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  1. False electors can be arrested and imprisoned. They are not federal officers.
  2. No president has ever called the military to back his coup, but you're talking hypotheticals too...
  3. I think the frame work that a sitting president can't be tried until impeached is sound. If not you would have a never ending load of cases against every president for any conceivable slight. That said once they become a normal citizen again impeachment would no longer be necessary, and cases should go straight to court.
  4. Try standing on concrete in the summer heat all day ya lazy f#&%.
  5. Airlines using this to increase price in... 3... 2...
  6. Unless it specifically says it's void at termination it would still be enforceable. They also spread the gambit from don't take clients to you can't work within so many miles, or for so many months/years.
  7. If the company fires that sales person then they're out on their a$$ and the non compete still applies, so they have to start over. How is it fair that a company can chain a person like that, but it doesn't work the other way around? Again, NCs are terrible for people and only good for businesses.
  8. That right there is why they're so awful. A company should value and work to keep it's employees and customers. If they can't do that that's their problem, not a legal one.
  9. Non competes are stupid and just hurt common folk. You still can't steal IP, trade secrets, or patented things when you leave, and the work you do on company property is still theirs.
  10. Is Mitch's end of life state causing him to have an examination of conscience? I doubt it.
  11. Yes, it must all be a part of the Cabal!
  12. The Bill Callahan excellent in all areas nirvana node?
  13. Apparently it's a proud tradition, going back to Vietnam?
  14. Seriously? That's a terrible photoshop job.
  15. If I had to guess, the same place the nutjob Biden didn't win protests came from. The Kremlin.
  16. And why are you still with that party? McCain would be devastated.
  17. What western nations? I'm assuming Europe? Think about why you might want to hop on a boat or plane to the Americas and go over land from there, rather than trek expansive mountain ranges, cross vast deserts, and go through literal war zones.
  18. Are you confused, or do you not understand why they choose the path they do? For obvious reasons it's easier to make landfall in Central/South America and then travel overland to the US southern border (even Cuban immigrants do this now). If you come up from South America you have to cross the Darien gap (Southern Panama/Northern Colombia). Considered to be the most dangerous place on earth because there are no roads, no law, cartels, native tribes, extreme terrain, and unpredictable weather as it's the rainiest place on earth.
  19. Why would they be any different? Some of them choose to cross the Darien gap, which is the most dangerous place on earth. You don't do that as an immigrant for S&Gs.
  20. They made it because they want a better life.
  21. But what was the rate for a savings account back then?
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