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  1. Anything? Well, okay. The entirety of my knowledge in psychology comes from the psych 181 class I took my freshman year at UNL. But I remember one chapter in particular that described a rat maze study. I have a two part question about that study: 1) The study concerned a rat maze experiment with two groups of rats and a control group. Group 1 was trained to run a maze to reach a food reward. After a number of cycles their maze times improved significantly. Then Group II and Group III (control group) were put through the same learning process. Group II learned the maze faster than control Group III by a statistically significant amount. The difference was that before maze training of Groups II and III, the Group II mice were fed the brains of the Group I mice who had previously learned the maze. Eating the brains of the Group I mice who had already learned the maze made the Group II mice learn it faster. 2) Where can I purchase human brains? Preferably from smart people?
  2. Chicago Tribune Article on Santino Panico

    Played division 1 football, challenged the ncaa, fought underground MMA fights, and now he makes a hit documentary about veganism. Santino Panico is a man of varied talents!
  3. Bracketology

    BTN did a segment on the five most important B1G games left in the year. They list the PSU@NU game a week from Sunday as the biggest game in the conference. The Vault is going to be a mad house!
  4. Hittin' the links: Golf talk

    Ordered a Bushnell Neo Ghost today on the eBay. It gives front, back and center yardage to green. $80 new (demo model). I've been thinking about getting a GPS based yardage device for a couple years now, and this seems like a pretty decent price.
  5. I would have gone my whole life without trying it. But someone else ordered it once. And it was good! Green eggs and ham!!
  6. Ha ha! Am I the only man in America who actually likes pineapple on pizza! :)
  7. WTF is up with B1G basketball tonight??  Purdue loses to Wiscy, and Ohio St getting prison raped by Penn State.  Man oh man!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ladyhawke


      This just tells me that OSU and Purdue are beatable. Nebraska could take it all in the B1G tournament. Wouldn’t that be sweet!

    3. VectorVictor


      @ladyhawke I wish that were true, but Michigan State is a beast. 


      Having said that, getting runner up in the B1G Tourney and beating Purdue and/or tOSU for another quality win on our resume is entirely plausible at this point, as is winning out.

    4. NUance


      Seems like the Huskers are about as hot as any B1G team right now.  I feel like we can play with anyone on our home court.  And we have several impressive road wins as well.  If we could pick up two or three more wins--say, win two of our last three and pick up a win in the B1G tourney...  March Madness! 

  8. True dat. But not too much went to middlemen. I bought one in the diamond district in LA. Somewhere around 40% less than retail for a diamond of the same quality. Although I did have to spend two afternoons down there shopping and haggling. It was actually sort of fun.
  9. The operative words are "contract soldiers". There won't likely be repercussions over the deaths of mercenaries who attacked a U.S. position.
  10. Pretty good film. About the guy who started National Lampoon, wrote Animal House and Caddyshack.
  11. Talent Vs. Developement

    True dat. And another data point to consider is Bill Belichick. Despite all the measures built into the NFL to ensure parity, he continues to dominate. (Eagles fans might take exception. But you know what I mean. lol) Belichick is a master at finding guys that have been cut or overlooked by other teams, picking them up for cents on the dollar, and getting all-Pro performance out of them. What Belichick does is really a third category separate from (known) Talent and Development: He recognizes overlooked talent. Let's hope Frost's staff can do this as well. GBR!
  12. Tourney or bust ??

    Doesn't anyone remember the many years of Nebrasketball craptitude before Miles? I think we have more potential now than anytime in, like, forever. I think we'll make the Tourney this year. So it's a bit of a moot point. But even if we didn't, it seems like Miles has us headed in the right direction. That, and at some point you just have to pick a guy and stick with him. Tim Miles is as good as we're going to get. So it's crazy to talk about whether he'd be fired for not making the ncaa tournament this year. Crazy. /jmho
  13. Head Basketball Coach Search

  14. This from a segment on BTN's basketball roundup last night and this morning.