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  1. Frott Scost

    The Trump Economy

    Well I was wiping my a$$ with hundreds right after tax season, so I guess it kinda was a hobby. Oh well, until next April...
  2. Frott Scost

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    Hopefully traditional for OSU and these for Wisconsin.
  3. Frott Scost

    The Trump Economy

    Kudlow is a joke.
  4. Frott Scost

    Healthcare Reform

    You have to use the real american healthcare system financial aid: gofundme.
  5. Frott Scost

    The Trump Economy

    Just bought my first yacht. Now im poor again.
  6. Frott Scost

    The Trump Economy

    Lately? Theyve been doing it since before WW2. Great depression anyone? And yet, people still vote them in... I mean, ive been following politics more closely for about a year now and it took me about a day to realize republicans are a joke.
  7. Frott Scost

    The Trump Economy

    Same guy who said this in 2007. Were fine.
  8. Frott Scost

    Healthcare Reform

    Hes saying that while youre getting mad at the people taking advantage of the system, which is a very small amount of people getting benefits, maybe you should be getting mad at the real people who are screwing us over. Not saying you vote republican, and this can be used for democrats to a sense also, but this is basically what Im trying to say above. The people f#&%ing you are not the ones taking advantage of the system and that's exactly who these companies want you to blame.
  9. Frott Scost

    Healthcare Reform

    When you say taking advantage of, do you mean they can work and are not working? Or they have a job that pays s#!t and cant afford private insurance?
  10. Frott Scost

    Healthcare Reform

    Justice democrats. Wont vote for anyone else.
  11. Frott Scost


    I never saw this. Where did you see this? If this is true, its def. murder because hanging victims cant scream, their wind pipe is being crushed.
  12. Frott Scost

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    Kyle actually set this interview up with Joe and Bernie since hes been on JRE a few times. Great decision to do this podcast. 8.5 million views and comments like this all over the place.
  13. Frott Scost

    Healthcare Reform

    Who is fighting? We are having an internet conversation. You made a statement and I asked a question. Challenging people on their beliefs is not wanting to fight. I had a nice back and forth with BRB yesterday but I never got the impression we were fighting.
  14. Frott Scost

    Healthcare Reform

    So your solution is to just keep as is? Is there a dip in quality with medicare patients now?