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  1. Most Dominant Quarter in MNC Game

    Not an all timer, but in recent memory I’d say the 2013 first quarter between Bama and Notre Dame. It was 21-0, five seconds into the 2nd quarter and Bama completely broke the will of the Irish after one quarter.
  2. Coaching Carousel

    Strongly disagree with a lot of your grades. Taggart is way above a C+, he’s a program builder, looking at his overall record is incredibly short sighted. Just look at what he did at WKU and USF, and when Oregon’s starting QB was healthy that team was an absolute force. Has deep ties to the state of Florida, FSU hit a homerun with this guy. Your grade on Cristobal strongly implies you did 0 research on this guy. Great recruiter, brought big time talent to a school like FIU. Was fired for no good reason from there. Oregon needed consistency going with a 3rd head coach in as many seasons, Cristobal is a great match. Moorhead, C+? Why? Think he was one of the best hires of the carousel. Herm Edwards at anything more than a D- is just wrong. Everyone knows this is a train wreck waiting to happen. Do not understand Jonathan Smith at a D- at all. Matt Luke got Ole Miss bowl eligible this year....with what they’re going through I think the guy deserves more than a D. Overall, I disagree with your assessment
  3. 2017 Coaching Changes- So Far!

    Really high on Cristobal. Never understood why FIU fired him
  4. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    The press conference at 4 to announce Frost makes no sense to me. We'll see, but I'm not buying it one bit right now
  5. Because Eichorst would've hired Charlie Weis. Now go
  6. Wins since 2000

    Duke has 58 wins since 2008, so only 10 wins from 2000-2008....that's ridiculous.
  7. Moos Cautions Players to Be Patient

    This is to be expected. Just remember, Suh was contemplating a transfer to Oregon St after the '07 season. Just relax y'all
  8. UCF/USF

    Flowers does this to just about every defense he plays. Absolute stud and a once in a generation type talent that USF couldn't get to a conference championship. SAD
  9. Non-Scott Frost Coaching Options

    As a USF alum, no....just no. He took over the most talented squad in team history and we've almost lost to Tulsa, Stony Brook and Tulane. He would bring Sterling Gilbert over as a playcaller who is just as bad as Langsdorf
  10. ***Penn State Prediction Contest***

    Penn St- 38 Huskers- 13 Pass- 204 Rush- 39
  11. Offensive style

    I don’t think people will care what our offense looks like as long as it works