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  1. Sam M is currently doing a live chat on the OWH website if anyone is interested.  It doesn't appear that you need to be a subscriber to read along.

  2. Not too stray too far off topic but I remember this documentary as well. I want to say GSP was the focus of the documentary. Props to the UNL administration for making this happen. I can only speak for my own personal experience but I didn't hate late afternoon/night classes as the parking situation was much more tenable. Granted...I didn't have this viewpoint until I was a super duper Senior.
  3. Woof. All Star Break is coming at a great time. Mariners are leaking oil!!
  4. 2018 Husker Camp Countdown

    Why choose Texas Tech when you have physical evidence of what Frost's offense looks like in UCF? If you'd prefer a P5 version, check out Oregon when Frost was the OC there.
  5. Odds to Win the B1G

    Haha, you should see some of the rules for betting on sports, it's enough to make your head spin. I don't bet a ton of soccer and I was taken aback with the sheer volume of stuff you could bet on for the World Cup.
  6. Buy In

  7. Buy In

    I get the feeling there is going to be a much tighter ship run with Frost when it comes to media access/information getting out. We as Nebraska fans have been pretty spoiled when it comes to access. I have no basis for my guess, just a gut feeling that when I hear Frost speak, he comes across as a more buttoned up guy which in turn leads me to believe he will run a more buttoned up program.
  8. Odds to Win the B1G

    All comes down to the odds, if you gave me +10000 again next year which is what NU was listed at on Bovada I could find it in my heart to take a swing at it.
  9. Odds to Win the B1G

    A shared Big Ten title seems like a difficult situation to me when there is a championship game unless I'm completely brainfarting on a scenario. 40/1 is still too low for Nebraska this year...you give me 75/1...ehhh I might start to consider it.
  10. OT Michael Lynn

    If Colorado could ever get it together again they could become a giant thorn in Nebraska's side. Boulder is an absolutely breathtaking campus. Plus, you know the herb.
  11. Wow. Just wow. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your situation @sho. The national database they are most likely referring to is the National Student Clearinghouse, http://www.studentclearinghouse.org/ they are the 'go to' for college education. The line about you faking your official transcript is a bold statement by the HR individual. In my opinion you still have a couple avenues you could pursue. One would be to contact your potential future boss and physically show up and present your degree. Another option would be to call your former school, find out who in the registars office handles education verification and have those people speak via phone. I'll level with you, the fact that 3 candidates have all had issues verifying education is absolutely mind blowing. Something is rotten in Denmark in regards to the 3rd party firm that is doing the background verifications.
  12. Damn you SS for pushing up Paxton's start by one day. Why! Hope his injury isn't anything serious. Agree about the As, they put a thumping on the Astros. Man...the AL West is a gosh darn rattlesnake pit.
  13. Thanks for linking up. I've been voting as many times as I can too.
  14. I wonder if Engelhaupt has second thoughts about flipping to Nebraska at the very end. He was locked and loaded to Wyoming. At the very least, he has his school paid for at UNL which is good.
  15. Agreed. His SNL skits were pretty funny. This one is my favorite...