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  1. who says it's not an exact metric? again, if the same metrics are being used whether a team plays in tallahassee or in pullman, washington, what difference does it make? it's a grading method. you don't have to like the method, but there is a message being passed across: the defense could have been better.
  2. he needs to be reminded that he's not good or talented enough to abandon his technique. that's meant for people like ed reed, mike brown, troy polamalu, and deion sanders. even darrel reevis and champ bailey are hall of famers only because their technique was so sound and consistent.
  3. Not really. you could argue that the metrics are suspect, but at the end of the day, they are using the same standard for all teams, and those standards are pretty objective. a missed tackle is a missed tackle, regardless of opponent or scheme. if our linebackers (heinrich, for example) made their tackles, we likely don't lose that game. if deontae williams doesn't miss his sack, we likely score more than 16. that's it. on the whole, we held them to low points, but on the micro level, we could have done much much better on defense. that's why the national sentiment on Nebraska seems to be shifting from we're "trash" to we're "not too far off".
  4. I learnt that Braxton Clark may be better than Cam Taylor Britt at cornerback.
  5. i think held is a bit underrated, and his rbs underperform partly because of the O-line. other than that, i agree. if there isn't a cleanout, verdu and austin need to go. hire snyder and a great ol coach, and let the OC coach the qbs. but you know frost won't do that.
  6. bruh. he just lost. it's not about talking or not talking. it's about holding frost accountable for easy decisions he seems unable or unwilling to make, which are costing him a winning record.
  7. this oklahoma game definitely didnt help this situation. a loss is still a loss, but they truly didn't look so far off. the same three issues cost us a closer game, maybe a win. - special teams - Oline consistency - focus in the moment all three are basically visible in pretty much every game in frost's tenure. and that basically speaks to a lack of attention to details. the little things are why frost is where he's at. its not really about any coach on staff but about frost himself. clean these up and he would be in indianapolis every year.
  8. i agree here as well. at this point, frost is coaching for his job every week. he's likely not going 9-3, so then its the nature of the losses that will probably determine if he comes back. Hopefully. At least we hope Trev Alberts is not going to just accept whatever we see on the field.
  9. As of 2 weeks, maybe 10 days ago, i wanted Frost and this staff fired. Part of me still does, because from a logical standpoint, his results say there needs to be a change, and if this were any other blue blood, we over here would be wondering why he hasn't been fired yet. So why am i wavering? lol is this the textbook definition of "simping"?? The more i think about what could be with frost and some flashes of what we see on gameday, the more i feel he has a shot, a chance to show that he can succeed at this level and in the B1G. but, i just can't get around the issues this team has. or is this just a case of getting comfortable with the mediocrity? We watch and wait i guess. hopefully the team comes out prepared and ready to play.
  10. I think Buffalo isn’t as bad as people think. I still think Scott Frost is basically interviewing for his job on a weekly basis right now, but Buffalo is not weak sauce. Frost did a decent job given the heat, the officials, and his tendency to shoot himself on the foot. Plus they covered the spread easily.
  11. I learned that Scott Frost deserves his flowers for this game. There are still issues, but I think this was a good win. I’ll take that for a guy who has probably only had 2 in 4 years.
  12. i don't want nebraska to lose. the more i watch these other teams, the more i think Trev just needs to go ahead and pull the trigger.
  13. oh i was just trying to save you and me some time. but i'll play. this is his 6th year as a head coach.
  14. ah. i see what you're saying. What is scott frost dominating? is there any part of his program that is successful?
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