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  1. Mods,




    I've got no request. Just seemed like the recent status trend to start with Mods.

  2. Sucking as coach is one thing but there is only one right answer for which was worst for our program. Callahan. Tore down years of tradition, first to take us away from our power rushing identity, alienated former players.....Anybody who answers anything other than BC being worst for the program doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. It really isn't even close to being debatable. There is a huge difference between driving it into the ground and trying but failing to resurrect it.
  3. Fast Food Chicken

    I love me a Chick-fil-A #1 original sandwich. Just juicy fried breast, pickle and the bun. Pretty good IMO. I've tried their grilled one....it sucks. Also still have to go for KFC every once in awhile. Really like their original recipe but they have been using crappy chicken for a looooong time. Never have had anything very good from Popeyes and haven't tried any of the others. This won't count because it's not fast food but the old Lee's Chicken in Lincoln may be the best I ever had. There also used to be a place called The Wayside Inn in Berthoud, CO. Their's was really good also. And back in the day it was pretty hard to beat Dreisbach's in Grand Island for fried chicken.
  4. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    Not that NIU wasn't bad but IMO a couple performances by Pelini teams were worse. A certain Wisconsin game comes to mind. Is Gordon still running.....?
  5. We Fall From Grace - Together

    Sorry, 2009 is NOT when things started going wrong for the Huskers. The exact day you are looking for is the 2001 game vs CU in Boulder. I couldn't care less when Texa$$ started sucking. The longer the better in my book.
  6. Who should we hire

    I think most of those things have logical explanations. He was distant with Bo because he knew he'd be firing him. Same reason he didn't comment during the season for Bo, it was already a foregone conclusion, he didn't have to spin it for the public like now. I agree on the odd hiring of Riley and any apparent lack of looking elsewhere. I get that leader's values trickle down etc., I just think that part of it is of minor significance in this type of setting. He could be highly demanding of perfection and performance but do we really think that would change what we're seeing. IMO, if it's the coach demanding it, sure but if it's the AD it probably has very little effect. IMO he made a bad hire and has to be held accountable for it but other than that, he probably has little influence in the football arena and how the hire works out is largely out of the AD's control. That's why he should have done a better job with the hire. That's about the only shot he gets. Nobody cares if the tennis coach is a stinker but football, basketball, volleyball.....you better do your due diligence and then hope like hell the stars align cuz you're joined at the hip on day one.
  7. Who should we hire

    I wholeheartedly agree. Eichorst needs to go. But my point has been that many are acting like that is enough. Like football things will improve because he is gone. Other than the bad hire, he has had about zero influence on our play on the field, and that will be the case for the next guy as well. He'll either make a good hire and look like a genius or he'll make a bad one and be vilified....or he'll make a good hire and that coach won't succeed for a myriad of other reasons. Maybe it's a stupid point I'm trying to make.
  8. Who should we hire

    I don't have any problem holding him accountable. He should go before or at the same time MR does. But he is not the problem and replacing him does nothing directly for the football product. If the next guy makes a good hire and if it works out, great. But that AD will likely have as much to do with getting beat by NIU or struggling through these 3 games as SE did. I know he is ultimately responsible for what happens but I think you get my point.
  9. Who should we hire

    Let's assume this is all true (which I think it probably is). I've never thought the bad relationship was all Pelini's fault or maybe even partially Pelini's fault. But how can we fault SE for doing what he was hired to do? Seems like it doesn't count at all towards what kind of an AD he is. The powers that be wanted Pelini out and SE was the hatchet man. That doesn't make him a bad AD but in Bo's eyes it sure might make him what Bo called him. IMO, SE is responsible for hiring MR and that's about the extent of it. If MR doesn't/isn't getting the job done, game over for SE also. And it doesn't even mean he is a bad AD. Just means he made a bad hire. But all that Pelini BS....that was just him doing what he was hired to do and it doesn't excuse Bo's lack of results on the field. If I knew my boss wanted to fire my a$$ and I was getting paid what Bo was, my response would be to make it impossible for him to fire me by kicking the dog crap out of every team we faced. Then I'd generate support to run off SE. Bo went about things in another fashion. Sorry if this is a bit off topic but I really don't see where SE is our main football problem. I've got no dog in the fight, I just don't get it.
  10. Terry Pettit on the current Husker fishbowl

    meh...Eichorst may or may not be a good AD but he has very little to do with what we see on the football field IMO. We can blame him for hiring Riley or any number of other things but the football product is Riley's responsibility. Same with Pelini and his comments about SE being a lawyer and a Pu***. Even if that is true, how does it excuse all the records of futility and blow out losses Bo suffered as HC? Bo's disdain for the expectations of the fanbase? Bo's unacceptable demeanor? I really wish people would quit acting like firing Eichorst solves our football problems or somehow makes the team play better. Eichorst may need to go since he is tied to the hip with Riley's success, or lack thereof, but he is not responsible for the problems we've seen on the field these first 3 games or last season's late implosion or the prior season's lack of clock management. He isn't the fricking coach, he doesn't develop the offensive line, he doesn't call the plays, he isn't the one who tells our corners to give a 15 yard cushion at the line.
  11. This all started 20 years ago

    I agree that the blame and responsibility ultimately is in the here and now. But it is inevitable for us to keep bringing up the past decisions that have contributed to where we are as a program. Nothing we can do about it now but it is what it is. I don't think it's necessarily making things fit a narrative or diverting blame. If we don't take lessons from history then we are more apt to make similar mistakes again. I totally agree that talking about Frank, Tom, Callahan, Pederson etc. does nothing to fix our current problems but it's unavoidable when dissecting where we're at today.
  12. This all started 20 years ago

    There might've been a better choice on staff than Frank. Frank may have adjusted to the role given a bit more time. But I don't think naming a successor from within was a mistake. In fact, going outside the family (Callahan) was by far the biggest mistake that was made. It took TO many many years to put that machine in place. It was reload, not rebuild. Today's landscape significantly shortens the timeframe in which to do it. The only reason even Tom was able to do it was by having a reasonable level of success along the way. It was probably easier to do it in those days as the Big 8 was pretty much ruled by Oklahoma and Nebraska but it is going to take the relative level of success we had in the 70's, 80's and early 90's to get it going again. It's going to be tougher that's for sure but a few cog's and the occasional conference championships is not out of reach. Make no mistake, that is the standard that will be required for any coach to have longevity here and they'll only get about 3 or 4 years to do it or show high progress towards it. I don't think it's an unreasonable standard, just a tough one. There are coaches that can be identified to have a higher propensity towards that goal. And side note.....really? Hire Nick Saban in 98? That would've been crazy. Hindsight from 20 years later doesn't make that make sense. If that was the answer, why didn't Saban win all those titles at Michigan State instead of at Bama?