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  1. Speaking of adjusting big ten schedules, what if Minnesota cancels our game? Any chance in hell we try to play Ohio State instead of Indiana? I bet Ohio State would rather play us. Not to mention if this team were to sneak out a win what that could do to this program and these kids moving forward. Even playing them in a close fought game could be great for the future. Just dreaming over here.....
  2. Anyone have a link to after game press conference? I need some good laughs and want to hear Frost’s excuses as to why his program is garbage.
  3. How embarrassing they handed out black shirts this week and we are currently repping black jerseys with the bones on them while in Memorial Stadium while absolutely s#!tting the bed. Retire the blackshirts for the next decade until we become relevant again and until they stop making the tradition an absolute joke. Frost’s old teammates should be telling him this too.
  4. Husker fans, yes. That is why they want him to be N. Learn how to read. She made it sound like his parents went to Iowa though in college. Or at least I assumed that is why she kept calling them Hawkeyes. Unless she was calling them that cause they live in Iowa. She is actually real smart and knows quite a bit about football. She knows even more about her cousin, Thomas. Which I thought could be valuable to the board. She actually talked to Thomas today herself and I had some solid info to share. But I’ll keep that info to myself since everyone wants to be dicks. My sister
  5. After sharing an article that talked about us landing the 1st and 3rd ranked JuCos. A coworker of mine chimed in and told me Fidone was her cousin and that they are all hoping he is N. She said “even his Hawkeye parents”. She then said, “My step dad has four cousins who are like his brothers (huge Italian family) and my step dad owns a portable toilet business and one of our toilets are at Scott Frost’s house. Our worker went to clean it and Scott was outside so he mentioned that Fidone’s uncle owns the toilet. Scott said get him on the phone! So Scott called my step dad and said please come
  6. Ty lookin like Thor, good god.
  7. Is it my eyes, Omar’s white gloves, or are his hands really as enormous as they appear in his film? Couldn’t help but notice when watching.
  8. You’re an idiot for starting this thread. GTFOH !
  9. Frost lost this. AM’s terrible a$$ should have been benched a long time ago. Teaching our kids how to lose.
  10. Then take the cult blinders off. That should tell you something about your belief in whatever “GOD” you speak of.
  11. That is.. if this state can handle another D. Lynch.
  12. He will be N for sure. I heard he has relation to the ever so popular Nebraskan Dorothy. Dorothy Lynch.
  13. Have we become so desperate as Huskers fans to say that “winning the west would be fantastic?” It would be a step in the right direction from the depths of despair this program has fallen into the past ten years. But let’s be honest, the B1G West division is not being talked about on a national level. No one could give a crap less who wins the B1G West. We had our chance to prove ourselves to everyone. We didn’t expect a win, but showcasing the improvements we have made and proving we are in the right direction is all we could have asked to showcase. Unfortunately, we just embarrassed the crap
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