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  1. NM11046

    2018 mid-term

    If you want to help folks like O'Rourke from afar you can donate as little as $5 via: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/betochallenge Also I do text banking for him - happy to set you up if you want to assist! A job you can do from the comfort of your home when the Huskers are playing badly.
  2. Alan Selzer is William H Macy
  3. Matt Mitchell as Chris Pine
  4. FB Jared Wangler is Zorro the Gay Blade
  5. NM11046

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    I guess it was the lying about his past involvement with guiding other judicial nominees and then saying that his own feelings are "not something he can disclose" - his calling birth control "abortion inducing drugs". I find it alarming that anyone about to be put into the highest court in the land is ok with how the paperwork and evidence is being provided or held back - Durbin made an excellent point in my opinion, to say that he should be looking at this from a judges position - would he be ok with the info being shared with the defense at three am (40k pages?) before trial? Would he be ok with so little being available? If he's proud of his past, why is it that he is concerned with sharing this? If I was a judge on the up and up and proud of what I'd done, as a judge and as my time in politics I'd want everything out there. What little we've seen shows fibbing, outright lies, involvement in activities that are questionable at best (ie. torture) and we'll see Monday how the courts view his perjury - documents were just filed this morning to discuss that, and wait for it ............... the presiding judge is Merrick Garland. We're lucky that HIS record is one of fairness and non partisan positions.
  6. NM11046

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    See and I found him evasive and long winded to circumvent saying anything of substance. He could quote things and reference what he'd done but rarely was it related to the question he was asked. We are in trouble. I found his stance on many issues vague by his comments, but his past actions I find alarming. I think he'd be the worst addition to the SC since Clarence Thomas.
  7. I like Scotti if you're going with it, girl it up with an "i"
  8. I did, and then I had to go google what it all meant. I didn't see the director interview though - should I go back? Excellent show. I read the book, but don't have any memory of it so i really enjoyed it.
  9. NM11046

    Mayans MC

    I guess I left when they went to Ireland. Just got to be too much, to unbelieveable. Nothing in particular that made me turn it off, at some point you just have to break up, and something better came along.
  10. NM11046

    Mayans MC

    DVR is set too .... I watched SOA until about the last year, when I felt it jumped the shark.
  11. NM11046

    *** Official CU Look-A-Like Thread ***

    Chance Lytle is Bruce Vilanch.
  12. NM11046

    *** Official CU Look-A-Like Thread ***

    Javier Edwards (NT) and sad emoji t-shirt
  13. NM11046

    *** Official CU Look-A-Like Thread ***

    Jake Yurachek (LB) is the nice, smiley version of Kanan Ray (OL)
  14. NM11046

    *** Official CU Look-A-Like Thread ***

    Evan Price (Place Kicker) is xmas elf