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  1. Lmao. Establishment democrats are such pathetic losers. Six smear articles already out today from NYT, Politico, MSNBC, etc. 9 point lead in Iowa and New Hampshire. New Utah poll today has him up 14. They are getting desperate!
  2. He knows he needs Bernie voters again this time so he keeps saying how Bernie is getting screwed to piss them off into voting for him. Its so obvious but there are idiots out there that say “hes doing it because hes scared of Biden being the nominee”. Lol If they make this into a tv ad with trumps recording its over. The only thing Biden has on him is the electability argument and this squashes it into a million pieces. I think we will see one by mid next week right before Iowa.
  3. Ladies and gentleman of the jury. THIS is why Bernie would 100% beat Trump in the general. Guess which states care the most about trade? Vote Bernie or take the chance with Biden in the rust belt being hammered on his voting record on trade? The choice is easy if you care about beating Trump.
  4. Ill just say there was no way in hell Rogan would vote for Bernie before he had him on his podcast. From what I can tell he leans more right.
  5. Its amazing what a one hour in depth conversation with someone who has an open mind can do.
  6. Yes, my favorite proposal of his is when he said he wants the govt. to take over Nike. Hope he is kind enough to give us some shoes...
  7. Apparently people forget that this is a primary. Did you forget that Obama called Hillary corrupt for taking lobbyist money in 2008? Did you forget Hillary posted a picture of Obama in a turbin? This s#!t happens during a primary, get over it. When the primary is over they will endorse each other and campaign for each other. Biden tried to cut SS many times during his career. There are multiple videos of it, not just the one of him claiming he was "mocking" Paul Ryan. How convenient. Biden is also corrupt. Trump corrupt, no. But corrupt nonetheless. When you take $200,000 from the credit card company your son works for and then champion a bankruptcy bill they want, that is corrupt. People can make up their own mind if that is the type of person they want in office, but it needs to be out there for people to see.
  8. Ball speaks truth. Im sorry if you feel she is one sided as she does not hide her progressive roots and calls out the establishment shills when they lie on her show. Her co-host is populist right wing so its a show that brings on people from the entire political spectrum so you get both sides. Curious which MSM outlet you watch if this is too extreme for you? As far as what route im going here, what did Ball say that was inaccurate? Has Warren called out Biden on his record this entire campaign when she fought him when the bill was being debated? It just shows she is a fauxgressive. I said this months ago. I didnt need Ball to tell me as I could see it with my own eyes when people would tell me her and Bernie are the same.
  9. So if there is new evidence why in the bloody hell are they sending them to the senate? They do realize they can debate more articles of impeachment, right? Dems are bungling this big time. By next Thurs or Fri Trump will be on twitter celebrating his acquittal talking about how he beat the witch hunt and the do nothing dems and all that crap. This is a disaster.
  10. Well I guess Putin got to the MSM then because they are the ones breaking these stories, trashing Sanders on a daily basis and asking questions that end with why is Sanders wrong.
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