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  1. Gotta cut the head off of a snake. Chinander literally slithered his way into NU. Frost needs to make this about being business not personal.
  2. Outscore as in shootout. We're definitely not going to be holding anyone below 14 points.
  3. You know what I meant by IDGAF. Not in a careless way by any means. The whole apology tour with the players and coaches is an example. If they want players to be tough, you gotta get tough. See Nick Saban.
  4. To be fair, lots of people are ignorant and forget about court dates, warrants, etc. Hell, I had a warrant for failure to appear and never knew about it. I later discovered it was an administrative error on part of the county court and police that issued the citation that was supposed to be dropped anyway. So, I'll agree with what you said because it can and does happen.
  5. I think Martinez being back is going to be a huge boost for us offensively. I think we can beat Purdue but it'll be similar to the Illinois game. Lots of big plays. We're gonna have to outscore every team that remains on our schedule. AM gives us the best chance to do that. Nebraska 34, Purdue 27
  6. Yep. Soft coach (Riley) equals soft players. Frost needs time to get the right character on his team. Guys who are tough minded, thick-skinned. Hard nosed, a IDGAF attitude. We need it now more than ever.
  7. Hang on, I've got to get my glasses!
  8. Be careful, you don't want to have an overreaction.
  9. Wow Vedral had a 15 yard wide hole to run through on 4th down. Maybe Luke is dinged up but I would have told him to tough it out and go win this game. I would be shocked if the defense stops them here but wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they blow it again.
  10. If Luke leads us to the end zone on this drive, he deserves to finish the year as the starting QB.
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