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  1. Big Ten as Vehicles

    Nebraska = the Tucker Combat Car. An awesome vehicle. Fast, lethal, armored. The turret had an anti-aircraft gun! We just need to give it a chance in battle. LINK
  2. Sex/Porn Addiction Recovery

    I've noticed nobody has posted in this thread. Perhaps nobody on HB has viewed porn. lulz
  3. "Poke that tiger in the eye.  Then shoot it."  —Herb Brooks

  4. Jordy Leaving Nebraska

    Weird. Jordy was finally starting to look better towards the end of last season. He was practically guaranteed a role. And he leaves? Just weird.
  5. Cleaning out my junk email folder this morning and found the email above. Sounds like my kind of gal! Now if I could only work up the courage to open the link of that video she prepared for me. Maybe the video shows me her juicy peach. You know, the juicy peach that is looking for a strong stick. lulz
  6. SCREENER: And then you called me a bitch right afterwards too. SCREENEE: I called it, yeah. POLICE: Sounds to me like some normal basketball s#!t. lol
  7. Weighed in at 201 lbs this AM. Down from 218 earlier this spring. I'd like to drop another 10 lbs or so to be at 190. I haven't really been on a strict diet or anything. I just cut back on portions, have been eating more vegetables and fruits, and haven't been eating as much meat or bread. I'd probably be doing better, except I refuse to give up ice cream or whiskey.
  8. What are you reading right now?

    "One Goal : A Chronicle of the 1980 U. S. Olympic Hockey Team" by Arthur C. Kaminsky and John Powers. Excellent book. I can't wait to rewatch Miracle now after reading this.
  9. Someone tried to insult me by calling me a corn eating Cornhusker fan.  I don't see how that's an insult. :shrug:

    1. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      That's the problem with you red wearing, football watching manly men, you don't realize when you've been insulted. 


      Sorry, didn't mean to be so harsh.

  10. He's about to hurt some feelings in the Big Ten

    Ha ha! I just came here to post that quote. I agree!!
  11. Husker Dream Team ... On a Budget

    $2 Turner Gill $3 Lawrence Phillips $5 Johnny Rodgers $1 1982 O-line $4 2009 defense Note: The 1982 O-line at $1 is the best bargain on the board. Including TE, the '82 O-line had an Outland winner and All American (Remington), a 3rd Team All American (OT Randy Theis) and an Honorable Mention All American (TE Jaime Williams). Of the six positions (including TE) four were All Conference that year. /imho
  12. Bourbon, Whisky and Scotch

    I've not heard of XR, but I like plain ole Crown Royal. I'm more of a bourbon guy too.
  13. Now that's a big brain!
  14. Movies.  Whiskey.  Two things America does better than the rest of the world.  /jmho

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    2. NUance


      I'm in Beijing right now.  They don't even have porn.  On the Internet anyway. And their whiskey--or at least the kind I tried, which is the most popular Chinese brand--is awful.  


      BBQ?  I dunno.  The way they BBQ stuff here is different.  But it's pretty good!

    3. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Two things, from a very, very, very long list....

    4. In the Deed the Glory

      In the Deed the Glory

      Beer, and after the rise of the craft brewer it really isn't close anymore