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  1. The thing that stood out to me tonight besides the obvious “stand back and standy by” comment Trump made to white supremacist groups is that Biden and democrats are so scared of the word socialism that he moved his healthcare plan so far right that they will literally change nothing. He said everyone will keep their private insurance (great I love being f#&%ed by united healthcare!) and the only people tjhat can enroll in public option are people on medicaid? Wtf! Why would people on medicaid need to be enrolled in medicare? They are already on medicaid...I thought public option were for p
  2. Holy s#!t this dude is a moron.
  3. I wouldnt call it an echo chamber. Many conservatives that will be voting for Biden. Id call it most people have a functioning brain while a tiny number need an MRI to see if they even have one to begin with.
  4. It might be Florida. All I know is he has already voted and it wasnt at the booth.
  5. You do realize for as long as elections have been going on that vote by mail and absentee voting have been utilized, correct? And the man you worship uses mail in voting every election and has actually sent in his absentee vote already for NYC, correct? You people are such a joke lol
  6. Talking snakes can be persuasive. Havent you seen Harry Potter?
  7. Still got a ways to go to reach the level of the flood
  8. PRO-LIFE MAN! Bunch of f#&%ing hypocrits.
  9. Im sure some of it is true. But calling a political opponent a loser like he did McCain and calling fallen WW1 soldiers “losers” and “suckers” is hard for me to believe. Doesnt mean he didnt say it, just right now I dont think he said it. Im sure he said it about McCain bc there is video of it.
  10. I dislike Trump more than the next guy but I have a REALLY hard time believing he said those things about the military. He made military service and building the military a top priority in 2016.
  11. Thats what happened in the Nebraska senate primary race. Two progressives split the vote and if the woman who got 2nd place had all the progressive votes she would have beat Janicek or whatever his name is pretty handily. We need to get on the same page like the corporatists do.
  12. I just used the RCP average. It was double digits last month I dont know what else to tell you. Most polls this month have swayed back towards Trump +2-+4%. CNN just had the largest Trump turnaround from last month and is a statistically tie in both national and battleground states. Thats why I ised that one for this month. It can change next week for all I know. Yes, Trump will have 35% support which is around the percent of republicans in the nation. He has a 96% approval rating in his party. Thats why for the life of me, I cant understand the strategy to try and sway the phantom n
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