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  1. They are looking for a sound bite. Give it to them, but not the one they are looking for. I even criticize Bernie for this framing. Will you raise taxes on the middle class? No, it will be a tax break for the middle class. How so? I am getting rid of “private taxes” in the form of premiums, deductibles and copayments and raising public taxes. At the end of the day, 90%+ of Americans save money. Thats a tax break. Watch their jaws drop after that.
  2. This is big! How big? Warren wanted this endorsement BADLY!
  3. We dont even know what a public option would look like. These people just say that anyone can opt into medicare if they want. Is there a fee? Is there a deductible like Biden wants? Do taxes go up even if you stay with private insurance? Does medicare stay the same and if so, people still need supplemental private insurance which is for-profit? Will all the sick people be pushed onto the govt program to make sure it fails? The only candidate that has actually mentioned, even if very minimal, how it would work is Biden by saying the deductible would be $1000.
  4. In order to get the candidate we want, we need to fight to get them on the ballot. It hasnt gotten us anywhere by “being a team player”. Im sorry if this offends people. And im sorry if people feel like they have nobody to vote for if there is a progressive candidate on the ballot. Now they know how millions of people feel every election.
  5. I never have anyone to vote for that fights for the policies I believe in so forgive me if for once i wish we can get a progressive even on the ballot.
  6. We are not fighting against the people like you. We are fighting the politicians that take money from these groups and in turn fight tooth and nail for their donors and big money interests. When you go policy to policy, the progressive policies are popular and we already have the majority in most cases. s#!t, you dont consider yourself progressive but you said youself, you agree with some of the policies. Even bigredbuster, a conservative, has said he supports medicare for all for the most part.
  7. Most of the progressive platform is popular. People just dont like putting labels on themselves. I always considered myself independent before I started following politics. When I actually started getting into the policies, I was like “holy s#!t Im actually considered a progressive”. 70% of the american people support medicare for all when the polls word it the right way. When they word it like “do you support a govt. run healthcare program when you lose your private health insurance” it still polls well into the upper 50s. Legalizing marijuana is popular. Making public colleges tuition free is at 60%. These positions are supported by the majority. So why dont we get them? Because politicians take money from all these interest groups and thats why we must fight them. https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-election-progressives/ Polling is towards bottom of article.
  8. Not evil. But they are not on our team (progressives) and we must fight them (politically) if we want our policies passed.
  9. This is how the justice democrats were created in a nutshell
  10. So lets say we compromise on healthcare which weve already done with the ACA. We get the public option and insurance companies still run the healthcare industry. They push all the sick people onto the govt. plan and prices soar and funding starts to suffer. While the private option has all the healthy people and prices remain low. The insurance company then claims “see private insurance is better because its so much cheaper while the public plan is hurting for funds and drying up”. Progressives can see it coming from a mile away while everyone else thinks its a step in the right direction. Why not get rid of the problem, in this case, the insurance companies, instead of letting the stink fester?
  11. What is the extreme left? Giving folks healthcare, making prisons non-profit so there is no profit motive to incarcerating people, legalizing marijuana, saving the planet, making education a priority? What part do you disagree with?
  12. Im speaking for myself when I say no. I will absolutely vote for whoever the dem nominee is. But there will be another Trump. A worse Trump as long as we keep electing neoliberal centrists that dont do anything to fix the actual issues.
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