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  1. FTW

    Let Us Pray

    With one exception. It's, "A team that can't be beat, won't be beat." Anything else is a misquote. EDIT - I am dumb. There's two memorials one the players see before heading to the tunnel that says "Til' we can't be beat" another saying "A team that can't be beat..." which is the Wistrom version.
  2. Well, either their defense has a big day or our offense lights them up. They haven't really played anyone tough and neither have we. So it'll be a good matchup for maybe a quarter. I expect a nice blowout in our favor this time around.
  3. FTW

    Kicking Game

    Crap! You didn't check manufacturing plants! Is he working at one over there?!
  4. FTW

    Possible Bowl Game Destinations

    Toilet Bowl<NYE Bowl
  5. It could be a segment featured on game day in Lincoln, NE. Like most people have said, take care of Illinois, and ESPN likely is headed here.
  6. F the numbers man. Go out there and shock the world Trumpian style.
  7. FTW

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    IMO, we won't have a rival in our division unless we spoil someone's season, i.e. Wisconsin/Iowa/Northwestern loses a head to head tie breaker vs. Nebraska. Something has to be at stake in these games in order for a real rivalry to form.
  8. FTW

    Cannot overlook Illinois

    It's about the attitude and energy. If they show up like they did against USA and CU they will lose. The NIU game, everything was different. ST had an edge, offense was moving the ball and showing new looks, plays, AM didn't turn the ball over, and defense was relentless. They need to learn to play like that week in and week out in the conference schedule or we'll be staring at a 7-5 finish. I'm confident this team will answer the bell and take care of business Saturday setting up one helluva showdown with tOSU.
  9. FTW

    Gameday Weather vs Illini

    I hope it just rains with no reported lightning but that seems inevitable. I kind of want to see what Frost's offense would look like in a rainy game against a B1G foe.
  10. Then they went on to win the B1G and had a crazy bowl game to finish 11-3. I'd take that.
  11. FTW

    Offensive Play

    I mean, I get it. You want to be able to score and score quickly but there will come a time when a tough defense challenges them (OSU) that's when the real question will come up. Can they live with 3-4 yards a run/pass and not let themselves get in their own way? I don't know if the staff is capable of it. Through 3 games, they've really relied on explosive plays (20+ yards). And it seems they get a little uncomfortable when they're forced to get small chunks of yardage. SF will have to call his best game in about 2 weeks.
  12. FTW

    Win #900

    We'd be well into the 900 club had Frost been hired in 2015.
  13. FTW

    Area codes are off the helmets

    No area codes and the classic black cleats
  14. FTW

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    What don't you understand? The offense "looked" smoother, more faster, and more efficient to YOU, however you're not taking into effect that the game was already over with anyway. Did you not see the 80+ yard TD drive in 5 plays and 39 seconds before half time by the first team offense? Was that not "fast" enough for you?