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  1. Wait this is still a discussion if the DNC rigged the primary to favor Hillary Clinton? Donna Brazile admitted the primary was rigged to favor Clinton. She admitted Clinton had the questions to the debates before they took place. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donna-brazile-hillary-clinton-dnc-primary-rigged-bernie-sanders-a8034716.html%3famp
  2. You know, we need people like you in congress. Someone to help fight corruption. We have a handful already but need more. Join the Justice Democrats and run. Instead of complaining about it, do something about it. You have my vote.
  3. I actually sort of agree with you. Both parties take money from the healthcare industry. You will notice a correlation between the ones that dont take money and their position on MFA. The ones that take the most money: republicans try and strip healthcare from people and make it completely privatized including medicare and medicaid. The corporate dems who take money want both a private and public alternative, would like to see more people covered but do not aim to eliminate the profit motive. Pete Buttigieg is a recent example as he was for MFA when he announced and as soon as he started taking money from health insurance and drug lobbyists, changed his position to the public option. People like Bernie Sanders who receive no money from health or drug lobbyists want to get profit motive out of healthcare and eliminate the private sector and want to cover everyone.
  4. Dude, 30 million people have lost their healthcare coverage under Donald Trump. This is why people call people out when they say stuff like you just said and you probably had no idea that was the case. 30+ people, including children have died from his evil border policies. You know he has the power to change some of those policies, yet he doesn't because hes okay with it.
  5. Kamala dropped out today. Warren is dropping in the polls.
  6. Its not really devotion. I never followed politics until Trump was elected. I didn't care. But elections have real life consequences on real life people and people have literally died from Trumps policies, so I feel I need to at least be somewhat in the know about policies. I considered myself "non-partisan or independent" like you do before I really started looking into the issues. For example, I had no idea that we are the only country to not guarantee healthcare. I literally thought our healthcare system was the norm before a few years ago. Now Im a staunch supporter of MFA. Once you look at issue for issue, you see how screwed up a lot of it is and it is important to choose a candidate that you think will fix the issues. You always talk about corruption, but I asked you yesterday and you never responded. Im actually genuinely curious, why do you demean all the uncorrupted politicians if you are so against corruption? Even if you are against some of their policies, you should respect them for not taking corporate money and being influenced. My guess is you probably hear all the bad stuff about them from your buddies who most likely don't have all the facts either.
  7. They didn't get captured, so they are winners in his book.
  8. I didnt say republican. I said right wing. I am progressive but dislike the democratic party as a whole. But this response doesnt really answer the question. If you care so much about corruption, why do you demean the uncorrupted politicians?
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/12/02/state-lawmakers-acknowledge-lobbyists-helped-craft-their-op-eds-attacking-medicare-for-all/ I didnt need a subscription to read it. Hopefully it works for you also. I assume this is what the tweet references.
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