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  1. HaHaHa, I read that as "Former Greats pooping on the the late 90s" Gotta get my eyes checked.,
  2. 2022 will be his redshirt year. Because he already used a transfer, a second transfer in December would mean sitting 2023 out. So I think because he did the 30 day coach change rule transfer, he can play next fall. Thats what it looks like to me.
  3. Yes there are 6 wins (and 6 losses). We just need to give three of the L's to some combination of Purdue, Illinios, Minnie, Wiscy, and/or Iowa. If not, then please God, at least just Iowa.
  4. Well, just got a half a$$ed apology (including the justifications) from Gary on behalf of Johanna. I'm done with it, life is too short to spend it pi$$ed off at ignorant people. Rant over. I will find somewhere else to listen to the Huskers.
  5. I will probably get corrected, but the coaching change is a free transfer. I think.
  6. Yeah I decided to start with station management on the website contact us function. For those who don't know the picture she was referencing was from a true story movie that Cher and Sam Elliott did in the 80's about a kid named Rocky who has a facial disfuguration. Gary did try to walk her back, telling her it was a movie about a real kid, and she kept doubling down. "Nobody looks like that" then laughing histerically, "thats terrible" "why would you show me that" , I believe she even used the word disgusting. Gary even said to her "you just showed your real self", to which she replied she didn't care or something like that.
  7. Station management has emailed me back, I will leave it to them to address it. I don't know if this needs to impact someones livelihood or not, but hopefully some sensitivity training for their on air personalities will occur.
  8. So jumped into my Jeep about 6:45 morning, the radio was set to 98.1 because I was listening to Huskers last Saturday. So Johanna goes off making fun and laughing about a picture she was shown of Rocky Dennis (remember the movie Mask with Cher from forever ago?) So Gary tries to call her off and she keeps doubling down, saying the kid looks disgusting. Anyone else hear this? As the parent of a disabled kid I am horribly offended. I am done listening to Froggy, sucks because they are the Husker games. Also considering contacting their advertisers to let them know who they are aligning themselves with. Am I over-reacting?
  9. F*** that. I'm putting my heart on my sleeve, and allowing myself to spend the day waiting for my Huskers to stomp the Scoreless Knights (i borrowed that from another thread, apologies to whoever I stole it from). I have been guarding myself from heartbreak for too long. I'm going into tonight fully expecting great things, risk of a broken heart be damned. GO BIG RED!!!!!
  10. Thanks OP, I've been thinking this all week but not putting it out there in fear of getting the Koolaid treatment. lol. I'm with you brother, the offense is going to get it together and its 35-17 or 31-14, something like that.
  11. I think it's funny as hell. May they get what they have coming to them, smug bastards.
  12. Illinois loss to Indiana isn't as important as a west matchup, it doesn't hurt you as a tie-breaker. Losing to an East team, (or even a crappy west team like NW who isn't going to be in it,) hurts you less. They need the tiebreakers against Purdue and Minnie. I'm not counting BB out.
  13. Ferentz is Iowa's version of our sellout streak. bahahahaha
  14. We were also tied for the West prior to Aug 26th too, so second time this year. WooHoo, we are in it to win it.
  15. Wisconsin hubris in 2022 = Huskers in 2003
  16. Tied for 1st in our division for the first time since August
  17. Would have been like walking around with dogsh!# on your shoes for two more weeks because new shoes were going to be on sale Oct 1.
  18. Two guys, Head Turd and Mini-Me Coordinator Turd.
  19. Sarcasm, meant to imply that tied for last was better than last. Sad state of affairs for a once proud program to be arguing over last place on anything.
  20. So you're saying we aren't last. Whew. Had me worried.
  21. We could do #hunter, but might get a bunch of Hunter Biden stuff we don't want to know about.
  22. FIFY Can be Harvey Pearlman if Pedephile isn't available.
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