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  1. WR Joshua Moore

    That's you man. Shouldn't judge a kids relationship with a sibling or how they honor or remember them or if they do at all. We have no idea how JM lives his life or how his family views his brothers death etc. You're taking a swing at a kid cuz he didn't choose us. Let him be. Be better.
  2. Political Bias/Knowledge Quiz

    Humbling. Made me feel kinda dumb! Political knowledge - 7/18 (38.89%) Bias - 52.7% My big misses were the economy (no surprise - I've got zero passion for that topic)
  3. The statement was just too ridiculous. All set now.
  4. So you're saying me, Jane Doe can walk into your school in NE and say that 10 years ago you grabbed my ass and you should lose your job?
  5. Seriously? If you are not a public official, and the groping didn't happen at work or involve coworkers or clients your boss has very little interest or reason to know or care about your groping. Much less discipline/fire you for something that you did in private. As horrible as assuault/harrassment is that's a reach teach.
  6. The Republican Utopia

    Wonder if Susan Collins regrets that vote last week?
  7. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Wouldn't it suck to have a lawyer tagging along every time you talked with your parents?
  8. LB Javontae Jean-Baptiste

    Must be a pretty smart kid. Nice list for academics there.
  9. And the catholic church has shown itself to be a fantastic institution of enabling on a number of issues.
  10. I liked it far better than Making a Muderer. Made me even more convinced that my Catholicism is a thing of the way, way, way past.
  11. The Republican Utopia

    I'm trying to take some comfort in the number of absentee ballots requested in AL being SIGNIFICANTLY higher than normal.
  12. The Republican Utopia

    Welcome indeed! I'm psyched when anybody thinks through positions based on experience and knowledge and not party lines - you'll enjoy the discussion and challenges here BR40. Happy to have you here.
  13. ***2018 Recruiting***

    I don't believe it's affiliated at all with the Uni (or at least that is what it says in the profile). Just some dumb fan that picked an official sounding name.
  14. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    He is either the dumbest guy on the planet, or so self absorbed he thinks he is invinceable ... which I'm leaning toward. He obviously thinks he has some friends in high places who will bail him out one way or another. A drowning man grabs onto anyone trying to save him and takes them down with him.
  15. The Democrat Utopia

    I have some personal ties to Joe Kennedy - he is def considering it ... to the point that folks that he'd want in roles important to him have been talked to. If it's not 2020 it will be sometime in the near future. Not sure his aspirations as P or VP though. Or who he'd like to run with - I'll have to poke around on that one.