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  1. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    I'm still trying to wake up a bit this morning, but doesn't the second tweet say opposite the first?
  2. Trump's America

    I totally understand, but dont doubt your contributions - lots of great insight here from pretty diverse backgrounds. Age, where you live, sex, race, etc etc all factor in to us being better informed with varying perspectives. Often times I find I have a strong opinion on something but I dont know why. I either learn from folks here or do my own legwork in order to participate and defend. Its a safe place to ask questions.
  3. Trump's America

    Welcome Wiu - Hope you stick around this forum. With all this maddness I do think the one positive that comes of this time in history is that many of us are getting better educated, up to date and involved with politics.
  4. Board Forum Reorginazation

    Come on Knapp - all the pictures obviously show that you only had 1900 posts. Quit Trumpin'.
  5. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Funny how he "got all the facts" in a matter of hours from spain vs what he got from Virginia which took days. Prbably because of proximity to New Jersey.
  6. Nice banner, NM11046. :D

    1. macroboy


      I just got played.

  7. Board Forum Reorginazation

    THANK YOU! And to clarify on #2 - If I select "Unread Content) from any of the menus it brings up that page ... in the right hand area beneath the sort features I have a choice of either choosing to view this as Condensed or Expanded. Just wondering if its possible to lock one of those views so that it appears that way moving forward.
  8. Board Forum Reorginazation

    Not positive this is the best answer, but if you go to "browse" you should be able to pull up the status page looking like we're used to.
  9. Board Forum Reorginazation

    Two questions - apologies if they're answered elsewhere, I'm struggling a bit to navigate the site: 1. Is there a way to go to the most recent post in a thread? Or do they now just open to the first page, first post of each thread? 2. Is there a way to lock my settings in order to see the "condensed view" of my new material page?
  10. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Saw a great suggestion this morning - for all the monuments of these confederate "heroes" that all of the monuments should be moved into the lobby(s) of Trump buildings.
  11. Trump's cabinet

    That was a VERY calculated move - toward what I'm not sure, but he didn't do it by accident.
  12. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I saw a rumor today that I'm sure now was just that ... cuz it certainly would have made headlines if it were real, but it said Mueller delivered supoenas to Trump companies.