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  1. Hurts to lose an athletic LB like this who could of been an ILB or OLB. Opens the door a little wider for Kpai. I'm thinking this is a byproduct of the B1g shutdown.
  2. Sweet. We can use another MLB. He plays with a wide base and has a pretty thick lower half which enables him to get good leverage and deliver some good blows. Good pickup.
  3. Another valid point. Would like to revisit it though. Being part of a conference doesn't mean selling your soul.
  4. Fine cancel the B1G games but why cancel non-conference games then? What do the networks say about this loss of content?
  5. It took a lawsuit to get this information public when it should of been transparent from the get go. Why? They go through all the work of making a schedule and then cancel 5 days later? What changed during that time? It's nuts. Not impressed with the leadership of the B1G.
  6. I had the same thought. I love that idea. I also had a crazy idea of creating a bunch of 8 man football teams from our roster and playing a round robin tournament. That would be fun.
  7. Lots of truth to that as evidence by my pizza-nacho-fried food diet for the last 30 years. Totally agree. I was on the extremely cautious side of things but now I think I have seen enough to plow ahead and open things up. I think proposed guidelines for risks groups are okay but let the 45&younger that are healthy go. Go the Sweden route.
  8. So according to the following I would say people of advanced age and with comorbidities should stay at home. Everything else should open up. Play football!
  9. Thanksgiving start makes no sense to me. Start it like usual, monitor and go from there.
  10. Agree, I think Carnie has a lot of upside.
  11. Congrats Mr. Rollins. More of an inline tight end which is a good compliment to Fidone. Helps to restock the shelf now as we have 3 JR TE"s
  12. I like that. I think he would make a good LB similar to Gifford. I have no problem offering guys as athletes and fitting them in as needs dictate like Bretz(OLB/SAF)
  13. Yes, it's a little early to be picking 6 but there's no season on the horizon and there's no ripe prize county fruit on the recruiting branches within sight so idle musings is what you get.
  14. Fidone number 1 in my future super six. Teddy 2, Henry 3 and Kpai 4. Haven't made up my mind for 5 and 6 yet. Really like Fidone's hands and body control. Also seems like a down to business, hard working kid.
  15. Perhaps! You may be right but I think they will put him at safety to start with and they can move him up a level if needed just like Luke Gifford or Wright which someone else has mentioned. We only have 12 DB's if you count the incoming recruits and discount the 3 Sr's, so we need the numbers there. Koby would make 13 which is still less than optimum. Really should have around 15. I think the OLB room is in a little better shape as far as numbers. I do think he is best at run support vs coverage which would tend more towards OLB but he also would need to size up I think he would do fine in zone coverages and playing center field so that's why I think they start him at safety. Either way I am glad he is on board.
  16. Nice! Congrats to Koby! Supports fast and is physical. Good down hill safety. I'm thinking similar to Clint Finley?
  17. This offer makes a lot of sense to me. In this day and age with Covid I could see where you might want to offer some local kids as they may be less likely to change their minds. The DB's numbers are barely in the green and there is room for more DB's. It's like insurance. Plus he has good size and like others have suggested he fits the role of safety or could add some size to be a drop OLB. I think it's a bedrock offer. Solid. Would love to see him commit.
  18. If I understand correctly the rumor is they will propose to start the season in the middle of 'flu' season in enclosed arenas that you would have to fly too rather than during a warmer time period where the virus has a tougher time to survive outside the host. Okay let me think about that one.
  19. Interesting, I didn't know that. Also you may be right about Amazon.
  20. I am of the thought that it is danged if you do and danged if you don't. So I don't see the harm in letting schools who want to compete play especially with other conferences playing. It's not like each region is operating in their own bubbles. If the others want to opt-out that's fine that is their choice. It's like the casino gambling in Council bluffs. Omaha can't do it due to Nebraska laws. Omaha suffers from the problems of gambling without enjoying any of the tax benefits.
  21. Mav - I deleted Opera and I am moving on. I don't want to put you towards any trouble. I do appreciate the offer but hate sharing stuff about my address and what not so will respectfully decline further follow up. Don't want Warren after you. Chamberlain - I have to confess I am one who subscribes to the google conspiracy theory that they are evil. It started years ago when I was try to get hurricane news. When I typed in national hurricane center it would not return the NHC site on the first page of the results or the 2nd. I got 3 pages of New York Times, Guardian and some other news agencies of a similar bent before it would list the NHC. Something seriously wrong there! I still use google chrome though so what does that say?
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