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  1. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    That is pure insanity to me. I agree with a couple other posters that the market will plummet here in a few months, maybe not to face value territory but pretty close. But hey, I'm never one to tell people how to spend their money.
  2. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Compared to Dallas where BigD is from. Yeah, Kearney is a speck.
  3. Frost’s QB Room

    It's hard to see a scenario outside of injury where Burrow is able to beat out Haskins. Haskins seems to be the heir apparent and looked pretty darn good in limited action. Please excuse me while I go throw my bad cooking knives at my Tim Beck poster.
  4. DT Masry Mapieu [Iowa Western - Signed LOI]

    6+ page thread here discussing all this.
  5. Chinander Preaches Aggression, Turnovers

    I'm a huge fan of using net yards per play although admittedly, I feel this is a little more accurate for NFL teams since college teams have such wide varying strengths of schedule. That being said, NYPP is still a pretty good indicator.
  6. Athlon: Grading CFB Head Coach Hires

    Echo what Enhance said. I think Herm would be really good in recruits living rooms and selling to recruits parents/grandparents/guardians. Plus, let's be honest, the scenery is pretty good in Tempe among other things.
  7. DT Masry Mapieu [Iowa Western - Signed LOI]

    This whole DT recruiting process with Mapieu and Williams can be appropriately summed up by...
  8. I think (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that Dixon said he was waiting to see what shook out with Shea Patterson at Michigan. I believe Dixon said something to the effect that Michigan was going to fight like crazy to get Patterson immediately eligible and once that happened, the rest of the Ole Miss transfers would also be granted immediate eligibility. As to why he wasn't included in the article, perhaps Dixon transferred to Nebraska later than the other players mentioned in the article transferred to their respective schools.
  9. Moos and Black Friday

    The paved road situation, specifically potholes and lack thereof is vastly better in Iowa, which pains me to admit. Thanks casino dollars!
  10. Noah Vedral Transferring to Nebraska

    I took the comment to mean that Vedral will be able to help the other QBs learn the system and help explain the concepts. Each person learns a slightly different way so Vedral might be able to help speed up the learning process.
  11. Moos and Black Friday

    Yeah that would be pretty brutal especially given the nature of the last few games.
  12. Moos and Black Friday

    I totally get your sentiment and you make some solid points. I personally think one of the biggest things you need for a good rivalry is genuine disdain for your opponent and proximity to said opponent. I fully embrace making Iowa into a rivalry game although I can't personally can't tell you why I have so much disdain for Iowa when it comes to sports. It's odd to me, all the Iowa fans I know personally are good folks but when I see Nebraska playing that stupid Hawkeye I can't help but hope that Nebraska absolutely throttles them in whatever sport their playing against. Maybe it's the color black as I also loathe Colorado and Mizzou.
  13. Who's Worse: Riley VS Callahan

    The answer is yes.
  14. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    Sr. walk on from New York. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=209396600&DB_OEM_ID=100