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  1. Disappointing if true.
  2. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    A power clean is just an indication that the hips don't descend below the knees during the lift. Full clean (from the floor), hang cleans (high hang, low hang, pocket, etc), and box cleans, among others could all be done "power" or full (squat cleans isn't a term used outside of CrossFit). I wonder if these guys are squatting high bar or low bar in the back squat. If they have been using front squat for a couple of years and switch to a low bar back squat, the numbers they're lifting are going to go up by a very large amount regardless of whether they are actually stronger. I actually think the front squat translates to football better than a back squat. I really can't see a reason to have football players snatch at any significant level of effort. That's an incredibly technical lift for barbell athletes and would have a lot of injury potential for most football players.
  3. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    My guess is that he got it caught between the bar and the rack after a squat if he's grabbing outside of the hooks, which is likely for guys that size.. That would hurt. I've always been paranoid about that when re-racking weights.
  4. Khalil Davis Injury

    I'm guessing he got it caught between the bar and the rack during squats, which would suck. Can't really imagine how else this would happen.
  5. LB Caleb Tannor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    It's tacky. But... kids... This young man seems to have some personality and maybe just a bit of that ever important confidence. I sincerely hope that he can back it up.
  6. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Really hoping to hear on this guy soon.
  7. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    Begging is so unbecoming
  8. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    This has become the new norm. Nothing happens unless it's someone's fault and there will be accusations (and lawsuits).
  9. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    Damage and destruction are not clinical terms and have little value in differentiating between what would be expected with high intensity training and the medical condition of Rhabdomyolisis. Eccentric contraction, resistance exercise used to develop strength, and speed-strength training methods, are all associated with rhabdo. I don't think you can train an elite (hopefully) Division I football team without some risk of this situation. Reasonable caution should be exerrcised, and it sounds like it was. Football training isn't worth developing rhabdomyolysis, but, IMO, the nature of football training at a high level necessitates risking developing rhabdomyolysis...
  10. I sort of wonder if there was some degree of pressure from the new staff to make this decision. It opens up a valuable scholarship and we aren't in the luxurious position of being able to use them for (relatively) non productive members of the team.
  11. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    I don't understand your perspective fully. The only way to guarantee that rhabdo does not occur would be to avoid vigorous physical conditioning. There is no way for either the staff or the athletes to know where the line is between good hard work, and overwork... ALL physical training causes some degree of muscle fiber damage. It's simply a matter of how much is done and whether the body can respond productively to that damage. Rhabdo isn't really a binary diagnosis. There are highly variable levels of CK levels in the blood signifying muscle breakdown. At some point the number on the lab chart reaches the threshold to officially dx Rhabdomyolysis and significant concern for kidney function becomes the overwhelming priority for the health care providers.
  12. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    Old Man Syndrome.
  13. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    ^^^^^^ Nailed it! Along with a bunch of individual factors for each athlete, some physical, some mental. The athletes themselves can't really know when they're over the line either. What feels like good hard conditioning one time can be enough to put you in the hospital the next. I am thankful for my weak mental fortitude. It has protected me from rhabdo my entire life...
  14. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    Those may be valid points, along with the psychological drive to "prove yourself" to a new staff and quite possibly take the sting out of a failed season from last year. I'm sure there were a lot of factors involved. It will certainly serve as a reminder to all involved that Rome wasn't/can't be build in a day.
  15. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    ScottyIce; Well, fill out the FAFSA, enroll, and then we'll get to work. My tuition plan is affordable for most, but the acceptance rate is pretty low (mostly due to laziness rather than selectivity).