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  1. Not sure why everyone is making this so complicated. Chins coached OLBs at Oregon for a couple seasons and he currently doesn’t have a direct position to coach. He takes over OLBs along with DC. We then hire a special teams coach that is also a stud recruiter and can help out with another position. Or we bring back Dawson and then Frost maybe takes over more of a special teams role, similar to what Bo did in 2014.
  2. Let’s not do this. We’re all better than that
  3. Definitely agree with this. Chin hasnt had had the greatest year but he needs to get the opportunity to get the talent and body types that he wants for his defense. He’s had some rough spots but good coaches are able to adjust and change philosophies as needed, let’s give him the chance to do so and then evaluate. Now if the defense looks like this again next year, then this discussion becomes more warranted.
  4. Good speed and good instincts, two things we are lacking at ILB. I’m sold.
  5. Good article, in addition to the lack of a pass rush, it really highlights some poor LB play. The sad thing is, a similar article looking at the run fits of our LBs may be even worse.
  6. For some reason, I am not completely sold on him as a top guy based on film. Plays against great competition, which is definitely a plus but he doesn’t seem to jump off the page with his anticipation, athleticism or explosiveness. Think Henrich and Hannah both had that. Still would like to have him but don’t think it’s a huge loss if he goes elsewhere.
  7. I think we see a bit of a statement game from Martinez in this one. Similar to Frost’s game at Washington in 97. Gonna let the world know he is the guy. The defense is another question but Purdue is trash this year. 34-21 Neb
  8. This is how we change our OLB room. Great athlete in the 500 mile radius and we put in the work early.
  9. Frost scouted and came up with a great game plan against Minnesota last year. I trust him to design whatever we need to win this week. I expect Martinez to start based on his practice this week and if not, have confidence in Vedral to get the job done. Doubt we will see McCaffrey unless Vedral gets hurt.
  10. Anyone actually watch his film? I see an athletic lineman with good feet and has the athleticism to pull and climb to the second level as well. Plus he has a bit of a mean streak. Think he’d be an excellent guard or center. I think some of you must enjoy being upset about everything in the world.
  11. Good post/thread. As stated above, we can win the West still, contingent on fixing our mistakes. One positive for us, I don’t think there is another team on the schedule that is out of our class talent wise. Ohio State is in a different stratosphere as far as on the field talent goes. I don’t think that’s the case with anyone else on our schedule. Wiscy/Iowa are better coached teams at this point but I wouldn’t necessarily say more talented. We clean up our mistakes and we have a shot at winning any game remaining on our schedule.
  12. Would you say it made your blood red? In all seriousness, not his best effort but like others said above, his focus was on the WR but could’ve closed on Corbin better. Overall tremendous improvement compared to earlier in his career. If you can’t see that, then you’re looking at his play with far too much bias.
  13. He’s gonna be a good one. Accuracy and ability to throw on the run are pretty impressive and things you can’t always teach. Plus those track times don’t hurt his case either.
  14. Unlikely but any chance that he may be a future OLB or that one of our current TEs (maybe Hickman) is moving to OLB?
  15. I’m in line with this. With the weather disadvantages, we will never be on the level of the SEC and ACC. Being a consistent top 3 team in the Big Ten most years and a super regional 1 in 5 years is a reasonable expectation.
  16. How’s the weather in Norman this morning?
  17. Very glad to hear that. Didn’t want this to become another Xavier Johnson situation.
  18. Obviously the second option but do you have any realistic options that would fit that?
  19. If we can’t get one of the big fish out there, I’d like to go with a top assistant from a well coached team. Rather have someone who has seen/done it before than a mid major coach who had a decent year against bad competition. For example, a top assistant from Gonzaga, Nova, Virginia. Well coached teams with a history of success
  20. I believe Caleb also has some family connections in Nebraska, not certain about that though
  21. I thought the under at 135 looked pretty nice but we can’t even lose right
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