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  1. The debate is over... right?

    Agreed. Also I think Bradley was in for a play or two before Ozigbo. Maybe there is something behind the scenes but IMO they could be that inept.
  2. Ticket prices falling?

    He just told me North endzone.I didn't ask exactly which section.
  3. Ticket prices falling?

    A friend just called me and he got 8 tickets for $150.00. 30 rows up.
  4. Agree. I'm not sure if attitude is everything but it is absolutely alot. Definitely not irrelevant.IMO. Attitude can take you a long way. My son plays fb and wrestles and if you walk out without an attitude or ( the mindset as in previous post )you are going to struggle to win. I think this holds true in almost anything.
  5. If we beat Ohio State

    I'll go $100 too since I'll be hungover and not spent anything.
  6. If we beat Ohio State

    One drink? Or all night?
  7. Scott Frost is the next Tom Osborne

    Does Redux drink? Not that I care cuz those were some funny posts.
  8. Put Up or Shut Up Time

  9. Nebraska Home Night Streak

    I was at that first night game. Sort of. Steve Taylor and company took care of the Noles.
  10. ***2017 VISITOR LIST***

    Oh Yea. Totally agree. Just trying to be hopeful.
  11. ***2017 VISITOR LIST***

    Impressive list. Hopefully we will see a couple more of these with an N after their name soon.
  12. What did we learn-Game 5 Illinois

    I learned I like Ozigbo and Stille more each week.
  13. Blinders for hometown candidates?

    I will admit I am probably one of the guys with blinders on. Have been hoping we could get Frost back. Thinking this time it has to be Husker guy. After reading the board the last few days, realized it might just be me wanting the glory days back..Which i still do. If Frost is the best choice lets go get him. If the best choice is someone else, lets go get him, whatever it takes. This all depends on how this season plays out.
  14. Let Us Pray

    Cheer as the winners go by
  15. If we lose a CLOSE game to Northern Illinois

    No more predictions from me.