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  1. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Also, great get especially when you factor in the 500 mile radius.
  2. Spring Practice - Tight Ends

    Tight Ends look like a pleasant surprise. Can't help but feel a little bit for Cethan Carter. It must've been torture for him to watch the Spring Game. He would've balled out this year in this system with these QBs.
  3. Assistant Coach Salaries

    You're misunderstanding my post. I have no problem with a football coach at a P5 making 1-2 million a year. I have no problem with coordinators making up to ~400K a year. I have no problem with assistant coaches making up to ~100-200K a year. Those are salaries that more than adequately compensate for the long hours and getting fired. But coaching salaries, particularly for college football, are spiraling out of control. Am I literally alone in thinking that most college football coaches are over-paid? Yep. A college Coach can do more for a university that any other single person than works there. Saban is probably worth double what he is being paid. Bama enrollment, especially out of state, has sky rocketed since he has been Coach. Same deal with high schools. There are a couple dominant program in my area and the schools can get whatever they want from the community with bond issues bc people love that school/program. I agree with this and would argue that Nick Saban is actually underpaid for the value he brings to the University of Alabama.
  4. Assistant Coach Salaries

    Ehhh, at least they get a buyout if they get fired. I'm a capitalist so I'm all for making as much money for oneself as possible. That being said, 99% of these guys would be gym teachers if not for football and the majority of these guys are dumber than sh**. But hey, GBR! That is hilarious. Majority of coaches are dumber than poop? Wow! That was quite the educational post. Wish you posted more often with all this wisdom you have instead of just keeping it to yourself. Please share it with the stupid gym teachers and coaches of the world. We don't know any better. My point is I don't see a whole lot of coaches with STEM/Finance degrees which open up a ton of employment opportunities. Putting all your eggs in the coaching basket seems like a big risk seeing as that it is a boom or bust industry. People can obviously be successful yet not be intelligent (my opinion) and I commend their ability to get to the top of a hyper competitive space The 99% comment was over the top and in retrospect, a mistake.
  5. Assistant Coach Salaries

    Ehhh, at least they get a buyout if they get fired. I'm a capitalist so I'm all for making as much money for oneself as possible. That being said, 99% of these guys would be gym teachers if not for football and the majority of these guys are dumber than sh**. But hey, GBR!
  6. Drago did you know...kill Apollo Creed.
  7. When Should You Go For Two?

    I would go for 2 every time if I coached HS Football in Louisiana. Them cajunz are ultra conservative despite having access to all that southern speed. Amirite or amirite there Nebrowski??
  8. Riley and the Direction of the Program

    Jimmy Garoppolo and Matt Cassel both say hello. http://www.espn.com/nfl/player/gamelog/_/id/16760/jimmy-garoppolo There's a link to his 2016 game log, when he played...he looked pretty good.
  9. Riley and the Direction of the Program

    This issue has a lot to do with the lack of depth in the OL and the wear and tear of the season. Nebraska has lost the "engine" in both recruiting and then coaching up that was once our hallmark. Thus, to truly "restore the order" Nebraska must bring back her mindset and tradition that led to producing great offensive lineman. This is the one area of concern that I don't know if MR really gets. We shall see. Agreed. Nebraska hasn't really done a great job building O-Lines since Callahan was the HC (not surprising given Cally's background). I'm not looking to see exponential improvement but if Nebraska was a '2' on a scale of 1-10, I need to see Nebraska and Cavanaugh get the O-Line to at least a 6/10.
  10. Well, me thinks the CU BJs got "jobbed" a bit by the pollsters as w 2 losses, one to #1 Villanova(at the time #1), they climbed to #7, THEN they lose to Geotown, I think, and ok they lose by 20, and blamo, they get dropped FIFTEEN spots in the polls and they still had a better record than some of the teams that jumped 'em. So, maybe they aren't, like the Husker's weren't, a top 10 team to start with OR the pollsters were/are WHACK. Take yer pick. Big Red, barely getting by mediocre competition, went from 22 to 15 in 1 week which was a ridiculous jump, then 12, then 9 the 8--and everybody outside the NE bubble and some within knew it was a fraud ranking, then blamo they lose a respectable match @ Wiscy, drop 1 spot then, blamo, they get decimated by a YOUNG tOSU team and realitay asserts itself and it was over from there. Even if TA hadn't gotten injured, it's not so clear if GBR wouldn't have lost the last 2 games they lost. Now, I for one, didn't think tOSU was an athletically 59 pt better team than us and I kind of hang that one on the coaches, Banker, as the D was completely lost the whole game and stopped NOTHING. But I don't think we were ever a top 10 team either way, best case scenario maybe 15 or so. At this point, it's rather moot. My contrasting CU and WVB and GBR FB is fairly clear as to the point I'm making. Creighton's drop was a little steep but justified given that their starting PG and heart and soul of the team tore his ACL. Your point comparing the 3 teams isn't even remotely clear. Mostly because your speaking in yarns and whimsical half speak. Which formerly banned poster are you again anyway? Regardless, this is a pointless discussion.
  11. Ummm, so yeah....Creighton isn't a top 10 team anymore. If you do recall, Nebraska's football team was also ranked in the top 10 last year at one point. Not sure where you're going with the last paragraph. It's pretty well documented in multiple places why Nebraska struggles to achieve top 15 recruiting classes.
  12. Early 2017 Top 25

    We all agree that the Darlington package should be called 'Zack Attack' right? I mean, I'm not even open to hearing other suggestions.