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  1. It is *Edit: I misread illegal as legal...
  2. Well, their take is radically different than what is portrayed on the news.
  3. Nevermind there's a literal centrist in office...
  4. Aw, the good old military industrial complex!
  5. Confucius say man with hole in pocket come in handy.
  6. Dude... Come on! You're making a fool of yourself. We've know there is an extremely minor risk of blood clots for years. The risk is much lower than other commonly prescribed medications. AZ is pulling the vaccine due to low demand and not making them money. There's no conspiracy. End of discussion.
  7. Because your information is horrible and clearly trolling antivaxer propaganda. According to healthcare.gov the risk of a blood clot from the AZ vaccine is 2 to 3 out of 100,000. The risk of a clot from birth control is 10 to 20 per 10,000!!! And yet nobody gives a flying f#&% about pulling BC off the shelves.
  8. They're population would plummet if they approved it We know intuitively that Mike is into some shady s#!t because he hasn't filed a bank account. Probably running a brothel using his wife. Intuitively.
  9. It's going to be f#&%ing hilarious when they eat again after smoking a J in a couple days/weeks.
  10. Please make the sacrifice already. We're exhausted listening to you.
  11. Why do they continue with this bulls#!t. Marco and sane GOP members could have control of this country if they had a backbone to stand up for the truth.
  12. It'd be really great if it wasn't funded by the Greens, and didn't waste $100M on a damage control ad.
  13. Are these kids even sure their universities have Israeli "investments"?
  14. Technically she didn't want to?
  15. It was a glorified highschool stadium but it did look cool.
  16. Call me when they send em to jail.
  17. Not doxxed, just criticized. In Chappelle's case probably rightfully so. He's become the rich tone dead a$$h@!e he railed again his younger years.
  18. So, either they're all idiots, or they don't have the fortitude to actually speak about what they believe in? Neither is good.
  19. I didn't know Dee Snider went brunette.
  20. It's been a symbol of Palestine for a long time. Arafat famously wore won on his head.
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