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  1. Not the people who attend. Im not sure why people would want to give their money to a organization like that instead of finding a different church, but thats their decision. My parents and aunts still go to catholic church. All my siblings left and went to other demoninations. I fell out of religion all together, although Im still pretty spiritual person. Its my opinion and my opinion only that the catholic church is evil and corrupt. You can look up some of the stuff they do if you want via google to show you why I think this. The church has more money in the vatican then it knows w
  2. What a load of BS. Do not fear the corporate overlords owning everything about your life. You can go from one oligarch to the next to find the right master. Trust us, its a good thing! Im Mike Bloomberg and I approve this message.
  3. You are probably one of the most reasonable people to talk to when it comes to religion. I think your spiritual journey is similar to mine and soon you will describe yourself as agnostic instead of catholic. I believe there is a creator, but I dont think we will be judged. I believe in reincarnation and multiple lives until we feel we got it right and then our souls can be at peace. Sounds more hindu or buddhist lol. The problem I have with this line of thinking as you are still in the process of figuring out what you believe and what to identify yourself as is that the God of the bi
  4. The hierarchy of the US catholic church knowingly covered up child molestation happening all across the country and tried to sweep it under the rug. The catholic church is as evil and corrupt an organization can be and the whole church is guilty by association. Sorry if you feel differently. With that being said, I actually dont hate the Pope now. I think he is trying to make mends for what happened. Hes trying to bring the church into the 21st century and the hypocrit right wingers hate it. One minute they believe the Pope has direct access to God and he is Gods earthly disciple…unt
  5. I was baptized catholic so technically I am a catholic so I guess my opinion counts. Sorry. I was an alter boy and everything. The head priest while I was there had sexual allegations against him and instead of looking into them, the church moved him to another church.
  6. I mean Im pretty sure you have to at least try to live like Jesus. It wont be 100% obviously but these people dont even try and hide the fact they are 100% against the teaching of Jesus in certain areas.
  7. Lol lets listen to what the child molestors have to say about this.
  8. Over the past couple weeks, engaging in conversations with folks in this subsection, there have been many conversations where people who identify as Christians are defending billionaires, billion dollar corporations and their own greed and way of life. People who s#!t on others not so fortunate to defend people so greedy they would take everything if they could. They say they will not change their own lifestyles for the benefit of others. There are a lot of things in the bible that can be up for interpretation, but when it comes to wealth and being rich (and slavery) the bible makes it pretty
  9. As are most civilized societies.
  10. So what, its their opinion. It means nothing. And it gets people talking about how much is too much. Have you not been paying attention to the news the past couple weeks? Well most social media because the news would never talk about this because they are corrupt. Somebody leaked tax information for the very wealthy in this country. They paid practically nothing. In fact, taxpayers paid Bezos $10 billion. What do you call that Archy? Wealth distribution? No, its okay for them though keep kissing their feet. How about the news on Blackstone that even conservatives are up in arms about
  11. You will never find them saying everyone should make the same amount bc they never said it. They do, however, say that people working full time should make a living wage. They do say that people should not go bankrupt from medical bills. And they do say people should not be in debt for most of their life for getting an education. All of which I agree. And then, occasionally, they say stupid stuff like defund the police. Its all harmless, opinionated s#!t that people get up in arms about that will most likely never come to fruition in this country because there is too much money involved.
  12. What are the other deadly sins? Sounds like the people who just take take take also have some stuff to worry about. Not just the people that say gimme gimme.
  13. How much longer do you think we need to stay?
  14. This is baseball now. Players like Fernando Tatis Jr and Trevor Bauer are trying to get people interested in baseball again, so the antics have gone up this year. Bat flips, pitching with one eye closed, sword celebrations after strikeouts, homeun trots, etc. It puts butts in the seats and Im all for it as baseball was one of the most boring sports to watch and the players realized it. Its not your grandpas game anymore where people follow the “unwritten rules” anymore so get used to it trickling down to college and high school. Ronald Acuna Jr. bat flipped a walk against Trevor Baue
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