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  1. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Agreed. That's why it's crucial we secure a visit from JUCO CB Jeremy Webb this week. The IWCC OT looks like a long shot, which is sad considering the major offers he has got the last week.
  2. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Gebbia ran 77 times for 293 yards and 10 touchdowns his senior year, so he has some mobility. POB ran for 626 yards on 110 carries, with eight rushing touchdowns his senior year. Neither of them are game breakers at the position, but probably have enough to get it done.
  3. JUCO WR Jaron Woodyard [Nebraska Commit]

  4. JUCO DE Jordan Allen

    Dude, that was fun. I hope we land this kid.
  5. WR Justin McGriff [Nebraska Commit]

    I watched some tape. He's not going to burn past any elite corners, but presents a match up nightmare for a lb
  6. RB Joshua Fleeks [Baylor Commit]

    For sure. I guess I am just use to years past where we fill the class with low 3 stars with a new staff and limited time. I'm sure we will take some this cycle as well; however, it's nice to see them hit the ground running like this!
  7. RB Joshua Fleeks [Baylor Commit]

    Anyone else impressed with the caliber of athlete these guys are recruiting and securing visits on this late in the cycle?!
  8. ***2018 Recruiting***

    I hope the new staff over signs by the given 3 every year. We've had excess scholarships every year as far back as I can remember.
  9. JUCO OT Jahmir Johnson

    Does he not look 290 or is that just me?
  10. Oregon sucks who can we steal

    https://247sports.com/player/adrian-jackson-87603 from Denver and has an offer from the previous staff. https://247sports.com/player/warren-thompson-89545 from FL, had UCF offer. Seems like he's FSU bound though. https://247sports.com/player/isaiah-bolden-88682 From, FL, from FSU commit, so probably following him back to FSU, but has both a UCF and NU offer.
  11. JUCO QB Terry Wilson [Kentucky Commit]

    With Martinez moving up his visit, I wonder if Wilson is a Plan B if he doesn't commit this weekend.
  12. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Hank Hughes swung for the fences to try to bring a JUCO DE in the 2016 class and whiffed on all the following: Jordan Bonner Tramal Ivy(grades were a factor) Jonathan Kongbo
  13. LB Eriq Gilyard [Central Florida Commit]

    The Rivals' board is a cesspool. The UCF fans on CFB subreddit are fantastic.
  14. JUCO QB Terry Wilson [Kentucky Commit]

    Agreed. Also, POB didn't look very mobile in game action this year. Also, this kid spent a year in the Oregon System.