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  1. hi All, I should had added links, for the first video, you ma7y have to scroll half way through presser as there was technical problems. These are after the Northwestern game. Scott is clearly hanging his head\\https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNXudIeP_Zw here is a player presser after same game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMzMaOP31-Y both are looking down at the table which I see as hanging their heads. now I agree, they are upset (as they should be) but hold your heads up.
  2. NU has way more talent on this team that Illinois has. yet again were let down by a horribly underachieving overly whiny head coach and poor decisions by him. by the end of Q2, Luke was not trusting his ability to throw the ball. for good reason, he has maybe a 80mph fast ball at best which in baseball terms is "batting practice" speed. Adrien has a better fastball and equally bad decisions making Luke had several receivers wide open and repeatedly through into double coverage. This team as a wide receiver (luke) and a running back (Adrien) playing QB. is it possible to get a real QB in
  3. Believe it or not, it is not so much the losing but how the head coach and team react afterwards. While am not a college (or high school) coach, i have coach for 22 seasons and i have watched, read and learned from really good coaches. Scott and his players are doing one thing that I would never allow any of my teams to do after a lose, no matter how poorly they played. It has a huge affect on team mentality. that one thing, is hang their heads.... I get being sad at a loss and playing fairly well but not well enough to win. Scott should not be hanging his head! he does that
  4. Probably one of the best recruiters (and coaches) we have ever had at NU (and we have had some really good recruiters and coaches!). wish we could have kept him here and steered him away from the type of problems he had at NC under Butch Jones. Very sad day for sure with his passing! Rest in peach Coach!!
  5. true, per the CDC at least twice as many people died from Covid then Influenza in 2019-2020 flu season (high end estimate by CDC 62,000 deaths from influenza). https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/preliminary-in-season-estimates.htm
  6. this bug has the potential to decimate a population. I fear that it will get far worse before it gets any better (I would love to be wrong about that) as this bug is incredibly contagious.
  7. True, mumps and polio as well, but all are virus' that didn't mutate.
  8. ok, back on topic. I have been watching the Corona bug and I thought it would behave like many "Flu" like bugs but it appears I was wrong about that. I thought for sure we would have a full season (in early May) but now I am thinking that may not happen. This bug doesn't seem to be affected at all by warmer temps and I read that I has mutated some (that is really not good) to be more contagious. I am still hopefull we get a full season in but I am more along the lines of 50-50 at this point. Sad fact, how many mutating virus' has the medical community "cured"?
  9. I'm not taking that bet. Maurice is damaged goods. he may get a shot in the Mountain West or Conf USA. it wont be a power five school as nobody wants that headache.
  10. Guess I gotten to recruiting is pretty much everything frame of mind (ok, development is high on my list too). I don't want a so-so coach by any stretch. a chain is as good as its weakest link. I think DeWitt is a good coach, I don't think he was happy in Lincoln after he took the same job for same $$ somewhere else where I don't think it snows much (could be wrong on that one).
  11. lets not forget his getting busted for pot. dude was a run a-way train just waiting to wreck. I hope he matures a lot or the inside a of a cell may be his only future.
  12. Think at this point, I would settle for an average coach who is a tier one level recruiter. a good coach is a sub-par recruiter isn't what we need at this time.
  13. I see a "He's gone" tread but not a who is his replacement tread. so far I have heard Bill Bush and the D-line Coach that left us for NY as possible replacements. anything else?
  14. Probably wont happen, Frost wants to run the offense. Walthers works well in that structure, I don't see any changes there.
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