit.
  5. Xmas32 hit my 6-6 prediction exactly. I will allow Frost to keep his job at 7-5 if that extra W is @ ioWa
  6. What you just saw was culture over skill.
  7. Saban knows, and T.O. knew to give credit to the team in victory and coaches take credit for a loss. That's how you become a coach with NCs under your belt. Frost has never taken credit for not having players ready for big moments. Ever. Not once in 4 years.
  8. Listen to Saban's remarks after the A&M loss and you see a coach who takes responsibility for having players ready for big moments. Pretty sure Saban didn't say that the game he just lost was the most fun he has ever had coaching.
  9. I learned that after a loss Nick Saban says it's on the coach to get players ready to make plays in moments like that in big games, and Scott Frost says he had the most fun he's ever had coaching losing a game like that.
  10. Bielma took the Illinois job, just saying. What we got to lose.
  11. We can suck this bad with a coach that's costs us 1 million a year instead of a poser that costs us 8M per year. Time to cut bait .
  12. If players leave because of Frost, it will not suprise me, I'm tired of hearing "AM is going to be special once we get some better players around him" or something to that effect. (almost word for word after Colorado last year, and it hasn't changed since then.) I imagine the rest of the team would be tired of it too. I hear it in the pressers, see it in the media, too many excuses, too much favoritism, too little self reflection and accountability (by the coaching staff). I may have been the only person in Nebraska who was not all in when we hired Frost. Scott was a PAB back in college, he was coached and mentored by a great coach, later in life I think he has tried to emulate that great coach, but he has not been successful in that transformation, because a leapord can't be a lion no matter how hard it tries.
  13. An offer is not necessarily automatically commit-able, more like an offer to come visit and find out if we are going forward. A first date kind of thing. Kind of like asking somebody to a dance, doesn't mean you have to go home with them afterwards ( or sign a marriage license).
  14. The cupboard isn't bare. Maybe with Duval coaching strength and conditioning, the 3* and 4* talent already on the roster will flourish. 2 or 3 OL in a class seems about right, and we got 2.
  15. Masry signed a LOI to Iowa Western CC. Could come back in a year. The recruiting services track HS and CC players, thinking about there being no DT in the class, is there anywhere there is a way to track players who want to grad transfer. The almighty Google says Ohio State has a DT Dylan Thompson who is grad transferring (1 year remaining, not seen much on the field due to injury or academic issues), also Clemson DT Sterling Johnson who has two years remaining. I saw a comment on one of the sites over the last few days said Frost would be "active" in the grad transfer market this spring, but now don't remember where I saw it.
  16. Troy Walters just tweeted a message to recruits that negative recruiting is lame. Anyone connected enough to know what he is referencing? Just a shout out to our recruits, or something specific going on?
  17. Just read staff cancelled Baldonado visit, so JJB might be AllN?
  18. Check out the end of the Jarrett Bell thread in Recruiting Profiles, Notre Dame guy is tweeting directly at Bell this morning, bashing Nebraska program, education and coaching staff.
  19. My Top 5 Eichorst, Riley, Cav, Langs, Dorko. OP didn't say it had to be the "hardest" to replace.
  20. Thanks, but #24 is still my prediction on the prediction thread.
  21. One of the replies asked to update how the trip went. Rolled in Friday, went to the stadium, they let us in to the gift shop in the south endzone to look around. Said hello to Ron Dayne (didn't know it was him until a Badger fan told me afterwards) while taking a picture of Barry Alvarez's statue with my Husker hat on it. Went down to the Husker Alumni tailgate, had a good time. Then on to State Street in our full Husker gear, the fried cheese curds at Nitty Gritty were awesome. Lots of college kids in costume. No negative interaction, I didn't get the impression they even noticed us or cared. Saturday we walked around Campus early, everyone was friendly. Only saw one tailgate that was going by noon. Hit State Street after lunch, they were starting to pay attention to Husker fans, but a lot of the talk was how they were just hoping we didn't embarrass them. No confidence from their fans at all. Back up on campus we walked by a few college parties, even got a beer at one. The only negative comments were there, so we told them we were leaving to go over to the Stadium to see where their Nattys were displayed, that shut them up. Most of the tailgates we saw didn't get set up until about 4:00 (for a 6:00 kickoff), Had probably a dozen Badgers ask if we were treated alright, and if we were having fun. One guy outright said he didn't like Wisconsin getting the reputation of being a-hole fans, so he went out of his way to welcome us. Some smart a$$ shouting from fans during the game, nothing too vile. Their students were kinda loud, but not Memorial stadium loud. Spent several minutes in the first half cheering .. F U .. Huskers .. FU.. Huskers .., and trying to start the wave in the middle of a drive in a 3 point game. Lame. They had no confidence at all, and the stadium was REALLY REALLY quiet when we started fighting back in the second half. So their students started chanting Come On .. Old People .. Come On .. Old People. Other than jump around, and a few minutes at the end, their crowd wasn't really in the game, by Memorial Stadium standards. We skipped Freak Fest downtown after the game, our hearts just weren't in it. But it looked like it would have been a lot of fun. Friendliness 7/10 Fun Tailgating 4/10 (Except the one early guy who gets a 12/10 for his automated beer dispenser) Stadium Energy 5/10 Going back again? 10/10 GBR
  22. Comments about the fans are just about what I was expecting to hear, based on previous threads. In 1999, I went down to Missouri game (two years after the '97 immaculate reception, their a-hole fans wanted blood), so weathering a s*** storm of harassment doesn't bother me. I just kept smiling at them through the game as the Huskers took care of business. In a couple weeks, I'm hoping to re-live that moment, the one where the home team gets really quiet while the Huskers take apart the SkunkWeasels. Gonna be a good time.
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