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  1. Being thrilled about the resurgence of Husker Football under Frost and tempering expectations are not mutually exclusive. For example, let's say Nebraska Football is a person. This person was in the best shape of their lives in 1997; elite shape, few people have ever reached. Since 1997, they have slowly gained more and more weight. To the point they are now obese, slow and below their average peers. Well they went out and hired the best personal trainer money can buy. Can we be excited about the potential of this change, but not also expect them to be back in shape in 12 months?
  2. Definition of apathy 1: lack of feeling or emotion 2: lack of interest or concern : indifference
  3. QB Position Switches

    I just hope one of them is capable. We have a load of potential, but zero proven players in that room.
  4. Well it doesn't snow in Texas, so it's obviously down to us and OSU
  5. Also when you consider they had zero individual coaching time in practices under Diaco, no telling what some of the older guys have in the tank.
  6. ***2018 Recruiting***

    He's walking on and transferred in last semester. He said the coaches were just busy recruiting before they could add him to the roster. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/former-norfolk-standout-mccallum-joins-huskers-after-transfer-from-air/article_969118b5-1101-5193-ac24-bfd48b5bb425.amp.html
  7. ***2018 Recruiting***

    What is the penalty for accidentally going over the over sign by 3 rule?
  8. DT Masry Mapieu [Iowa Western - Signed LOI]

    Exactly, I was just going based on 247 composite.
  9. DT Masry Mapieu [Iowa Western - Signed LOI]

    I don't see how CJ Smith is analogous in anyway to what transpired here. CJ Smith was a late offer in a transition recruiting class. We had two in-state prospects of similar rank, with a huge timeline for the previous staff to choose who to offer. One was an academic risk and one wasn't. The staff elected to take the one with the academic risk and not so much as offer the other kid. This risk allowed our in-state kid to go to Wisconsin.