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  2. Call Your Shot - Rutgers

    The problem is, we have done that every game so far.
  3. Who should we hire

    Honestly if we are going to have a losing season every year we start a new quarterback then no, let's end this all now.
  4. Who should we hire

    Personally, out of all the names mentioned there is only one I would run through a brick wall for and that is Scott Frost.
  5. Today
  6. CFB Week 4 Bold Predictions Thread!

    Mississippi State wins at Georgia. Iowa stuns Penn State. Kentucky ends the long losing streak to Florida.
  7. Who should we hire

    Stoops was/is a great coach. I think it's fair to want Stoops or Chip Kelly. I also think it's fair to point out that it is highly unlikely that either is going to coach at Nebraska. Either way, I think those two guys should be the first two calls when Nebraska is looking for a new head coach. Just have more than those two guys on the list of potential hires.
  8. Who should we hire

    One of those OU fans that bitched about Stoops is my godfather. He wanted Stoops fired back in 14'....I just looked at him and said that Nebraska would love to have him. There has been speculations on why Stoops quit, some believe it was health related while others believed it was due to how he handled the Joe Mixon ordeal, especially how the NFL and Baylor screwed up in similar situations. I have no reason to believe that Stoops would come to Nebraska but when you have a coach of that caliber not coaching anywhere you have to take advantage of that opportunity. If Hank Bounds and Ronnie Green truly want the Football program back to being relevant and competing on a championship level, then I would call up Stoops and offer as much money as possible to get him in Lincoln.
  9. Call Your Shot - Rutgers

    I'm getting cold feet. I don't know if it's the reluctance of anyone from Nebraska to talk about this game. Even the papers were just rehashing this morning. Maybe it's the fact I know Nebraska's defense has yet to get after it the way Eastern Michigan did. Perhaps it's the injuries and youth Nebraska is going to play, but many of Rutgers' players have yet to even play a road game. Logically, I know Rutgers lacks offensive playmakers and while that defense is scrappy, it's also being overrated. But I can't shake this late night feeling. Probably just that that burrito I ate.
  10. Who should we hire

    Mike Holmgren Don Shula Norm Peterson
  11. Who should we hire

    Mike Bloomgren? he's consistently put together some strong offensive lines at Stanford. Bill Bedenbaugh from Okla? Drevno from Mich? Whoever we bring in, it needs to be someone who is going to put major emphasis in the trenches.
  12. Who should we hire

    He quit a job where he regularly won 10 games and the conference, and fans complained that he wasn't doing well enough. Why would he come here?
  13. 'Mansplaining'

    This term is totally useless and a waste of time because minority actors have been cast in traditionally white roles too. Like that time Michael B. Jordan was the human torch in Fantastic Four.
  14. Who should we hire

    He's been at Utah for 24 years.
  15. 'Mansplaining'

    Here you go:
  16. 'Mansplaining'

  17. Love it when these are posted in the husker football forum. can we ban her already?
  18. Huskers @ Penn State, @ Rutgers

    that's amazing!!!! great job huskers!
  19. CFB Week 4 Bold Predictions Thread!

    That the Rutgers game will be canceled to write 50 more articles on Eichorst and Riley.
  20. CFB Week 4 Bold Predictions Thread!

    Michigan holds Purdue to under 14 points and wins by 24, usually wouldn't consider this bold but Purdue seems to be a trendy upset pick. Kentucky ends their 30 game losing streak against Florida UCF beats Maryland in College Park Nebraska goes into the fourth quarter trailing to Rutgers
  21. Ginger Ail

    Green would have been livid if SE did this without consulting him (assuming SE even had the authority). There's no way he possibly could have thought this would have helped his situation.
  22. Who should we hire

    I wouldn't be against this hire but he's not my #1 choice. I think Nebraska needs to throw 6-8 mill toward Bob Stoops. If he declines that offer bump it up some more. We need to offer big time dough for a quality head coach and Stoops fits the bill
  23. Who should we hire

    He's solid. Just looked up that he's 10-1 in bowl games which is pretty wild. He's also making 3.3 million at Utah right now, which I'm not sure he's the type of guy to break the $5 million mark it would probably take to get him out of there
  24. 'Mansplaining'

    Whitewashing is a casting practice in the film industry of the United States in which white actors are cast in historically non-white character roles. The film industry has a history of frequently casting white actors for roles involving people of color, including African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and any other non-White, non-Hispanic culture, including Native Americans.
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