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  1. I'm not taking that bet. Maurice is damaged goods. he may get a shot in the Mountain West or Conf USA. it wont be a power five school as nobody wants that headache.
  2. Guess I gotten to recruiting is pretty much everything frame of mind (ok, development is high on my list too). I don't want a so-so coach by any stretch. a chain is as good as its weakest link. I think DeWitt is a good coach, I don't think he was happy in Lincoln after he took the same job for same $$ somewhere else where I don't think it snows much (could be wrong on that one).
  3. lets not forget his getting busted for pot. dude was a run a-way train just waiting to wreck. I hope he matures a lot or the inside a of a cell may be his only future.
  4. Think at this point, I would settle for an average coach who is a tier one level recruiter. a good coach is a sub-par recruiter isn't what we need at this time.
  5. we started this thread a bit too soon...
  6. I see a "He's gone" tread but not a who is his replacement tread. so far I have heard Bill Bush and the D-line Coach that left us for NY as possible replacements. anything else?
  7. Probably wont happen, Frost wants to run the offense. Walthers works well in that structure, I don't see any changes there.
  8. Bush was the best recruiter on Callahan's staff but primarily worked the southwest. Oh Snap! does me reminding everyone that Bush was part of Callies staff doom his chances?? lol
  9. Sounds like an SEC head coach, cut throat...
  10. Diaco didn't get much of a chance here. Riley was living on borrowed time and the D didn't have a lot of 3-4 guys. It should have taken 2-3 recruiting classes to get to a decent 3-4 defense. Starting with Diaco, NU has been running the 3-4 base D for three years. the D has gotten better each year but still not where it should be. need a really mean SOB at nose guard to be good. Wish him the best (except against us and then I hope he stinks it up :)).
  11. agreed, and they have a second chance to mature and grow... never give up on a young person, sometimes they just need stability and direction in their life. once they get that they may well take off if their head is in the right place. after the 15 years of coaching I was involved with, I can tell you the number of times I watched a young person who had no structure in their lives get some and how they flourished there. sadly, I would lose those kids to other teams or places where they didn't have that structure and they reverted back to insecurity and instability. I make no claims of being a professional coach, if you take the time to learn how to teach any sport, build the structure, teach the kids what you want from them and be consistent about that (then get out of their way) you would be surprised at how much even the least talented kid can grow both in life and in whatever the sport is. sorry, think I got on a tangent there.
  12. Since Frost is from Tom's era, it may well be that the part of Mo's fate may lie with the team as a whole. Mo may have to address the whole team since he did let them down with his behavior. That would be a lot of peer pressure but it has worked in the past under Dr. Tom. it would definably be Mo's last best shot at playing D1 football. one other poster above I agree with, I don't think Mo has anywhere else to go... I hope the kids wakes up and sees that he is pissing away a golden opportunity to make a real life/future for himself. tons of talent, just needs to grow up some.
  13. seems more like they entered the prison portal instead of the transfer portal. not sure there will be many takers (transfer portal) with all their baggage. Hope they young men straiten out their act. I don't like seeing young people waste their god given athletic abilities.
  14. since he is not a grad transfer (my understanding) wouldn't he have to sit out one year? thinking he may not want to delay his shot at the league.
  15. most of the JUCO's are in JUCO for academic reasons, they do miss the first two/three years of S&C that a four year school would provide. so, I can see where they slide back some from a conditioning/competition point of view but most were recruited out of high school by D1 programs.
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