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  1. Frott Scost

    Healthcare Reform

    Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get another job.
  2. Frott Scost

    The Republican Utopia

    Anything that helps another person to them is socialism.
  3. Frott Scost

    Weird Time for Christians

    Good about damn time people wise up to this scam. And before the christians get upset over that comment, let me clarify, its about organized religion. Not if god does or does not exist.
  4. Frott Scost

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    RD, just wondering how old you are? Just curious because you and I have the same views about pretty much everything when it comes to politics. I assume you consider yourself progressive also since you watch TYT, Kyle Kulinski and the Humanist Report.
  5. Frott Scost

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    TYT is literally called the “home of progressives”. They dont hide it. They like Bernie, Warren, Gabbert, and Yang. Bernie stands for everything they believe in, so of course they like him and do positive stories about him. The only place you can really find a positive story about him. But they also use facts, which make them better than most of mainstream media that just make s#!t up half the time. People of WV will listen to POTUS more than they listen to Senator from Vermont. If the POTUS is coming out and saying your senator is voting against your best interests, it will cause more people to pay attention. Manchon will change his vote if people force him to. As to working with Republicans, I dont want to work with them. They are evil people and deserve nothing to ever go their way again. I will criticize Bidens bills because he can have 100 bills written to Bernies 7. If they all suck, who gives a s#!t. The purpose is to get good bills written into law, not ones that screw minorities like his crime bill in 1994 did. The more Biden works with republicans the further right the entire country moves. And for some reason he thinks the republicans will all of a sudden come around when Trump is gone. Good luck with that. Btw, I agree with most of what you say on political topics. I just dont agree with you on this aspect and thats fine. Still enjoy your banter
  6. Frott Scost

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    Mainstream media (TV and newspaper) Polls that over-represent a certain age group (see CNN polls) Behind the scenes meetings to keep certain candidates down Commercials that bring up right-wing talking points to certain candidates policy proposals Donations from corporate PACs for certain candidates Keeping people who are polling at 0% to stay in the race in order to make sure no candidate reaches 50% of the delegates so super delegates comes into play
  7. Frott Scost

    Healthcare Reform

    This is awesome! This guy done messed up and his donors are not going to be happy at all!
  8. Frott Scost

    The Republican Utopia

    I was more responding to that tweeter than you, even though he/she cant see what I wrote .
  9. Frott Scost

    The Republican Utopia

    Im not sure why people think its only Trump. I have a laundry list of GOP congressman that are repulsive, evil and lying people. But yes, lets keep blaming Trump.
  10. Frott Scost

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    I believe the GOP knows this and why they are becoming corrupt as s#!t to try and hold power.
  11. Frott Scost

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    To the first bolded part, I 100% agree. I think Bernie does a terrible job at promoting his medicare for all policy. I thought his fox news town hall discussion for medicare for all was his best so far. He redirected the conversation from right wing lies back to no premiums, no deductibles, no co-pays. But it still wasn't enough in my view. I was sitting there watching thinking to myself, for the love of god say this or say that Bernie, but he never said them. He needs to do a better job informing the lay person who just feels like they will lose their insurance all together and their taxes will be raised at the same time. To the second bolded part, I also 100% agree.
  12. Frott Scost

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    I think youre probably right about this. These ideas just started to become somewhat mainstream during the 2016 election. I didn't even realize I was a progressive until a few months ago when I started following politics more. I would always call myself an independent when I wasn't following things, just to get out of political discussions. Then when I heard these ideas, I agreed with most of them. Key word there is most. I feel like most folks don't really follow politics as much as some of the people just on this board. Most just hear a name and say "Oh, I know he was a vice president at some point, therefore, he must know what hes doing." I think that is what is going on with Joe Biden right now, because if people actually listened to the guy, knew his voting record and saw the things he is doing to raise money, most people would say, WTF? Also, I don't think its any secret that younger folks are more progressive than older folks. All the polls show this and its actually becoming more of an increase by the generation. The problem is, younger folks don't vote as often as older folks.
  13. Frott Scost

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    Through media. Through secret meetings. I posted an article about a month ago about some secret meeting with Pelosi, Schumer, Buttigieg and some others about Bernie and not wanting him to win the nomination. Just look at the smear jobs since it became known he was a millionaire. Honestly, the primaries should be fair game. I think its a little hypocritical of the DNC to call for unity and then screw Bernie behind his back. Then when he fights back, call him out for not being a team player. 2016, Clinton got all super delegates to pledge before a vote was even cast. This year, they are trying to make it so Bernie does not get 50% of the vote in order for super delegates to come in play. Yes, I am a progressive, so I like Bernie for the most part. I think Warren is a better choice, however. Havent decided who im voting for yet. Warren will probably be gone by time Nebraska votes.
  14. Frott Scost

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    The DNC is such a joke. They say the democrats need to unify, yet they smear Sanders every chance they get. Then when he fights back, they say hes not a team player. He got screwed in 2016, but still campaigned for Clinton during the general election. They are trying to screw him again this election and then will blame him again if they lose. I hope he runs as an independent. Just to spite them.