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Found 20 results

  1. I do not say much, mostly observe. I have known Tom Osborne since the fall of 1973. I have seen spirit and rebuilding. When Tom took over the program as head coach, (just off two National Championships) the team was depleted of talent. Most fans today don't know this, Tom never talks about it, but he confided in me that he would never leave the team in the condition he received it. He left it in excellent shape, and we should have had more championships . . . I've been very disappointed in the decorum, leadership and basic coaching ever since. With that said, please look at what we have seen out of Coach Mickey Joseph since he has been interim head coach. He took a "flag football" team and picked up pieces of the program and motivated the players, believing in their individual talents. These players feel like winners again, they played their hearts out against major ranked teams that would have been total blowouts. Why haven't we seen blowouts? The players are motivated they play as a team and they love this coach, he's a players coach and I truly beleive he can revive the program in Nebraska. Remember, the fans hated Tom Osborne his first couple years until he too rebuilt the program. May God Bless the program, and these fine men!
  2. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2019/2/14/18224994/blake-carringer-fake-recruit-247-rivals-recruiting-rankings Lulz.
  3. So during Mike Riley's tenure we had a big pipeline going with Calabasas, many guys committing and getting excited about Nebraska. Now that pipeline has kind of died but I believe one of our assistant coaches (Held?) was there and reoffered johnny wilson (5 star WR for 2020) and a top oline prospect. I actually have a friend who plays for Calabasas and talks to all the big time recruits and he usually tells me stuff about nebraska and calabasas, even said himself he would love to walk on here if he were offered (he's a 2nd/3rd string guy on calabasas). Basically he told me he's gonna talk to Johnny Wilson about Nebraska and what he thinks about us because he said wilson has no idea where he wants to go right now. Also my friend said he never really had a college team to root for but loves it more then NFL, he said if gebbia ends up being the starter he'd be #GBR for life. So basically I got us an inside man for Calabasas and I will keep you guys updated whenever he tells me anything interesting.
  4. Lots of props to Nebraska on the Frost hire, everyone trashes Tennessee for what they did. https://n.rivals.com/news/rivals-roundtable-reacting-to-a-wild-ride-on-the-coaching-carousel
  5. This is a pretty crazy story - a 25-minute Facebook Live putting his brother on blast for a series of recruiting violations. I read in another article that this all stems from the brother (Ibrahim) expressing interest in becoming an agent and possibly representing Mohamed. The video might be for Johnson to get back at his brother for potentially cutting him out. LINK
  6. Which players in the 2017 class have to succeed at Nebraska in order for the class to be considered a success years down the road? This is more than simply ranking the players best to worst, though. Consider the implications of the player's position and recruiting location, and what it will mean to the team's future recruiting efforts if (for example) they pull a highly touted player from the coast but are unable to turn him into a high-caliber player. In no particular order, Avery Roberts, Tyjon Lindsey, and Guy Thomas stand out as players who I think are pretty critical to future success.
  7. Since the game I've had this conversation with a couple people and am curious what others think. Did BYU out athlete NU on Saturday? There were certainly times it looked that way. If so, was the recruiting really that bad under Bo? I'm of the opinion that we should EASILY be able to out recruit the likes of the BYU's of the world. If that's the case, its once again, another glaring example of how we should have gotten rid of BP long before we did. Or Are we the better team and it was more the coaching transition, adjusting to the new scheme, young and inexperienced players at a lot of positions, lack of depth, etc.?
  8. Started really following recruiting just a few years ago, but keep seeing more stories and updates about 2015 recruiting cycle. I don't recall seeing this much action from an NU staff this early in the process, ever. I think we've seen this staff make considerable strides in recruiting the past two years and I like it. As much as the players are learning the "process," Bo & Co is figuring their end out too. We were behind on the times and often waited too long to enter the picture, IMO, things have changed and it's becoming "Recruit early and recruit often." Thoughts?
  9. Interesting that of the 48 players listed (24 for each team), there were more 2* recruits than 4* recruits. Nine 2* versus eight 4* recruits. (The rest were 3* recruits or unrated.) Just to set the record straight, I'm not one of those who says we should ignore the Rivals and Scout stars when considering talent coming out of high school. But I do think that star ratings are an imperfect tool when it comes to predicting future performance. I guess that's why all the major FBS teams run high school football camps each summer.
  10. (Alternate thread title: Why we recruit out of state so much.) It's shocking how many talented recruits some of the southern states have. I mean, everyone knows about Florida. But who would've thought that the state of Georgia has thirty-six recruits ranked with either 4 or 5 stars. And several times that many three star recruits. Just click on the Rivals link below and search on Georgia and then Florida (and then Nebraska). How could a team like Georgia or Georgia Tech *not* put together a top five class from that? (And how could Georgia get beat by the likes of Nebraska in the Gator Bowl? LOL) Number of 4* and 5* recruits per state: Georgia: thirty-six 4* and 5* recruits from high schools and Jucos in Georgia Florida: fifty-seven 4* and 5* recruits from high schools and Jucos in Florida Nebraska: zero 4* and 5* recruits from high schools and Jucos in Nebraska Rivals database search page: LINK
  11. For all those worried about current Husker commits (including me): coach Riley has been out meeting with NU recruits yesterday and today. LJS reports he's meeting with Lee in Denver tonight. Red Reign on Huskermax posted that Riley is meeting with the Davis twins on Wednesday. Stanley Morgan tweets he talked to some of the staff today. Sean Callahan tweeted that OL Coach Cav talked with Decker. I assume the staff has contacted everyone now, but these are just the tweets and reports that are out now. Mike Riley @Coach_Riley · 3h 3 hours ago First in home visit tonight in Denver, this is a big one for #Husker Football! Mike Riley @Coach_Riley · 22h 22 hours ago Got to speak with some future #Huskers tonight, excited to hit the road and get to recruiting! #GBR 8-To-State @Thekidstan · 2h 2 hours ago Talked to some of the new coaching staff at Nebraska today #GBR Sean Callahan @Sean_Callahan · 5h 5 hours ago Mike Riley's new OL coach reached out to #Husker commit's HS coach on Monday ($) http://rvls.co/1AVWvfd
  12. [This is a write up, coving the process of the hiring of Nebraska's new head coach] The state of Nebraska was rocked on the morning of November 30th when the news of the firing of the Cornhuskers’ head football coach, Bo Pelini, was released. The big question for the university is who will succeed the Bo Pelini regime. Early on, there are a few options for Shawn Eichorst, the Athletic Director at Nebraska, who will be making a career defining decision in the process. After a few days, the early candidates being mentioned, and that Eichorst will want to contact, include Gary Patterson (HC, TCU), Scott Frost (OC, Oregon), Pat Narduzzi (DC, MSU), Justin Fuente (HC, Memphis), Dan Mullen (HC, Miss St), Mark Richt (HC, Georgia), and Greg Schiano (ex Tampa Bay Bucs HC). All of these men are viable options for the head coaching position at Nebraska. Many experts seem to believe that Nebraska wants to head in the direction of an experience head coach, which would point to either Gary Patterson, Justin Fuente, or Dan Mullen. Patterson and Mullen would be home-run hires for Eichorst and Nebraska, but both options seem almost too good to be true. Nebraska, in contrast to Patterson’s TCU and Mullen’s Mississippi State, is a historic program with a tradition of success unlike the others, but it would take a monumentus decision to leave from the great situations that both coaches have created for themselves at their respected positions. It is unlikely that both coaches would consider Nebraska, but it is possible that one could be tempted by Shawn Eichorst to join the Husker Nation. The most recent of rumors is that Mark Richt, the head coach of Georgia who was born in Omaha, but moved to Florida where he graduated high school, would be a great fit for Nebraska, as he has early ties to Nebraska, but brings the southern experience to our football program. He seemingly is the favorite for the hire, and currently, he is under a bit of fire from Bulldogs’ fans as Georgia blew a chance at the SEC championship, none the less, Richt would be a great fit for Nebraska if Eichorst can lure him away from the SEC. Opposed to an experienced head coach, Eichorst could still decide to hire a coordinator, as was Pelini before his stunt at UNL. If Eichorst chose this route, the most viable options would be Scott Frost of Oregon and Pat Narduzzi of Michigan State, but because of how first time head coach Bo Pelini turned out, it seems unlikely that Eichorst would make a similar decision here. With that in mind, keep current head coaches on the radar and in the news. Many reports expect Eichorst already has it narrowed down to two or three options, which is why he fired Bo in a hurry over the weekend and stated that “the decision [to fire Bo] in my mind crystallized Saturday night.” It could be that he got confirmation from either a coach, or confirmation of extreme consideration from a few coaches and decided that an effective replacement would be available for the Huskers. With Eichorst’s narrow list of candidates, we can expect an announcement in a few weeks around mid December.
  13. Seeing how we typically don't bring in the extremely flashy, highly reviewed type (based on star ratings and such), is it safe to say that the star system of recruiting is irrelevant to what kind of team we actually have, and will have in the future? I used to get so caught up in the competition side of it, constantly being disappointed by what average star rating of recruits we were bringing in. Not so much anymore. Does it make a huge impact for Nebraska and our success during the season?
  14. I like to think of myself as a true Nebrasketball fan. And so i got to thinking, what has changed to make Nebrasketball in to one of the biggest stories in this state. I apologize, but below is a bit of word vomit-- not as organized as i would like and a bit long to read... But here is why i think Nebraska is having a special year. The easy answer is Tim Miles. And while he is a big part, i think that Tom Osborne and the Administration did a few things to create Nebrasketball into a house hold name.... The biggest question we all asked was "what would come first, the fan support or winning?" I am a bit shocked to say, but the fan support came first and has made a big difference, but that is a big part because of the new arena. The shift to changing Nebrasketball has been threefold. So the three obvious things that have started to shift things is this: 1. Tim Miles 2. The Pinnacle Bank Arena/Practice facility(facilities in general) 3. The fan support These three have allowed for Nebraska to start to get the recognition I always knew it could get to. Commentators are calling our home arena a tough place to play... ABOUT DANG TIME WE TURNED OUR FOOTBALL FAN SUPPORT IN TO BASKETBALL SUPPORT! Tim Miles came in and knew what he had to do. He had an opportunity. The Arena, a new practice facility and a new conference. So Tim ran with it. He talked the talk.. He got people excited. He started getting big recruits to just show up... Reason #1 allows for reason #3 to become a factor. At the end of the day, we didnt need winning in order to get the fan support because #1 and #2 above. The Fan support is here, and therefore I think makes it even easier for winning to come. Obviously you need the talent, but again, #1 and #2 above allowed for us to get the talent in the door, and #3 will allow for us to get even more of that talent.. The talent is here, but I figured it would take two years to turn this talent in to a well coached machine... and then Petteway started to show that he could carry us through the bumps of being a newer/younger team. Petteway leads my list of secondary reasons why we are here. A. Players who were under appreciated elsewhere- Petteway/Pitchford B. Bo Pelini C. Creighton's success These three reasons above relate more to the first 3 i mentioned, but i think they have a lot to do with why Option 3 has been so good. A- Petteway is the first guy to get NBA-talk since ... Well since Lue(i believe). He isnt just a scorer, but he is a leader. He isnt scared to take the big shot. He isnt scared to drive. But he also isnt scared to let others score(IE Shields/Pitchford). He wants this team to win and he is only a Sophomore. Petteway and Pitchford didnt get the love elsewhere. Petteway proved to people like Pat Knight and Miles that he could be a great player and the coaching staff at TT just didnt see it. He came somewhere where a coach would just let him go and do what he needs to. We arent the island of misfit toys, but we are the island of second chances. B- This isnt meant to insult Pelini in a thread all about positivity. That being said, the negativity of the football team and Bo Pelini(by some/not all) has made us all want to find some positivity with the 'skers. So, now that a little success has been shown and we have a coach who is bubbly, likes to goof off, is good with the media and represents the team in such a good light. When people talk about Nebraska it is only positive things. Coach Izzo and Pitino(MN) are raving about Miles... the BTN network loves his tweets at halftime and the fan base seems even more in love with him because he is the polar opposite of all the things we dont like about Bo(some people). C. Creighton has been the toast of Nebraska... Getting national love-- and all of this has made me sick.. So when Nebraska has a little success, it feels good. All of a sudden this rivalry is picking up even more. People are being forced to pick a side now. Both teams are having success. And i think that some peoples hate for Creighton is only increasing with their success, and therefore making their love for nebraska grow. Nebraska doesnt want to be seen as option #2 in this state and i think the Nebraska fans see this as a direct competition--therefore are stepping the fandom up. This all said, it has been awesome to watch. All of a sudden Huskerboard is going ape.. New threads each day--people following recruiting.. a game thread that had 7 pages... This is what I am talking about. People are truly excited and I just freaking love it.... I have been waiting so long for things to finally get to this point... This all being said, we have momentum and we cant let it stop. Need to get good players in. Need to keep the good ones we have and cant slip. So that is my take... Nebrasketball is back thanks to 3 main reasons...
  15. There's something different. The feeling and mood is different. There's something brewing in Lincoln, Nebraska. They say that in order for someone to change or truly see the light, they have to hit rock bottom first. Bo and his staff hit rock bottom this past year. Nebraska came out in the bowl game and were aggressive, a sight we long urged for. Bo was asked about how to contain Georgia's second half fury, he replied, "we are going to come out and make a statement of our own". That fired me up. That was the honest and candid Bo we all wanted to hear. The same mistakes that reared its ugly head game after game decided to disappear against Georgia. The team looked closer than ever during that game, even more so than the hailmary. I know, its one game but there was something different. Lets look at our recruiting effort. Our staff went from passive aggressive to balls to the wall. All of the sudden we have elite recruiters on our staff (garrison, kaz, warren, fish, etc) and Bo has become a closer to be reckoned with. The type of athlete now is night and day compared to the first three classes. We all drink the koolaid when everything has been forgotten and the unknown of a new season is upon us. Still, with that said, there is momentum. Not the momentum we saw after the 09 pummeling of Arizona, where an identity crisis in philosophy was soon to follow. It's the type of momentum that has left turmoil, conflicting philosophies, poor roster management, and uncertainty in the dust. Not the type of momentum that rests the future in the hands of Jay Guy, Donovan Vestal, Tobi Okuyemi, etc. They say that its always going to get worse before it gets better and the way I see it, the time has come where the sleeping giant takes back what's rightfully theirs. Nebraska doesn't stay down. It's purely a college football science. Decades of pure excellence has proved it over and over again. We see the flashes and now its time to knock the door down. I type this not asking for your approval but just to acknowledge it. I couldn't be more excited for an upcoming season. Go. Big. Red.
  16. I've never been one to much stock in stars...the thing that bothers me is who we are competing against for most of the talent we do sign. Granted we offer the higher ranked players and compete with the other traditional top schools, we just don't sign any of them. but I can not remember in the past 50 yrs competing against the likes of the schools we do now. What has happened to the Husker brand? Callahan brought the program to its knees, ie... killed the walk on program which is vital to the Husker brand. Couldn't coach x's and o's nor could he hired a staff to handle that aspect. He did however compete and did well against the other traditional powers in recruiting. He didn't compete against the also rans of college football, those schools offered a player the Huskers wanted and could sign without much drama. During the 70's 80's 90's, I seem to remember 1/3 of the players we wanted were also being offered by the who's who of cfb, TO didn't always get his man, but he got a few.Today we grind the wheel hard to get commits and or flip commits that are headed to schools that aren't on the radar of who's who. Kids with offers from DII schools and lower level D1 schools, I realize there are diamonds in the rough, I grew up during the 50's when we weren't all that good, so I can related to below average recruiting years. That was 55 yrs ago. Have we digressed so far that we may never see the top of the mountain again. Pelini is a great x's and o's coach IMHO, it's his recruiting that leaves a little to be desired. When he had BC players, he demonstrated what he could do with higher ranking players, just as he did at LSU. I like most of the players we sign now, however to return to the elite, you need a few of the elite to mix in with what we now get to reach the 10-11-12 win season on a consist basis. The missing ingredient is the level of talent Pelini is able to lure to Lincoln. Yes, he brings in high character guys, and I love him for it, However there are high ranked players with high character as well, I was really excited about last years class, thought it was a step in the right direction, finally a well rounded class of players, just needing the final two or three pieces. I thought perhaps next yr, he'll sign a couple of the elite players. This yr, he sits on his hands early in the process (his favorite word), and then makes a late push. Why... can't he start that push in the spring and summer, offer the elite players in their junior yrs, bring in the kids he wants and have them commit. We sit in the back seat to no one with facilities, tradition, support, etc... most times we are the trend setter in nearly everything new to cfb. I hear complaints about the distance recruits have to travel to get to Lincoln (It's a great distance to Ann Arbor as well, all of there recruits don't live in Michigan, the campus is just outside the sewers of Detroit, they haven't had a great team in some time, yet they still have the ability to bring in top talent every yr. Nebraska's tradition is second to no one. Mich is #1 all time wins, the Huskers are 4th, you tell me why they out recruit us even after a very poor season. First step, start recruitng harder and earlier in B1G footprint and that will eliminate part of the travel problems. When Penn State offers a kid from Texas, they have to travel much farther and have a more difficult time to get to Happy Valley then they do Lincoln, yet they still get ov's from Texas kids. We need IMHO, a recruiting guru (top salesman, that's what saban is, he's not really a great x's and o's guy) have him coach sp. teams and pay him BIG bucks to bring in the top talented great character guys. Players like Grant Wistrom, Mike Brown, etc.. (this list could go on and on, I just listed a couple for the younger fans to relate to). In 1969, Nebraska recruited a local player who's dream school was USC. USC didn't offer. He accepted Nebraska's offer. That player went on the win the Heisman and put Nebraska over the top talent wise to win it's first NC, and the second for that matter. We need just a couple of difference makers each yr to be in the conversation for the playoffs. Red till I'm dead!!!!!!!!!!! Thoughts?
  17. http://footballrecru...asp?CID=1522467 Honest approach is getting you that many high profile guys, huh? I CALL bullsh#t.
  18. Interesting article on coaches and statistics on how they are using freshmen in terms of playing time. Miles is mentioned as playing freshmen at a high percentage (some due to rebuilding of course). Would be good for an prospective recruit to see as most want to play right away. --The part about Miles is in the bottom half in the "Minor Details" section http://basketball.realgm.com/article/228847/Freshmen-Playing-Time-Part-2
  19. For all those not liking Kentucky football these days. Looks like Kentucky is having their own issue with dismissing of players. http://sportsillustr...l?sct=obnetwork
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