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  1. Xmas32

    Where does Frost go from here

    I don't see Frost changing schemes ever, especially with a frosh QB. Personally, I'd rather get as much of the beatings, lumps and crappy execution out of the way in one season versus a kinda half baked effort this year because Nebraska dumb downed the scheme.
  2. That was a really enjoyable read. Kudos to Mgoblog. The QB Dilithium scale with Navarre being a 1 Denard a 10 caused me to laugh a lot harder than I should have. I'm still chuckling about it. Do you guys remember Navarre in college? He made Tanner Lee look like Crouch! If nothing else it was good to see another fan base dread what's potentially coming down the pike. Game recognize game if you will.
  3. 6-3 YTD: South Carolina -2 Wake Forest +7.5 La Tech +21
  4. Xmas32

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    After rewatching SMU/UM on BTN Football in 60 and watching James Proche from SMU run wild like Hulkamania out of the slot/motion I'm officially all in on JD this week on my CFB DFS teams. Plus he's crazy cheap at $4100!?! $4100! That's nuts!
  5. Xmas32

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    So... Or what?
  6. Xmas32

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    It's close...I'd probably That '15 MSU defense was pretty darn good with Calhoun/McDowell/Heath on the D-Line although I'm not sure any of those guys have quite the top end wrecking power of Gary. Winovich is similar to Calhoun. Where UM I think has the edge is at LB and the secondary. That MSU team didn't have anything that resembles Devin Bush. I watched quite a bit of the SMU/UM game and I'm holding out some hope as SMU was able to move the ball quite a bit on UM. It's going to take a herculean effort from the O-Line to have a shot. On Offense, I still don't think Patterson is anything special. I'll be curious to see what the total is. A few bucks on the under might be the play.
  7. Xmas32

    Tempo and Speed (or lack thereof so far)

    I think the most apt comparison on things like tempo, vertical routes, etc would be to watch UCF's 2016 offense and see how it progressed over the year as they transitioned from O'Leary's offense. I admittedly didn't watch too much UCF outside of the Bortles BCS bowl season but I though O'Leary ran a similar offense as Riley (I could be completely wrong obviously). If we try to use the 2017 offense as a benchmark, we're in for a whole lotta disappointment.
  8. Xmas32

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    Let's not forget Bosa's dad is an ex NFL'er too. Those dudes have monster work ethic no doubt, it helps when you hit the genetic lotto too. To stay on topic: As I'm sure many mentioned, Mo Washington has some serious, serious juice. He and Martinez are going to be a zone read nightmare in the future. U 57.5 was absolute lock city Hard to take much away from the offense as Bunch played like...well a walk-on 3rd string QB.
  9. Xmas32

    Nebraska Wrestling

    Nebraska picks up a commitment from Kevon Davenport from Michigan. Projects to be a 149/157 in college. Currently the #23 Senior recruit in the country per Intermat. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/20540
  10. Xmas32


  11. YTD: 5-1 Louisville -22.5 UW/Utah U 47.5 Alabama/Ole Miss O 71...my goodness that's a giant number haha. Other bets considered Mizzou -7 (now down to -6...yuck on line movement against me) Texas/USC U 48 (now down to 47) NU/Troy U 57.5
  12. This is a fair point for sure. Early in my recruiting career, I worked a lot of positions where recent college grads were highly desirable and I got the chance to talk with quite a few UNL grads. It seemed like it was a mixed bag with how much/little career services prepared them (probably dependent on which person helped them). The majority of the grads I spoke with had at least gotten a bit of advice but you could tell it was given from folks who hadn't been in the real business world for a long, long time (if ever.)