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  1. Barbara Bush Passes Away

    They say the amount of security and his body guards etc would have been distracting.
  2. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Not enough women, muslims or mexicans involved for him to mention it. And Hilary/Comey/Mueller/Sessions were not there.
  3. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Won't it be great when he pardons his family, and then the civil suit goes forward - they lose and end up either going bankrupt with lawyers and payouts OR (more likely) they have to admit they never had the money at all in the first place and can't pay?
  4. Barbara Bush Passes Away

    It seemed pure too right? She seems to fake a grimace with her husband, the only other time I see her smile is when she's with kids doing visits or talking to her son.
  5. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Opinion of one but I think nothing re: the funeral of a former first lady should have exclamation points.
  6. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    The Bushes told him he was not wanted at Barbara's funeral .. so he's golfing & tweeting and sending Melania.
  7. Not at all. He got to be such a distraction that last season. Jian Yang is actually better.
  8. Weird Time for Christians

    I'm a little late to the discussion on this ..... but, data I have seen this week show that 54% (or similar) of white men support him. You're saying this is due to his economic ideology? If so, wouldn't that align more to age and go across sex and race lines?
  9. Great minds @Omaha-Husker
  10. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Who wants to tell him it wasn't "released" .. but leaked by his buddies?
  11. It's the best thing since early seasons of The Office, better cuz it's on HBO and there's no caution. Tip to tip efficiency.