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  1. Gun Control

    I wish more gun owners felt this way, instead of saying "nothing is going to change", "blah, blah, blah it would be too hard to enforce", "people would get their hands on them anyway"
  2. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    There's a real interesting thread on FB from a parent of the school who is also on the school board. I believe there was a guard there at the school and he was nowhere near the entrance or where the shooting happened. One of the issues was entrance wasn't a single point of entry as the board had been lobbying for. So guard, perhaps that's reasonable, but armed I struggle with.
  3. Russia

    Russia. #uck that guy.
  4. I have found anything I really want to watch I have to get on disc
  5. I love that stuff too. When you finish it try out The Borgias (Jeremy Irons' version), Victoria on PBS, The Queen on Netflix, and I love Reign (a moderized version of Mary Queen of Scotts). There are a few more I'll send your way if you like. Also Rome was excellent on HBO.
  6. Gun Control

    3/24 - DC March as well as others locally. https://www.marchforourlives.com/mission-statement
  7. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    March 24th if you have good shoes and really believe in doing something. This page below will be updated with local marches (I understand Boston, Phoenix and Omaha are all in the works as well as others) if you can't get to DC. https://www.marchforourlives.com/mission-statement On a side note, if you haven't participated in a march in the last couple years I highly recommend it - it's good for the heart and it will reassure you that you aren't alone. There is power in numbers.
  8. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    Forgive my naivete on specifics on gun types. Why is it that you can't use a shot gun or rifle for coyotes or game hunting? Why do you need high volume for a small animal in the wild?
  9. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    I don't think that's at all what he's saying. I think the argument is that why would anybody say we should just sit on our hands and do nothing? Sure, there are tons of responsible gun owners. Most of them would agree that what' happening is not acceptable. We need to get on board with them and the non gun owners do SOMETHING.
  10. Gun Control

    So if you have strong feelings about the situation with guns in the US, take a look at how your rep(s) vote. Differ from them opinion wise? Let them know: Contact your rep: https://www.congress.gov/members?q={"congress"%3A"115"}
  11. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    Make auto/semi autos illegal - all states. Make bump stocks and silencers illegal - all states. Background checks required - all states. No same day sales and require 3week wait time for possession/ownership. Limit total number of guns liscensed to any one person and establish a max number of guns liscenses to any one household. No sales to anyone under the age of 21. No sales to people with mental health records. No sale and removal of guns to anyone accused or convicted of abuse of another person or animal. Require passing of gun saftey class and photo liscense annually for all gun owners. Required classwork and testing/certification for any business in order to sell guns. Demand businesses who sell guns have some culpibility for whom they sell to. Allow manufacturers to be sued for misuse. Establish a max number of guns that can be produced by any one manufacturer per year. No gun ownership for convicted felons for 5+ years. Make personal gun tax annual and a premium price per gun. Demand gunnowners have personal insurance for ownership. Price guns similar to vehicles. Top of mind stuff. None of which demands regulations different than what we have for other items used in daily life that can kill people.
  12. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Kristol was speculating that based on the "right hand man" position that Gates served to Manafort he would likely have been privy to actual conversations w/Trump or second hand (relayed by Manafort) and that that would open new avenues. It's no wonder Don was loosing it on twitter this weekend.
  13. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Guess when some news broke ...
  14. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    I've been traveling, but boy oh boy is our fella unraveling! Feel like for posterity sake I need to capture the craziest tweets here, as it would be a shame to stop now. Seems like he's been stewing in FL this weekend since the additional indictments were announced, and sounds like Gates has flipped, which should really set him off. Hmmm - so DACA started in 2012, and the bigger problem is that he thinks that the office of President is one of the branches of government. Now granted, I was out of pocket - but how did infrastructure week go? Classy taking a national tragedy and turning it into politics, but heaven forbid it be a gun discussion. No, this is a DACA issue (?) The man's not right in the head: