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  1. rdg25

    Another Reason to Hate Iowa

    Winston Churchill: "I don't care how you do it, you must sink the Bismark". BigTenWest to Nebraska: "I don't care how you do it, you must beat (hated) Iowa".
  2. For what it's worth, I felt bad for you guys losing this game, even though it was Homecoming. You were the better team. You have a talented freshman quarterback and a powerful running back. You have a defensive lineman name Khalil not Mack. We have no running game with our star running back permanently retired. Your fans travel very well and by far the best visiting nice fans (Michigan...ugh) to Evanston. With the very painful Westerkamp Hail Mary, with this game I'd call it even if I may. I am a big Nebraska fan the rest of the way, and I gain utmost satisfaction seeing Nebraska beat hated Iowa. I'm really glad to see Nebraska in the Big 10 (nothing against Rutgers, but...). Frost will have you winning the West in two years--wouldn't surprise me.
  3. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/nebraska-cornhuskers-vs-northwestern-wildcats-prediction-picks-2018
  4. Who ever wins the NU Trophy this Saturday at Memorial Stadium East can claim their color (well, not really)! For a year.
  5. rdg25

    Could this be the week? Talking Skers vs Cats

    A good rivalry, never easy.
  6. Brutal--J.Westerkamp--brutal.
  7. It dropped when they realized it will be a home game for Nebraska, at Memorial Stadium East. Sea of red.
  8. rdg25

    B1G Week 12

    Good discussion and analysis. Needless to say, Northwestern has recruiting challenges with academics, small undergraduate pool, private status. So it is crucial to play smart, overachieve, synergize. Despite blowing out Minnesota last week, with a lot of turnovers and challenging weather hurting MN, typically the Wildcats will do just enough to beat you. And that's ok against teams with much better raw talent and numbers.
  9. rdg25

    NU/MN: Battle for Bowl Eligibility?

    Go Nebraska, and against Iowa too (make them 0-2 against NU; btw, let's call it even with that very painful Hail Mary game with Jordan Westerkamp a few years ago). Speaking of Minnesota and Iowa, and this may be in another forum topic, but I just read that the Black Friday contest with Iowa will come to an end and be replaced by Minnesota. Too bad, I liked that game (Iowa-Neb), that intensity, but Iowa must think Wisconsin is a more suitable rival, who knows.
  10. Tennessee, two straight bowl wins over NU's, purple and red. Glad to get a win over Pitt this year though.
  11. rdg25

    Week 4 Preview: Northwestern

    Lucky for you Matt Harris is out.