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  1. Is Row 3, Section 26 behind the Purdue sideline high enough for an unobstructed view? Getting tickets for my family, want to make sure they're just not staring at Purdue ass all game. 

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      My guess is row 3 on either side will be pretty obstructed by the players and people on the sidelines. But I will say you also don’t want to be on the sides, in the first level, further back than row 40. Those are under the overhang of the 2nd level and it’s sort of like looking out of a tunnel and you don’t get the feel of actually being in the stadium when you can’t see 90% of the crowd or the sky. Plus there are the columns to deal with. We were in section 1, row 44 and they weren’t great. I suppose they’d be okay in a downpour....

    3. Moiraine


      I was in row B once. Had to look between people's heads but it wasn't terrible, and row 3 would be better. I dunno how short your kids are, though.

    4. VectorVictor


      @Moiraine we’re talking a five year old...so short. I’m thinking this seating would be good if they’re a bit older...but for now, probably not.