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  1. Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    Probably I should have been clearer. If Ron Brown truly didn't think this was an issue people would talk about then he's learned nothing and hasn't reflected on his past behavior at all. If I (Scott Frost) was adamant about hiring him, and felt strongly that he brings a benefit to my team that I can't find in any other coach, then part of the deal would be that Ron has to proactively get ahead of this. He has to show me, my AD and the public (as well as the student athletes) that he is accepting and open to different sexual orientations. Acknowledge that he made a mistake and show what he is doing or doing differently now. It can't have been a surprise to the university that his rehire has created this public dialogue. I would expect that in his interview with Moos he had to acknowledge the situation and explain how he was going to treat a gay player? An atheist? A fan who wrote an op ed in the Journal Star? Hecklers at away games? It just wasn't that long ago that he said he went to Liberty because he said it was a better match for him, that he felt there his beliefs and desire to share them publicly was the fit. What changed? His beliefs? The size of his paycheck? The scale of his potential to make a difference? You don't hire a man to be the mentor to the young men of your team if you don't agree with his approach. So while I was stoked with the Moos hire, and with Frost coming back, their decision here takes a lot of the sparkle off the program. Sadly.
  2. Ron could put all this debate to rest by using his role immediately to do outreach to LBGTQ players and to everyone else on the team to establish a dialogue about respect, equal treatment regardless of sexual oreintation etc. If he doesn't (imo) we have his statement, and I don't agree with it. The best thing a coach to young men can be is an example, one during the good times when they make the right decisions as well as when they make a mistake and show maturity and openness to acknowledge it and correct it.
  3. But he wasn't hired as a coach to impact players as such. He was hired as someone that Frost "wanted to influence the men, outside of a coaching role".
  4. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Give a read to the definition of democratic socialism - the short answer to your question is yes. Incentive is increased (or not) based on increased productivity. edit: posted this before I scrolled through and saw Big Red 40's Democratic Socialism comments - he nailed it.
  5. Just read that yes, Article 5 would be pertinent. And no he shouldn't meet with him, but he especially shouldn't do so alone. And I have a feeling he will do both. We should all be fearful of what will happen in that room. I can only hope that our men and women in the CIA/FBI etc have the capability to record what happens there and use it to protect the United States. I have no doubt whatever is discussed is not good for us citizens.
  6. And your comments about the 21 gun salute got me thinking, there are a lot of other countries that do this as well. 21 seems pretty universal (though some do 15) Other countries that also do this: 2.1Bangladesh 2.2Canada 2.3Republic of China (Taiwan) 2.4Czech Republic 2.5Denmark 2.6France 2.7India 2.8Indonesia 2.9Israel 2.10Philippines 2.11Poland 2.12Pakistan 2.13Romania 2.14Singapore 2.15Sri Lanka 2.16Sweden 2.17United Kingdom 2.18United States So glad you got me thinking historically this morning!!!
  7. Thanks for sharing Roxy - I'm not sure I understand the comments you make toward arrogant nation and it's relation to your god' words and teachings. Could you explain more for me? One thing to add, as a point of clarity:
  8. Dog People

    I will admit that the dog owners that dye their dogs colors are not right in the head. :-) This is timely, cuz if you want to see the love some of us have for the pups, ask how many of us stayed home last night cuz the 4th is a terrible evening for dogs.
  9. Pet Peeves

    Women who hover when they pee, then don't wipe up. I actually have a coworker that does this at meetings, where we all use the same toilet and she's 100% sure the next person in the stall will be a colleague or higher up she reports to.
  10. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Funny how this senate report was quietly released late in the afternoon of a federal holiday. I'm not sure why they'd be so bold as to come to the outcome and then try to hide it.