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      *NEW* Husker Football Commits - DE Casey Rogers, RB Miles Jones, WR Dominick Watt   01/16/2018

      Huskers get a commitments from   Avon, Connecticut Defensive End Casey Rogers Fort Lauderdale, Florida Running Back/Wide Receiver Miles Jones Hollywood, Florida Wide Receiver Dominick Watt   See the 2018 Class   Who's Next?
    • Mavric

      The 2018 HuskerBoard Starting Lineup   01/17/2018

      The 2018 HuskerBoard Starting Lineup is now live! Click HERE to read the rules, and look in the Contest Crib for nomination and voting threads throughout the next several weeks.   This is a great opportunity to say "thanks!" to your fellow HuskerBoard members for keeping you informed or entertained throughout the past year. Nominate your favorite HuskerBoard member today!

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  2. 2018 Season Predictions

    Gotcha. My bad.
  3. Assistants Announced

  4. 2018 Season Predictions

    sorry, sarcasm pointed at TA's and TM's injuries during their careers at NU.
  5. 2018 Season Notes

    That really sucks. Wonder if Alvarado will get the first shot as the closer now?
  6. Great linemen= great success

    They do get some money to eat at other places around town as well - at least part of the time. So they could also eat crap for free.
  7. 2018 Season Predictions

    That's making a lot of assumptions about what types of injuries the first two have.
  8. The Republican Utopia

    Remember.....this is the guy who criticized Obama for golfing too much.
  9. WR Joshua Moore

    Four of those school went through a massive coaching change, I don't understand...
  10. LB Javontae Jean-Baptiste

    In Nebraska, you aren't a legal adult until you're 19
  11. ***2018 Recruiting***

    I was wondering about this yesterday. We seem to be recruiting for more spots than we have available. We do have two academic risks. It would make sense that we'd have to recruit (for now) like we need to replace them. And it would also make sense that we'd be recruiting several backup plans. Will be interesting to see what the final number is.
  12. LB Javontae Jean-Baptiste

    Why would he need a lawyer? By law at 18 your not a kid. You can smoke, you can vote, you can join the military, your of legal age for consent etc etc
  13. NFL Playoffs

    Belichick will probably cut him now (no pun intended).

    Michael Thompson would be without a doubt the biggest pickup of this class, but I don't see him coming here. So for my vote, it is Javonte Jean-Baptiste with Calob Tanner a close second.
  15. Creationist - Evolution Belief spectrum

    I appreciate the comfort that gave and gives you Numb, but it's not really an answer is it? If that's the case why do pastors/priests etc preach that those things happen? Why is it in the bible? I am assuming that you were a younger guy when this happened, but did you ask any further? Would you now?
  16. The Republican Utopia

    And yet when an attempt was made to insure those folks in the military continue to be paid if there is a shut down: The turtle is completely open to holding children or military members as hostages to get what he wants. Shameful.
  17. Purdue beating Iowa 51-20 at half.... In Iowa City. lol

  18. QB Taulia Tagovailoa

    AKA Scott Frost!
  19. Today
  20. Government shutdowns

    I read a story about the radical experiment in conservatism the Trump administration is taking as they undergo their massive deregulatory agenda aimed at cutting costs & making the government more efficient. If they really wanted to do something useful, they'd be pushing to get rid of laws like that one ^^^^.
  21. The Republican Utopia

    Compare this, wherein Paul Ryan makes a promise to a Dreamer who is worried about being deported that she doesn't need to worry about any deportation force "Dreamer: Do you think I should be deported? Paul Ryan: No." "I'll even repeat the sentiment our incoming president says... is that is the problem he wants to focus on. This is not the focus... and so what we have to do is find a way to make sure that you can get right with the law, & we've got to do this is a good way so that the rug doesn't get pulled out from under you & your family doesn't get separated. That's the way we feel and that is exactly what our new incoming president has stated he wants to do... I'm sure you're a great contributor to [your] community, and we don't want to see you get separated from your family." "But if you're worried about, you know, some deportation force, you know, coming, knocking on your door, don't worry about that." "I think we have to come up with a solution for the DACA kids, & that is something we in Congress & the Trump transition team are working on, is what's a good, human solution." TO THIS: The truth is the government could be up and running, fully funded right now, if Paul Ryan weren't such an astounding moral coward & two-faced liar. He lied to that girl in that town hall audience & he's lied to all of us. He bricked the bipartisan deal because he was too afraid to stand up to the far-right bloc in his own House & say we're protecting the Dreamers. But he's sure willing to cloak himself in a flag & hide behind the troops while he tries to pin it on Democrats who tried to make him keep his word. Paul Ryan is an absolute fraud. And, not to kick the guy while he's down, but... The Kochs donated half a millions dollars into his coffers after he passed his tax bill.
  22. Athlon: Early B10 Predictions

    Yep. The worst p5 school is a better win than almost any non p5 opponent.
  23. Illinois isn’t just a scrub team, in four conference games they were one shot away from the W, but I agree that the team has been too inconsistent. I’m hoping Jordy getting himself right is the catalyst to the team gel’ing and going on a run.
  24. 2018 Season Predictions

    we'd never play the third stringer. we'd just trot either of the injured two back out there .
  25. LB Javontae Jean-Baptiste

    I hope you aren't hiring 18 year old kids and offering them a four year deal. If so hope you have a good lawyer.
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