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  1. theknife

    ****Official Colorado Score Prediction****

    Nebraska 28 CU 21
  2. theknife

    JUCO RB Dedrick Mills [Nebraska Commit]

    Nice idea what he can do at the D1 level. Adds a power back with great balance and speed.
  3. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/08/27/stephen-jones-we-dont-know-of-any-new-trouble-for-randy-gregory/
  4. theknife

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I was under the impression they wanted 5 QBs on scholarship. Maybe it was just 5 total.
  5. theknife

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Do we look to add a 2nd QB in this class given the news?
  6. It could be as simple as not wanting to be a potential back up for a year, to just sit out another year if he decides to transfer. Unless he could graduate next year, transferring now makes the most sense.
  7. theknife

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Does that include Sedrick King moving on?
  8. theknife

    TO to Frost- Frost to ?

    OHHHHHHH! I agree, lol.
  9. theknife

    TO to Frost- Frost to ?

    The kicker reference was eluding the play that made Davison famous. TO to the Ginger was simply the succession of power in the AD position. Lastly, the writing prompt assigned to the class was TO to Gebbia, if you can't respect the creative liberties I took, I understand.
  10. theknife

    Final Vote - who takes the 1st snap at QB?

    Obviously, this photo is proof the situational scrimmage resulted in Mick being chosen as the starter following practice today.
  11. theknife

    TO to Frost- Frost to ?

    TO handed the reigns to Solich who was assassinated in the name of mediocrity by Pederson. TO returned to restore order to Middle Earth and fired Callahan and handed the Reigns to Pelini. TO then trusted a Ginger who turned out to be an assassin and killed Bo to hire the Nicest Guy in the world. TO gave his blessing to kill the Ginger Assassin and hire a Cowboy named Moos. Moos forged and alliance with TO and a Kicker of a WR to coup Frost from the South to replace the aforementioned Nicest Guy. Tom Osborne coached for 25 years, so following 25 years of coaching Frost hands off the reigns to his RB's back coach Ryan Held, following in TO's image who did the same. Held's grip isn't as tight as he thought and he is unexpectedly fired by a former Alumni turned AD Trev Alberts. Alberts' is stood up at the alter by Houston Nutt III and is forced to hire Brian Callahan, son of former coach Bill Callahan in a panic. Frost returns and fires Callahan and replaces him with, you guessed it, Patrick Pelini! Frost then hands the reigns to Chad Alvarez, son of Barry Alvarez.( Fun fact, Chad was arrested for killing a parrot IRL). Chad soon replaces Pelini in favor of an unexpected hire than no one understands. This fails, Frost gives the blessing for the hiring of Ben Moos, who hires Gebbia.
  12. theknife

    *Confirmed* - Avery Roberts to transfer

    Blink once for Geb, twice for Mart, and jazz hands for Bunch
  13. theknife

    *Confirmed* - Avery Roberts to transfer

    @Zacharias when will you have the inside scoop on the QB Race?!
  14. theknife

    *Confirmed* - Avery Roberts to transfer

    Good luck, Mr. Roberts.
  15. theknife

    Will Jackson leaves the team

    It's pretty crazy he would rather transfer to sit out a year to play on the scout team for someone else, than try to work his way up from our scout team. This after he enrolled in classes and was well into fall camp.