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  1. I want to think that but then I remember these are the same people that think there is a child abduction and molestation ring led by the democrats where they kill children and drink their blood and eat their brain matter in order to stay young and Donald Trump is the savior that will expose the whole thing and save the children. That makes me think its a real post.
  2. This has to be fake, right? I mean people cant get very far in life being this stupid, right?
  3. Districts need to invest more in school counselors and school psycholgists. My wife is a school counselor and is in a district that every school has a counselor but some of the districts she applied to had one counselor for like 5-6 schools. Invest in low income schools. Get rid of common core BS and standardized testing. Thats a few, but there is a lot to fix.
  4. Making higher education more affordable so people arent in debt the rest of their lives. Pushing trades in high school more. Pushing community college for general classes.
  5. He was also an advocate for universal healthcare and thats all I really care about. Im pretty much a one issue voter. Healthcare. I guess education reform also, but mainly healthcare.
  6. They are “far left” whatever the hell that even means and yet when Bernie was in the lead they did everything they could to smear him. Give me a break. They are corporate media through and through.
  7. Hmm weird how the top three there were considered the most progressive presidents in our history. Maybe we should try that again. Eisenhower was a republican but if he was president today they would call him a liberal socialist because he had extrememly high taxes on the top income earners, expanded social security and improved new deal programs.
  8. By his pillows do you mean Trumps a$$ cheeks?
  9. Okay, if it wasnt consensual then he should get whats coming to him. But too often, people use sex between consenting people and try and make it into a scandal and all I say to them is why the f#&% do you care so much what other people are doing in their bedrooms?
  10. Was it consensual messages between two consenting adults? Then who the f#&% cares!
  11. So crutches, flag poles and metal barricades used to bludgeon officers arent weapons?
  12. You said liberals are destroying their states. Blue states and cities have the best economies in our country. It is the red southern states that need help because they cant function on their own.
  13. Tell me which states are welfare states and which states provide for these welfare states?
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