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  1. I am curious how many spots will truly be "open" after the first signing day. Lets say we get 18 signatures and have 5-8 spots open for the second signing period.... I am excited about if they then try more of a "shoot for the stars" route or a "lets just fill some spots" mentality. Always interesting to see what names come out of nowhere after that person decided not to sign in December and teams are trying to fill spots
  2. Do we respond to this thread with our picks or are you doing this via ESPN?
  3. No, I am right and you dont get a +1 because you need to learn your incorrect opinions have consequences.
  4. Perfect place to remind everyone Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.
  5. But what if she wore a low cut top... then she was basically asking for it. Cant expect those two men to be able to control their urges.... How dare she explain to them she doesnt want to have sex, go over there and assume they would respect the fact she said she doesnt want to have sex..... This is the continued issue we run into. She isnt in the wrong for going over there. Maybe she thought they were friends and by saying from the get go she didnt want to have sex that they might respect that.
  6. And I know someone who was raped and didnt go to the police because she had 2 friends who did and no one believed them.
  7. Nah man, you are in the wrong here. This isnt about being PC. This is about being honest about the culture of rape and how rape victims dont come forward because they know its their word vs the rapist. You have just as many facts as we all do and the facts are the young lady says she didnt give consent. I am fine with both guys getting a fair trial but I am not ok with bashing the victim. If it comes out that she lied and wrongfully accused, then I believe she also deserves a day in court and consequences but as of now, you are in the wrong and might want to step away from the computer.
  8. I would rather keep stallbird. Dude shows hustle. I think we will see a few more guys end up on the list per the norm. I think WanDale sticks around though. Name I am hoping stays off is JD Spielman. I know most have said he can graduate in time and so doesnt make sense, but still nervous about the rumblings.
  9. Banton and Stevens are both really good. Both are available next year. I am not saying I think they leave but they might be concerned about minutes.
  10. I would think we still are. Last time he posted his top 3 it was Nebraska, FSU and Louisville. Probably need to get him out for a visit though.
  11. He is getting decent minutes. They worked pretty hard to convince him to stay but no idea. Jervay Green and Dachon Burke could both be guys who see writing on the wall. Or a gull year in system might give them chance. We are going to run small ball most likely.. Walker probably plays more of a 5. Banton more off guard and Stevenson hybrid guard/forward.
  12. He was a late add but was someone I was super excited about when they got him. Never got to see much of him to know how he matched up, but the little I saw didnt really excite me. I just assumed he is 18 and will take time to learn. So hard to know when you bring that many new guys in who will rise to the top and who wont. Probably trying to get out now so he can maybe be available for another team 2nd semester next season? Probably a good thing that we have another scholarship to play with. Much more excited for next year with Stevenson, Walker and Banton available. I wouldnt be shocked to see a few other guys bolt after this season. Akol Arop is one to watch.
  13. I like the idea of a fast linebacker/ flowing hair... He seems to play fast, but of the video I watched it seemed like he would pick a spot and sort of run to it... change of direction could cause problems but I think having a fast LB would be nice. He is one of those guys I think you just let loose on 3rd and medium to long and tell him to go get that QB...
  14. If the police investigation is still ongoing, a 2.5 year ban from UNL might be least of concerns. I dont know how many times men need to be told "Just because she doesnt say no, doesnt mean she is providing consent" If she doesnt provide consent and you have sex with her, that is rape.
  15. Pretty clear this is a Nebraska decision based on the timing and his tweets. Either we got someone better or we found something out that scared us away. I appreciate if they did pull the offer they did it with enough time so he can land on elsewhere.
  16. Well.. That was quick.. He was committed for all of a week. Wonder if another addition pissed him off or if we went cold..... Seems weird.
  17. Wasnt sure if it was a Paul Allen type situation where he was on gopher shows that are actually paid for by the University. Paul Allen is a KFAN employee but actually gets paid by Vikings for his broadcasts. I do believe he might be considered a Booster though and that is where things would become interesting. Ron Johnson is going a bit after Nebraska. He seems to have some hate. I do like his takes on the Vikings though.
  18. Is getting a subscription to Husker 247 worth it? Looks like it is 53 bucks for a year.... Or just go for the monthly 9.95... Curious for those who have it?

    1. Xmas32


      I'd suggest you invest about half that in getting a subscription to The Athletic and utilize HB and The Recruiting Hour as free resources and spend the remaining money on some Shiner Bock Holiday Cheer.  You'll be much happier that way!

    2. Minnesota_husker


      @Xmas32 Already have an atheletic subscription---It isnt half that, but I do like it. 

      I appreciate everyones advice!

    3. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      The Athletic is okay. I probably won't renew next year, though.

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  19. I hope he goes full Randy Moss and moons them.
  20. Yes. But I think we will start to see some potential staff changes. I think you start to see questions come year 4 and 5. If the ship hasnt made obvious corrections by year 5, I think the change could happen. I think Frost has a lot of learning to do. I am not a fan of some of his finger pointing. I think he needs to own up for when players dont execute, that sits on him. I have been a bit disappointed but lets not forget, he is still a young coach. Lumps will happen. Its about learning from them.
  21. I dont think he is. He is on KFAN and does a lot of Viking talk. I actually normally like his takes. I would describe him as a bit like Damon Benning. Smart football guy who probably thinks a bit too much of himself and will just say whatever he wants. That being said, he does technically get a paycheck from the Gophers(I believe) and wouldnt this tweet be considered "recruiting". I get he isnt a Gopher coach but......
  22. Planning to drive to Nebraska on Wednesday and things just got a lot more fun..... MN to NE should be super snow covered.... Lucky us.
  23. I am not trying to say Nebraska doesnt deserve the win,. they are taking advantage of the mistakes which is awesome, they just havent been dominating.. or at least werent when i wrote the message. Very happy with the game.
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