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  1. And moved the football program to independent status? More pros or cons? Being able to schedule more top notch games and renew rivalrys every year would help ticket revenue. Better tv contracts? Would NBC dump the fighting drunks for the Huskers?
  2. 2010 in Seattle. Crowd was 40% Husker fans. Got lost after the game and the Huskie band director gave us a ride to our truck. He was irked that the Husker fans started a wave in the stadium. He'd been trying for yrs!
  3. Nebraska's #10 rusher of all-time Walk-On Isaiah Moses Hipp! (I.M. Hipp)
  4. Ross Pilkingtons 90 yd td vs Iowa St and Groces 2 punt return tds vs Troy State would be cool
  5. Ross Pilkington gets my vote. Freeman White close 2nd
  6. I really hope Dismuke shines this offseason. Dude can hit. Just hope he learns to avoid penalties.
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