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  1. sunday morning

    No man on that team is going to throw his coaches under the bus. Just like they wont't throw other players under the bus. Come on man. Using a mature press conference performance to say this team is not being guided well by this man is a stretch.
  2. Bo Pelini & Ma'Lik Richmond

    All assistants, so the angry big nosed man's name stayed off it. I didn't think it was possible to dislike his time here and his lack of morals more.
  3. Boy there's a ton to unpack there, but the big take away for me is that Americans' don't hold views on things, but instead vote based on tribalism. True, and scary.
  4. Bo Pelini & Ma'Lik Richmond

    Hmmmmm - I'd like to take a look at Bo's recruiting profiles.
  5. To you Buckeyes - have a great time! Thanks for making the trip.
  6. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    It's horrible for me to say, but I wish that Trump or his family were impacted by this. Since he has zero empathy he won't be impacted when all his followers are the ones hit hardest by this. All those people that hated being "forced" to have insurance, that are "healthy" and don't need it. It will be interesting to see the interviews with his blind followers from the hospital, from bankruptcy court, from chemo clinics.
  7. Trump's America

    Hey Fanatic - after you make that call here's another one to make to your state:
  8. Trump's America

    I miss John Adams.
  9. Resistance Action Items

    Time to get this thread active again. Assignment for the next day or two: ADVOCATE FOR COMMON SENSE GUN PROTECTIONS: Write: Or email your 3 MoCs (red or blue). Script: Dear [name], The tragic events in Las Vegas make me feel [emotion]. I believe we can do better as a country to protect all people. Data shows that better laws prevent unnecessary deaths. Do you have the will and the courage to write them? Name, party, address
  10. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    Glad you're ok - I assume you got a PPI Rx or something to help? Heartburn is a bitch.
  11. Curious Sho - what the ratio of men to women? When you look at leadership are those minorities up there? Are the women?