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  1. Part of that is an anonymous donor offered free tickets and bus rides for current Northwestern students. About half the student body at Northwestern took the offer. About fifty busloads went down from Evanston to Lucas. Little did the fortunate people who attended would know that it would be Urban's last Big Ten game. By the way, though he missed the playoffs, Urban got his wish to coach his first-ever Rose Bowl, and a better chance to go out a winner than losing in obscurity to Alabama. Yes, with Martinez I can see Nebraska in Indianapolis in the next year or two.
  2. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz picks up $500,000 bonus for Hawkeyes' eighth win of the season.
  3. You got it. Good guys in red will beat the Evil Empire and its Private Kirk today. Got the momentum now.
  4. I can understand if Northwestern changed conferences and they conjured up a rivalry based on region. It may take time to develop this rivalry. A true rivalry is match where you can go 0-11 entering the game, but if you beat your rival, it feels like a successful season. This is how it is/was with the NFL's oldest rivalry, Bears and Packers, especially when it was Lombardi-Halas and Ditka-Gregg. Personally, I derive the greatest satisfaction beating Iowa, based on the previous coach Hayden Fry and the current one, and other factors, and how they can pummel you when they beat you, like they did to Illinois. To me, Iowa is much more the rival than Illinois is, for Northwestern (who was overlooking Notre Dame for Iowa). And I am rooting hard for Nebraska to beat them soundly, if not this year, in the years to come. It's not like Iowa and Nebraska have no past, they do, in the 80's and 30's/40's. I would think getting beat 30 and 42 points the last two years would stir a anger for revenge. As I said before, Nebraska has a great fan base and are nice people, best in the Big 10.
  5. With Martinez, Nebraska is the team the rest of the Big 10 West worries about in the next few years, combined with the Frost spread. He's developing into a Patrick Mahomes. Wish we had Martinez, or that he was in another conference.
  6. Winston Churchill: "I don't care how you do it, you must sink the Bismark". BigTenWest to Nebraska: "I don't care how you do it, you must beat (hated) Iowa".
  7. For what it's worth, I felt bad for you guys losing this game, even though it was Homecoming. You were the better team. You have a talented freshman quarterback and a powerful running back. You have a defensive lineman name Khalil not Mack. We have no running game with our star running back permanently retired. Your fans travel very well and by far the best visiting nice fans (Michigan...ugh) to Evanston. With the very painful Westerkamp Hail Mary, with this game I'd call it even if I may. I am a big Nebraska fan the rest of the way, and I gain utmost satisfaction seeing Nebraska beat hated Iowa. I'm really glad to see Nebraska in the Big 10 (nothing against Rutgers, but...). Frost will have you winning the West in two years--wouldn't surprise me.
  8. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/nebraska-cornhuskers-vs-northwestern-wildcats-prediction-picks-2018
  9. Who ever wins the NU Trophy this Saturday at Memorial Stadium East can claim their color (well, not really)! For a year.
  10. It dropped when they realized it will be a home game for Nebraska, at Memorial Stadium East. Sea of red.
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