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  1. Funny article on Taylor Martinez

    I moved a bunch of posts that were derailing this thread to here: LINK Carry on.
  2. Countdown to kickoff...

    #52 John Garrison
  3. My Cousin Vinny was release in 1992. Do the math. Marisa Tomei. Definitely a vampire.
  4. Countdown to kickoff...

    #53 Thaddeus Randle
  5. Countdown to kickoff...

    #54 Aaron Graham ========================================== Edit: If you google "#54 Aaron Graham" it returns the pic above of Dominic Raiola that Saunders posted. (I started to post that pic.) You can tell it's Raiola because of the N patch on the shoulder.
  6. Wasn't crazy about Craig as Bond. He just doesn't look like a ladies man.
  7. Schreiber's Coming back

    That's great! Maybe things will come together this year.
  8. 2017 PGA Tour

    Xander Schauffele? Sounds like a French porn star. He's been hot the past month or so. I'd never heard of him before then.
  9. Countdown to kickoff...

    And brother Christian Peter. Here's a video of that TD in the post above by littler brother Jason: LINK
  10. Countdown to kickoff...

    #56 Jeremy Slechta
  11. I'm rewatching Deadwood, the HBO series. Just finished season 1. Pretty good TV viewing I'd say. :
  12. Land of 10: Top 25 NU Players of all Time

    And Roger Craig says hello... Yeah, true dat. Roger Craig's college/pro career was almost exactly the same situation as Rathman's. Better in the pros than in college. And for the same two teams! (Mostly.) Except Craig was a bit more notable at both college and in the pros. That, and Craig got eclipsed by Rozier his senior year.
  13. Land of 10: Top 25 NU Players of all Time

    Rich Glover at #12 is a travesty. No way he should be outside the top 5. As much as I liked him, not sure I'd put Tom Rathman up at #13. We didn't use him much, and didn't use him in the right way when we did. Rathman is one of those rare individuals who had a better pro career than college career. I'm guessing #1/#2 will be Tommie and Suh.
  14. I don't know much about Obamacare. So I just gave you a +1 instead. Great thread, btw! Somebody should have made this thread a couple years ago.
  15. Countdown to kickoff...

    #57 Chris Kelsay