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  1. If it was obtained electronically without consent the it was hacked. Doesn't matter if he left it somewhere or not.
  2. I still don't even understand how this case came about, or was accepted. That just blows my mind. I'm pretty sure, based on the verbage the judge used, that I know the end game. It just reeks of bias and corruption.
  3. Well that's f#&%ing annoying. Trying to buy a house right now and there is nothing in the price range I wanted to be in. Rate hikes are going to cost us a lot of money long term, but this is just more s#!t on the turd sandwich. My wife and I are fortunate to have good jobs and we save money well, but you have to spend over half a million just to have a somewhat up to date house in a good neighborhood. Anything under 500k seems to be out dated by 15 to 20 years and you'll be sinking quite a bit of money into it for updates. Not sure how you're supposed to save for retirement, kids, and the unexpected future when most of your money is going to a mortgage payment...
  4. That we never really ran until Tim Beck did it against Michigan that one time and it was awesome.
  5. Out of the country really. This guy's is a complete moron.
  6. Not possible. Major democratically socialist run cities are worse than Fallujah. Fact!
  7. I know Living in a big city for awhile let's you realize how "sheltered" people who think North Omaha is dangerous really are. I used to be one of them.
  8. North Omaha ain't s#!t...
  9. Am I too late? Herbie just dial 988! It'll gett better, papa Rhule is working on it!!!
  10. Boys will be boys! Am I right?
  11. Probably the later. I didn't follow this case so I don't understand how this even came about with a drug that's been approved for decades.
  12. Maybe plant some fake evidence with a bullet proof alibi that gets leaked later, and let's find out.
  13. Morons going to be morons.
  14. It's tone deaf, but as I said, probably not that uncommon in the grand scheme of things.
  15. I'm pretty sure she couldn't actually say the words "vicious Lying Loser Leticia" once, let alone 5 times fast. Nice of her to capitalize it though.
  16. A lot of small towns have gun raffles for local events. Usually it's a shot gun or sporting rifle. Not that uncommon.
  17. Then why isn't she concerned about the US troops in Russia!!!
  18. Is it confirmed they're in the embassy only? Because I couldn't for the life of me figure out how a National Guardsmen would know we have covert troops in a hostile warzone with Russia. Even though I'm 99% sure the CIA and USSOCOM are there in an some capacity.
  19. Well, the Catholic church target children. Lets erase them.
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