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  1. Can’t believe we’re already making reservations for a ski trip over next Mardi Gras. So much for living in the moment 

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    2. krc1995


      Actually never been so I should reserve judgement. Noticeable cheaper then our usual

      so I’m assuming it’s not as nice. I just can’t believe that I’ve come to place in my life where I make plans for March the May before. Adulting is sad 

    3. darkhorse85


      Where is your usual?  And where are you staying at Steamboat?  Steamboat is expensive from my experiences.  Not Vail expensive but it's not like you're going to Loveland or Granby or something.

    4. krc1995


      Lol. We usually go to Vail/Beaver Creek-for the last six years skipped 2 in there. Can’t remember the name of the place we’re staying at, but it has West in it.