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  1. Man, what a totally f#&%ed up day.  Went in to work to catch up, and two people created total clusterf#&%s of the two different projects they were working on.  It's no wonder I drink heavily. 

    1. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      I totally feel your pain.  Have a couple for me, too!

    2. NUance


      So it is written.  So it is done.  

  2. Andrew Ward Leaving the Huskers

    "I'm sorry my time is up but I enjoyed Lincoln and the Beautiful fans while it lasted." --Andrew Ward ========================== It almost sounds like he felt he was being forced out. I doubt if that's the case. But based on his thank-yous, it seems like he might not be on-board with the new coaching staff. (pure speculation on my part) In any event, I wish him the best of luck wherever he lands.
  3. Best quote: "I'm never happy when any student is tased..." --Principal Vincent Alessi Wut?!? How often are students tased at this place??
  4. I hate it when you get shot in the stomach for not giving your date enough cash.
  5. Decker Stepping Away from Football

    So I guess our previous coach didn't have a huge impact on Decker. You know, coach Mike Reilly. ("I thank coach Mike Reilly, ... ) /spelling smack
  6. Ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah, we're good with Frank.
  7. Exactly! It was a tough thing to be the guy who followed Tom Osborne and the dynasty of 90s Husker football. Especially since the Huskers fell back to earth on his watch. Let bygones be bygones I say.
  8. For me it's a matter of degree. I have a couple of drinks every evening. But I only bump this thread when I'm really f#&%ed up. I mean, like Chrewy Chips Ahoy f#&%ed up. lol
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      This blank status update is part of a campaign to bump those status update whores GSG and ScottyIce off the Status update bar.  

    2. GSG


      I was just trying to bump that Michael Jordan status off the front page!

    3. Redux
  10. Best Win of the Riley Era

    I'm *happy* any time the Huskers win. The Sparty win was a close 2nd for me, among the biggest wins of the Riley era--sparse as that list is. 2nd for the reasons I mentioned above..
  11. Best Win of the Riley Era

    I'm one of the small minority of people who voted the UCLA win over the Sparty win. My reasoning: I'm a Husker fan first and foremost. But I'm also a B1G fan. When we played Michigan State we already had six losses. Our season was in the toilet. The Sparty win didn't salvage our season. And it almost knocked them out of the FBS playoff. (Maybe it would have been better if it'd knocked them out of the playoff since Bama whooped Sparty by five TDs. Ouch!). As for the UCLA win, it ended a crappy season on a high note, and gave us a bit of momentum going into the final month of recruiting. /jmho
  12. High res passport covers: https://www.passportindex.org/
  13. Once you start watching this video it's hard to look away. It's like looking at a ... car wreck. lol
  14. **necro bump!** Picked up a bottle of Wild Turkey rye this afternoon. I like it better than the Wild Turkey 101 rye I posted about above in this thread. Good stuff! Really good!