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  1. Who's Next?

    No he doesn't!
  2. Not even sure where Columbus, Nebraska is, but saw this on the news this morning... pretty cool!



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    2. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      I REALLY miss that kind of light show.  Can't wait to get back to the Midwest to live out the last part of my life.

    3. huKSer


      You should really discover Columbus

    4. NUance
  3. We're Number 2

    Yeah, I'm not buying it either. I'd imagine if any school could hang with the bayou boys when it came to drinking, it'd be Wisconsin.
  4. We're Number 2

    They are really good at covering up unbecoming matters, aren't they?
  5. We're Number 2

    I appreciate the loyalty and what not that the blue-hairs have provided for the program, but it is absolutely unreal that they get pissed about people standing. I remember during the 2011 Ohio State game, third quarter and we're finally starting the comeback, when some old fart got pissed at our family for standing up when the action was going on in the north end zone. Here's the kicker, the row behind us, where the man was sitting, started after the walkway, meaning there was a solid 7-8 feet between us and he was way more elevated than normal. He had a poor 16 year old usher come and tell us to sit down and, while you feel like a dick at the time telling the usher no, I'm not driving all the way from Dallas to park my butt on a bench.
  6. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Jesus man, I never remember Bo punching a player.
  7. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Was this when the we’re up 48 in the 4th? Like 2 minutes left
  8. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Lol this one still cracks me up. Muschamp is up there with Bo too.
  9. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    I think part of that is probably cause we watched more of Bo. Saban might not be as bad, but he is still a loose cannon from time to time. (This one might just be good coaching lol)
  10. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Winning solves everything! Case and Point: Nicholas Lou Saban Jr. In all sincerity, I do agree, not a lot of people like assholes
  11. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Ding. Ding. Ding. Funny, people give Frank a lot more benefit of the doubt because he was a more likable guy than Bo.
  12. Chances of dropping Adidas after our contract is up?

    Pretty much this!
  13. Would also agree with this. Sure, we want Wisconsin to be a rivalry because that would put us in a place we all probably expect the program to be (competing year in and year out for the B1G West) but it also isn't the case right now. Hopefully in the coming years. You're probably right, possibly a vocal minority.
  14. I think a majority of Nebraska fans continue to look down on the Hawkeyes and wouldn't consider it a rivalry. Unfortunately, they are correct (it isn't a rivalry) but for the wrong reason..
  15. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Hit the nail right on the head. I've been saying the same stuff on reddit, as the topics keep getting brought up. Once Tom's recruits were gone, it was all down hill. A 10-3 record is nice, but when you get blown out by a combined score of 69 (nice) to 17, it ain't as pretty. The '03 year was eerily similar to Bo's tenure.