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  1. "Nebraska guard Keisei Tominaga (leading scorer, 20 pts) was the biggest problem. The left-handed guard had 18 first-half points and scored literally at will. Freshman Gabe Cupps, who did a great job guarding Northwestern's Boo Buie on Sunday, was completely overmatched. Trey Galloway and C.J. Gunn took their shots, too, but to no avail." https://www.si.com/college/indiana/basketball/boos-rain-down-on-indiana-hoosiers-during-ugly-home-loss-to-nebraska-cornhuskers
  2. He wore the purple and played DL and later GA for Northwestern -- State.
  3. Purdue and Illinois lose, Iowa awarded 1st place.
  4. Another win by Illinois over a favored team. 26-14 over Minnesota.
  5. Wahoo! Nebraska beats Vedral and Rutgers.
  6. `The five realistic hires Nebraska can make to replace football coach Scott Frost https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/bigten/2022/09/12/nebraska-football-coaching-candidates-after-scott-frost/8064312001/
  7. @ 6:05 Reggie Barnes #40. BTW, this is what MJ did during a pause in college coaching. "In 2005, Joseph left college football and took a job in his hometown of New Orleans as a coach, seventh-grade history and gym teacher at Desire Street Academy. This was an all-boys school located in one of the poorest neighborhoods that is in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. Then in late August 2005, Joseph's school suffered badly from the flooding and other damage caused by Hurricane Katrina forcing Desire Street Academy to relocate some four hours east of New Orleans to a 4-H camp which is located along the Choctawhatchee Bay in Florida. It was then that Joseph took on a surrogate fatherlike role as he was able to round up 75 of his students from Louisiana and relocate them to the 4-H camp in Florida. This program known as "Florida 4-H Youth Development" was led by former Heisman Trophy winner and Washington Redskins' quarterback, Danny Wuerffel. There, Joseph took care of his students, survivors of Hurricane Katrina, by serving as their dorm resident. "I'm a dorm dad," commented Joseph. "Actually, they say I'm the dorm grandpa, because I'm a supervisor of the dorm dads." Joseph mentored the children who were separated from their families during this period of tribulation in the fall of 2005. For Joseph, his role was expanded as he found more and more of his time being spent with his displaced students. He made certain they were all in bed by 10:00 pm and was still their teacher as classroom responsibilities fell upon him early in the day. He also had a football team formed from his available student body that finished with a record of 2-1 that fall. When he was interviewed in November 2005, Joseph explained of the harsh realities his children had experienced of how they were traumatized in some way. He explained that some had stayed at the New Orleans Superdome for days. Joseph summarized his students' lives by saying, "They showed a lot of courage to just come here and continue their education, but they're really out of their environment. And I'm going to teach them now living with them. So I've been really able to find out a lot of things about them." Then Joseph added, "I'm literally raising them. So some days are good. Some days are bad ... but there's never a day where you say, 'I want to quit."
  8. Fitzgerald can use the luck of the Irish now.
  9. Heisman winner, Nebraska football legend Johnny Rodgers in ICU with COVID-19 https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32804904/heisman-winner-nebraska-football-legend-johnny-rodgers-icu-covid-19
  10. It's a shame a team this good has lost close games to good teams to keep them out of a bowl. Nebraska was good enough talent-wise to win the Big Ten West. Looking for Nebraska can take out all their frustrations Friday and do to Iowa what they did to Northwestern. Or just win any way they can. Best fan base in the Big Ten too, if Nebraska plays Northwestern at Wrigley Field like yesterday, that place looks like a Cardinals game, sea of red.
  11. As a Wildcat fan, I hope AM doesn't come back in 2022. I think he is the most talented & dangerous QB in the Big Ten and when he is on, look out. If he is on, I can see Nebraska getting their 6 wins by beating Purdue, Wisconsin & Iowa. Iowa is a great team, but Purdue exposed them by showing how take-away dependent they are. Nebraska is too good of a team to not be in a bowl game--should even get an invite with FIVE wins considering the close losses to good teams. And beating Iowa would likely be better than any bowl game.
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