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  1. Unless Micky gets it done this season, a new coach in 2023 will be a rebuild year and write-off for playing for titles.
  2. as much as i like Adrian, i don't recall him ever leading a "receiver open". He threw into tight coverages or slightly behind receiver, over their head and bounced a bunch... I was watching Casey's 2021 games at Texas and saw he regularly led the receiver into open field. Now maybe that is the pores defenses in the Big 12 but I look forward to seeing that happen next season. If the big 12 defenses are on par (meaning defense optional) with 2021, then Adrian might do well.
  3. No way should Scott get canned if he wins 7 or more. This university has a horrible history (tradition) of firing coaches after winning seasons. Let's hope the admin and fans realize that and learn from being quick on the fire trigger. if you want to can a coach wait until they have a losing season! A bad season will show up if the coach is truly bad. Firing a winning coach after a winning season will create further problems in hiring a new coach... "coach goes 7-5 and they fire him?? I am not working for that guy!" we've heard something like that before (Solich).
  4. Sabine is smart enough to not get caught... but i suspect that all power five teams live life on the edge of this rule....
  5. hum, was thinking8 or 9 out of 10 myself. and then only seeing Indiana twice in that time frame.
  6. I'm telling you this is the curse of Bo, if they fire me they will never win anything again... not sure when he said it, i think it was after the big12 CG or right before SE fired him for being a hot head and a good coach at the same time (who would love 8-9 wins a season right now?). The best improvement to NU's athletic programs was firing (um, sorry... retiring) of Harvey Pearlman...
  7. I don't know about KSU having a rougher schedule lol.. We still have to play Illinois... P).
  8. AM lost his position coach, someone AM was very close to. I can only imagine the uproar in the locker room at NU after the cannings especially on offense. Scott has more work to do in the locker room then he probably has to do on the field. Five years into his program and most of the offensive line are Fr thru Sophomores with what, one senior? It is hard to win games when Fr-So are going up against 5-6 year seniors week in and week out. This will be a good OL in a year or two when most are Seniors and Juniors.
  9. same for Omaha airport, last time i went through there you couldn't get a Coke to save one's life, only Pepsi. Does Pepsi have a monopoly in eastern NE?
  10. There was a piece on him on "Nebraska Football at the voice of CFB" where Greg Peterson from Rivals said Gates had some personal/mental issues and needed to work through them during Covid 2020 season and has worked his way back. I think the link below is the correct one with this information. They put out daily snipits so if I get this wrong, my apologies.. go 14 minutes into video.
  11. The new OC did say the best QB's are pricks... They are not hear to win "best bud" awards. i agree with you, if we get anything near TF from this QB, life will be much improved at deal ol' NU.
  12. to add to my above comment, if you use NIL and the portal in a really good way, it may be possible to short-cut the traditional way of winning the conference title. We live in a strange new NIL/Portal world so hold onto your hats... it's going to be an interesting ride from now on.
  13. I suspect you would need several years of winning records and building off of those to get back into the national championship picture at NU. for now, the goal should be winning records, then confernce (west) titles, they BIG titles. Doubt that will happen in a single season, probably need 2-3 winning seasons and good recruiting to get a BIG title game/win.
  14. I suspect he ends up at Oregon with Tuioti (sp?). but maybe at other school that has several Islander players.
  15. issue with NU is that we have talented youth, we're sending freshman to redshirt sophomores up against 6th year seniors! I'm thinking we need to get some juniors/Seniors that have lots of game experience to work the line. the freshman to sophomores will be really good in 2-3 years when they are seniors. Unfortunately, these coaches may not be around to see that...
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