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  1. From what Ive seen over the past week, the NYPD is by far one of the worst police forces in the country. Just a week full of police brutality videos coming from that city. The riots and looting were caused by them running their cars into a crowd of people and its escalated since then. Audio came out of police officers telling them to run over the protestors and shoot the motherf#&%ers after that incident. They have been chomping at the bit to be given the green light to hurt people without repercussion and they got it from Cuomo and De Blasio when they said they didnt see anything wrong with the tactics. That whole dept needs to be reformed from top to bottom.
  2. I mean this is how police justify their actions right here in the NYPD statement. We are good, they are bad. If you inherently think you are the good guys and everyone else is the bad guy than whatever you do can only be good by default. Just like war. Well we are the US we are the good guys so when we bomb a bunch of brown people it cant be bad bc we are good!
  3. Well I was just joking about the sitting there in silence but I know these two golf together from time to time and Frost is actively recruiting some of his players last year and this year so Im sure they talk about things that friends would talk about which sometimes includes work drama. Maybe this coach shouldnt have told me anything but he knew me so probably didnt think Id come blab my mouth on a message board but I care a lot about my +1s but other posters have verified this rumor by saying they have heard the same thing so it might not have happened exactly like I said but something like it occured.
  4. I guess there are rumors of mass killings in DC. Everything went offline and black. Phones were jammed and natl guard had suppressors at the end of their guns. People that know some of the protestors have not heard from them since lst night, etc. Who knows how true these rumors are but I wouldnt doubt it since Trump apparently went into a bunker. Plus his rhetoric over the last few days. Edit: Anonymous is on the case and has found it to be a nothing burger.
  5. Because Frost recruits at his school and I assume communicates with him when they are together. Maybe its a silent recruiting relationship and they just sit there and stare at each other but I doubt it
  6. Talked to a Nebraska high school head coach today that told me Spielman is a cancer on the team. Tried to stage a “coup” as he called it against coaches last year when they practiced outside before going to Minnesota because it was too cold. Said he tried to get players to skip practice. Said Frost is trying to play it nice with public because Spielman is about to break school records but he does NOT want Spielman to return. He also said Frost didnt realize the extent of the problems Riley created when he took job.
  7. Really? Thats why I said who cares and hes still better than Trump? Its my opinion that he did it. He sniffs kids. Hes a creep. What part of that is untrue? That leads me the believe he is capable of this. Im sure tons of politicians/athletes/businessman have abused their power and gotten away with stuff like this. If you want to stick your head in the sand and think these people are good human beings than by all means, be my guest. But Im not saying this because I dislike him. I dislike him bc his policies suck. Not because of this.
  8. Its not a winnable case. Its a he said she said. That doesnt stand up in court. I dont even think they can go to court as this happened 30 some years ago and the statute of limitations has probably already lapsed. He did it. Hes a kid sniffing freak. But like I said, who cares. Its the American way. Rich and powerful, you get the benefit of the doubt.
  9. He did it. Theres no question he did it, the man is a grade A creep. He has shown it multiple times in public and if he does that in public, juat imagine what he soes in private. With that being said, who cares. Its America, the land where rich and powerful men can get away with murder. Its the country and world we live in and hes better than Trump so as far as Im concerned, its over and people need to move on.
  10. Lol there is more money for lobbyists in that bill than for normal people. The bill is a crock of s#!t and Im glad most of the progressives votes against it. Oh and Tim Ryan still sucks... Pass a clean bill with UBI, rent freeze, medicaid expansion and hazard pay for essential workers and maybe a little something extra for healthcare workers and then this rant would mean something and actually make the republican party look like a bunch of dicks politically.
  11. Well I hope youre right but +25 is not usually a mistake.
  12. What does a poll of independent voters in swing states have to do with Ds getting behind Biden?
  13. It was a joke, but I am pissed that these selfish losers are putting others at risk and healthcare workers at risk because they cant go to their neighborhood applebees once a month for dinner. And in this case, these selfish losers in this case are all or at least 90% republican. Democrats have idiots also, but at least they believe in science for the most part and in this case their stupidity cant get people killed.
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