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  1. Could Riley Survive this season? (Poll)

    I guess that makes some sense. I just hadn't considered that it was remotely possible this team could win 7 conference games. I think they'll be lucky to win 3 more based on what I've seen thus far.
  2. Could Riley Survive this season? (Poll)

    Somebody would have to explain to me how they think MR can possibly survive with only 7 or 8 wins this year when the AD that hired him is gone. Any one of you 44 people want to try to enlighten me. I could be missing something but that seems really farfetched.
  3. Could Riley Survive this season? (Poll)

    I really think he has to win the division, if not the conference, to keep his job. Normally it might be a bit less than that but with a new AD coming in that raises the bar some IMO. I really wanted to say I'm behind him if he gets it turned around but swipe left, I'm done. I really like MR as a person but I do not like the style of offense this staff wants to run. If we're resetting, which we are, no better chance than now to get away from this fancy a$$ finesse BS and start working on the lines and punishing some people with a little smash mouth ball.
  4. Eichorst Fired!

    IDK, I think MR needs to make the ccg, if not win it, to save his job now. 6-3 or 7-2 in conference ain't gonna cut it IMO.
  5. Eichorst Fired!

    You might say I handle the information super highway AND aquatic concerns....
  6. Eichorst Fired!

    I'm not fully at liberty to divulge but......today there was plane spotted leaving Omaha.....and another spotted landing in Lincoln. Just sayin.
  7. Huskers worth $500,000,000+ According to WSJ Report

    Should we sell? Who handles these things, Sotheby's?
  8. Mods,




    I've got no request. Just seemed like the recent status trend to start with Mods.

  9. Sucking as coach is one thing but there is only one right answer for which was worst for our program. Callahan. Tore down years of tradition, first to take us away from our power rushing identity, alienated former players.....Anybody who answers anything other than BC being worst for the program doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. It really isn't even close to being debatable. There is a huge difference between driving it into the ground and trying but failing to resurrect it.
  10. Fast Food Chicken

    I love me a Chick-fil-A #1 original sandwich. Just juicy fried breast, pickle and the bun. Pretty good IMO. I've tried their grilled one....it sucks. Also still have to go for KFC every once in awhile. Really like their original recipe but they have been using crappy chicken for a looooong time. Never have had anything very good from Popeyes and haven't tried any of the others. This won't count because it's not fast food but the old Lee's Chicken in Lincoln may be the best I ever had. There also used to be a place called The Wayside Inn in Berthoud, CO. Their's was really good also. And back in the day it was pretty hard to beat Dreisbach's in Grand Island for fried chicken.
  11. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    Not that NIU wasn't bad but IMO a couple performances by Pelini teams were worse. A certain Wisconsin game comes to mind. Is Gordon still running.....?
  12. We Fall From Grace - Together

    Sorry, 2009 is NOT when things started going wrong for the Huskers. The exact day you are looking for is the 2001 game vs CU in Boulder. I couldn't care less when Texa$$ started sucking. The longer the better in my book.
  13. Who should we hire

    I think most of those things have logical explanations. He was distant with Bo because he knew he'd be firing him. Same reason he didn't comment during the season for Bo, it was already a foregone conclusion, he didn't have to spin it for the public like now. I agree on the odd hiring of Riley and any apparent lack of looking elsewhere. I get that leader's values trickle down etc., I just think that part of it is of minor significance in this type of setting. He could be highly demanding of perfection and performance but do we really think that would change what we're seeing. IMO, if it's the coach demanding it, sure but if it's the AD it probably has very little effect. IMO he made a bad hire and has to be held accountable for it but other than that, he probably has little influence in the football arena and how the hire works out is largely out of the AD's control. That's why he should have done a better job with the hire. That's about the only shot he gets. Nobody cares if the tennis coach is a stinker but football, basketball, volleyball.....you better do your due diligence and then hope like hell the stars align cuz you're joined at the hip on day one.